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13-11-2001, 19:28
a "trusted" friend of a friend of mine, who i have got meth from b4...ripped me off this weekend. i bought 3 20-bags of meth from this guy, however...i really don't know what the fuck i have been putting up my nose. it LOOKS exactly like meth. i don't have A LOT of experience with meth, i've only been doing it for about 4 months, so i guess i feel kinda stupid right now. but it looks like all the "normal" crystal meth i've done, however it is producing NO EFFECT whatsoever. i snorted a whole 20-bag on friday at a partie, felt NOTHING (but annoyed due to being ripped off) and then went home and SLEPT. so i know its not really crystal meth.
MY QUESTION IS: in your experience, WHAT non-drug white crystally (yes there were some large crystals) can you pass off as meth? this shit is producing NO effect whatsoever, so it couldn't be another drug. and i can't think of any random white substance that will form the same crystals as good meth does. i dunno. i just wanna know what i made the mistake of shoving up my nose. oh yeah..and there really isn't much of a drip--but when i was at the partie, i took a HUGE bump to start things off, and nearly threw up 30 seconds after snorting it (probably cause i did too much at once)
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13-11-2001, 20:08
I have heard of people selling Epsom salt as meth, i heard it burns really bad and shit. you coulda also got some really weak, bunk as shite. or maybe even stepped on glass mixed with like ephedrine, but i have never heard of that one.....

13-11-2001, 20:46
Man, no one here is gunna be able to tell you what it was... you might as well just forget the person you bought it from and move on...
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13-11-2001, 20:58
^^^^^^eh, thanks. i figured it was worth a shot to try and get a more "expert" opinion. i dunno...maybe there is some dumbass on bl who has sold fake meth b4. i dunno. but if you could keep this thread open just in case maybe someone has some insight, it would be much appreciated http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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14-11-2001, 00:31
MSM and Inositol are typical cuts for Meth I believe. They are normally sold as a colorless crystalline 'sand' It's a pretty ballsy move to sell someone health store shit in place of meth though. maybe you had straight ephedrine?
Sounds like the seller was Jones'n for what you were after, if you ask me.

14-11-2001, 01:31
Personally, Ill only get glass if it is blue-ish or pink-ish in color... thats when i know im actually getting my moneys worth. I have had crank a few times and it really didnt do shit to me either... went home after bar time and slept. I felt a little uppity, but no where near what shard can take me to.
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14-11-2001, 03:23
Next time before you score the real thing, tell your dealer you want to taste it - lick a finger and pick up a little bit.
If your dealer is not bogus this should not be a problem.Once you have experienced that taste you will not forget it.
Obviously this test is very basic, but that bitter taste is very unforgettable, and quite unique.

Good Corruption
14-11-2001, 16:33
this is why i smoke my meth not snort it...
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14-11-2001, 20:01
Personally, Ill only get glass if it is blue-ish or pink-ish in color... thats when i know im actually getting my moneys worth. I have had crank a few times and it really didnt do shit to me either... went home after bar time and slept. I felt a little uppity, but no where near what shard can take me to.
Yeah... Gotta love love that pink sudafed coating that gives your re-wash that wonderful color. Your not getting good shard if its colored, it should be crystal clear...

14-11-2001, 21:34
this is why i smoke my meth not snort it...
This is why you are ruining your lungs...
Injecting meth is better for you than smoking it, and taking meth orally has the smoothest, longest, high.

15-11-2001, 01:27
smoking it is such a wonderfule rush, and if you smoke alot, its like this huge rush, but not as much as hotrailing it. I know this sounds crazy, but you're only 1/2 through the line and you can feel it allready. I know someone who sticks it up their butt.

15-11-2001, 10:49
My personal favorite way to do glass is
one: take a yellow jacket ,dump out half of its contents
two: take a little over a 20 sack of glass ,still shards,& put it in the yellow jacket,now you have half yellow jacket & half glass in a pretty pill
three: swallow your pill,best with coffee,m dew,or chocolate syrup,< j/k on that last one
four: cut out a line on a mirror about 1 to 2 inches long,get a glass tube,you know the ones with the rose inbetween,& a torch lighter,
five: heat the end of the glass from about a inch up to the end really really good ,,be careful & dont burn yourself or snort out of the hot end, then snort your line
six: hold in for just a couple of secs & exhale,,the pretty white cloud of smoke that comes out of your mouth will make you happy & smile,
seven: now before you start feeling a little too tweeked go ahead a cut out 2 more lines about a inch long ,get up & leave them there
eight: do a few things that you need to do for the day,take maybe about a hour
nine: go & hot rail one more line just as you did the last ,wait about 30 minutes & just snort the other ,by this time you should be tweeked for the day ,,& can probually just rely on pen cap bumps
ten: repeat steps 1-9 as needed for how ever many days you want to stay up !
Warning do not try this at home
professional speeder / tweeker was used
also after a 4 or 5 or 6 day marathon you might get really wierd & people will laugh & talk about you behind your back ,,or they will beat you up steal your stash & hate you
if this starts to happen ,,give your stash to someone you can trust ,go home ,or a safe place ,& go to sleep for the next 20 to 30 hours ,,,wake up eat a little food ,or in my case alot of food,take some vitamins & penacilin if you have some & relaxe ,sleep when needed ,,in about 2 or 3 days your ready to do it all over again

15-11-2001, 19:22
my favorite way to do glass....
snort it.
thats it. no smoking...no injecting...icky icky icky.
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16-11-2001, 03:32
Get over the stigma of injecting, it's actually the most healthy way of having it.
Smoking it over any length of time, really does fuck your lungs.
And snorting it burns like a mother and tastes horrible, and if done enough would ruin your nose linings and throat.

