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28-11-2001, 15:03
Maybe this is already well known. I dont think I've seen it discussed here though. Anyway, after you cook the pill down, stick it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. The inslube crap that always seems to make its way into the rig freezes before the water. It definately helps out some. The oxycodone/water solution in the syringe is noticeably much clearer. It's only slightly milky in appearnce.
I know IVing these things is unhealthy but I also know that that isn;t gonna stop most Oxy pokers. I think methods of harm reduction should be explored. Has anyone thought of freebasing the HCl, isolating it, amd then salting it again? Aside from the general risks of IVing amyting, I think this would make it completely safe. Any thoughts?

28-11-2001, 15:29
I have been banging OC more and more - it's possible to do safely, but as you said, the tick is NOT to cook the shit out of it but to bring it to near FREEZING ... if you boil it all up, you're also disolving those particles of nasty shit - they are still there, still getting thru your filter, you only DISOLVED THEM and they will come back to haunt you...
But Oxycodone is WONDERFULLY soulable in cold water.. so I have kinda combined my original method and yours and came up with this -
DISCLAIMER This is for the purpose of HARM REDUCTION ONLY, this isn't a "how to" guide on shooting OC ... I advise you read my disclaimer and the info in included in my OxyContin FAQ (check the FAQ forum) ..
Alright, crush yer OC to a fine, fine dust.. put it in the spoon and add water... stir the mix up ... now apply a flame until it SIMMERS - you do NOT NEED TO BOIL IT as all the Oxycodone is already disolved... place yer spoon on a plate then put it in the freezer for a few minutes - I would say more like 10 but hey, whatever works....
When you pull it out, you can almost scrape off the floating insoulable shit... use a filter, draw up, and shoot!
Again, OxyContin IS NOT MADE FOR INJECTION! SNORT YOUR PILLS IF YOU MUST ABUSE THEM! This was included because I KNOW there are a lot of fools out there that figure the best way is to cook it till everything in the spoon disolves then draw it all up... THE RESIDUE IN THE SPOON IS THE BAD STUFF so stop trying o re-cook it over and over like I have seen some junkies do!
DISCLAIMER: In response to this post I have given advice about the dosing of a drug. I do not know your tollerance, I do not know the purity of the drug, and what I SUGGESTED might be enough to buzz me, but kill you! I encourage you to do your own research before you actually injest any of said drug!! [macro disclaimer.dose]
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28-11-2001, 16:29
Thanks for the reply.
As far as cooking it goes, try this: Scrape the coating off of the pill. I know this has nothing to do with the time release mech, but there's no reason to leave coloring dye on cause it's just one more impurity. Here's the good part: Dont crush the pill. Simply put the whole pill on the spoon, add your water, and bring it to a slight simmer with a flame. Now, with the butt of your plunger gently crush the pill. It will completely break down. Stir it up real good and there you go.

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29-11-2001, 05:50
There is even an easier way, it justtakes a lil longer, wipe the coatin off with a wet paper towel, crack the pill in half and let it sit for about a half our, o just cook up to a small boil, than just shoot. the pill releases all the oxycodone, while the pill stays together. Try it, it works!
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29-11-2001, 06:15
The Oxy 10's are the most easily available to me.
They're the worst because they have the most filler vs. oxycodone.
On the other hand, they're white. Including the coating. I've gotten an opportunity to learn a little more about the coating.
You DEFINANTLY want to wash as much of the coating off as possible. I've done it with and without washing it off to see what happens. Any time I didn't wash it off, the color of the liquid in my spoon is WHITE. Whatever it's doing, it's causing all the particles in the water to bind together and get drawn into your syringe. I've set up 3 spoons, starting from one, sucking up the water through a filter, releasing into another spoon, using another filter.. so finally after 3 filterings the water is STILL white like milk.
Now when I take the coating off completely, the water is only ever-so-slightly tinged white.
As for leaving the pill mostly intact vs. fine powdering, I've gotten much better results powdering it as fine as possible. You will certainly get more drug this way, but I could not tell you how much more crap you're going to be putting into your veins.

07-12-2001, 03:27
I think I'm going to give this a shot. One question...What dosage should one try out for a first time? By this I mean how much crushed Oxy powder should I put in the spoon? I assume some Oxycodone is lost during the process, but I'm not sure how much that is.

07-12-2001, 03:40
This is probably a dumb question but has anyone every dryed the "purified" oxycodone before IV'ing it to see if the yields are similar to the weight of oxy in the pill?

07-12-2001, 04:01
No, I've never done that because I have nothing that can weigh down to 40mg...or anywhere close to that. I've thought of evapping the solution just for observational purposes. Oxycodone HCl is a clear crystal, right? Perhaps SovietContin wouldn't mind doing this. I am doing good at staying away from the pill at the moment.
[quote]What dosage should one try out for a first time?
What kinda tolerance do you have? Obviously this plays a huge role. With a noticeable tolerance, I feel ok on a 40 and nothing at all from a 20. 80's always rock me. Start small (20mg) and see what that does for ya.
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07-12-2001, 04:33
Huh? No, don't shoot these unless you plan to do it right.. you must use cold water, wether you let it set in the freezer or you cool it down before you shoot.. you can NOT heat these then load a rig, because if you do then you're putting bad shit into you're veins..
Of course you peel the pill, the coating will just fuck up trying to crush it, disolve it, etc..
The info has been given, so enough with this discussion..