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13-11-2001, 00:07
Okay so I've found a connection for some opium, but in the past all of the opium I have come across has resembled opium but was not actually the real deal. A friend even got busted with it and they didn't charge him for the opium, just weed and E. Anyway, the stuff he had smelled flowery and looked like black tar. My question is, what does REAL opium smell like in both forms: tar and smoke?

13-11-2001, 02:07
actually smells much like the incense... Real Opium ALWAYS comes in a tar form, and yes it is rather easy to be fooled by someone giving a goowy mixture mixed with the incense. It is very hard to describe the smell distinctly, but youll now if its the real deal once your high. Hope i helped a little.
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13-11-2001, 03:49
If you can get real opium in the U>S., I'd be impressed. Most of what is sold as opium is tar heroin or that dragon's piss opium. Good luck scoring the real deal.

13-11-2001, 04:07
No one can tell you if you got the real deal - but you can EASILY tell yourself - smoke a little.. if it doesn't give you a nice, mellow high - it's fake... it does NOT take much to get you going if it's real, so don't think "well, I smoked a gram but only feel it a little" - in that case it would most likely be a placebo effect...
Smoke it and you will know!
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