16-11-2001, 04:22
Im not that big into meth, what is hotrailing it?

16-11-2001, 04:52
DJMPH: Let's be friends http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

16-11-2001, 07:02
um... can't you tell whether or not it's real by the smell?
you should.
if you can't, you're really, really inexperienced. =P
it's possible to do meth and feel nothing (and even sleep). i'm not sure why that is, but it does happen.
i'm not sure how much is in a 20-bag but you could have gotten less meth than you need to feel anything (tolerance to meth builds rapidly).
or maybe you got ripped off (given dealers i prefer the ripped-off theory).
i like this epsom salts idea. that is a wacked, wacked cut.

16-11-2001, 10:40
well i was talking to a friend of mine, who knows the guy that ripped me off, and apparently--he agrees this dude is probably selling fake shit. he is at some point given GOOD shit from a friend of ours to sell--but he either cuts it majorly, or bags bad shit. my friend said it might be no-doze or advil (cause its white on the inside) who knows. all i know is IT SUCKS!!!!
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16-11-2001, 10:45
Ye, I agree with Roches the smell, like the taste of it, is very unique and quite rememberable.

16-11-2001, 10:59
Uh, or you could just eat it... that's pretty fucking safe. Not that I'm against injecting, but it carries its hefty set of risks, and is far from the safest way to do pretty much anything.

16-11-2001, 11:23
No, sorry Zorn but your mistaken.Do some searches and see.Done hygienically IV'ing is by far the least destructive method.
The reason I dont say anything about ingesting, I consider it to have too slow an onset - I personally am rather impatient and cannot stand waiting for the effects.

16-11-2001, 20:21
Icehead --
NO, Iving is NOT the least destructive method of doing meth...ORALLY ingesting meth is the least destructive method. IVing is the SECOND least destructive method.

17-11-2001, 03:56
Umm OK, maybe for others, everytime I've ingested it, it's been very slow coming on, and given me a major gut-ache - like a bloody ulcer (pun intended).
I'll stick to blasting it and the occasional smoke.
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19-11-2001, 13:20
Sherbert_ass ,we can be friends all the time ,when ever you do it ,just remember steps 1 threw 9 ,,

24-11-2001, 09:43
ok, apparently, its like "the newest coolest thing" to sell fake meth. its quite annoying! anyways...in my weekly installment of "i hate my friends friends who she trusts, therefore i trust...then get ripped off"...i bought some crystal from a different friend of a friend of mine this week. and its REALLY suspiciously not meth-like. to the point that i haven't done any yet. i know not to ask "what do you think it is" cause like phreex said...its gonna be next to impossible to get an answer. however:
this "crystal" has a very potent SMELL--kinda lemony actually. but an artificial lemon scent, you know like fuckin cleaner product or something (so help me god if thats what i end up snorting up my nose!)
it also is kinda CLUMPY. its in bigger bags than usual (the size i've gotten K in b4) and its sticking to the bag in clumps...the way in my experience, K has, cause its more powdery. usually--crystal, in my experience doesn't cling to the bag its in, cause of the consistency of the drug. this shit is kinda "crystally" like in texture, but like i said, its clumping, as if it was wetted or soemthing.
i dunno. basically i want opinions on whether it'll be ok for me to try some of it or if its not worth the risk. do the above smell and "clinging" things sound like it could be possible from real meth. i've never actually "smelled" it b4 so i can say i've NEVER noticed a destinguished smell. i'm kinda worried about how it smells lemony though...its weird. your help is appreciated as i am going to an all day partie saturday, and was planning on doing the crystal there...but not if its fake!
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24-11-2001, 10:06
I've had meth just like what you just described, minus the lemony thing. So I dont know...
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25-11-2001, 07:28
Sounds like 'base' to me (apart from the lemony smell).

Chaos Butterfly
25-11-2001, 19:18
why don't you just test it? i mean seriously... EZ test or almost any of the other testers tests for amphetamine or methamphetamine. i don't know about legality of testers in your area, perhaps you should find out...
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26-11-2001, 20:00
I say give it a try ,,,I mean hell you were going to snort something up your nose anyways ,that even if it looked ok to you ,could very well be salt & anthrax ,,,so I say try it out ,,,it might be good ,,it might be the best shit you ever had & your nose will be country fragrance fresh