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24-10-2001, 03:29
Hey, I was given 40 20mg Propranolol tabs to assist in alleviating these shit-assed side effects from this lithium. My phsychiatrist smiled as she told me that it would immediately take care of my rediculously shaky hands and any anxiety that I may feel. I took one today when I was fuckin wiggin about the other pricks that were driving near me on the road and it did seem to calm me down fairly quickly. Is there even a remote possibility of recreation in these things?
P.S. I had my dose of lithium cut in half. I'm sure I'll be better off this way, for those of you who were helping me in my other post. The doc suggested Zyprexa, the anti-psychotic used for schizophrenia, too. We'll see what happens. Peace.

24-10-2001, 04:29
from what i can tell, Propranolol, is used for treatment of a variety of heart related problems, as well as, in your case, tremors....from what i read, i would say that this has NO recreational value, and furthermore could be dangerous if used as such

24-10-2001, 04:59
No. Ok, question answered.. sell it to some candy ravers as "pharmacutical grade THC in pill form" ..
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24-10-2001, 05:16
10-4. I'll get on it right away. I was just curious- I don't know shit.

24-10-2001, 11:23
i disagree i believe it is fun maybe you could say it has no recreational value but ive taken it a couple of times and ive not been fucked but ive not been sober, smoke weed with it aswell that is quite good. i was given it as a mild relaxent that should calm you down and i think it works.
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25-10-2001, 02:30
I have some inderal..i use once in a while to get rid of anxiety.
Does taking inderal before an acid trip, or other drugs which have stimulating effects, block those physical effects? I notice when i take about 80mg inderal before i smoke weed, my heart rate stays about normal. I've also taken it with caffeine a few times and didnt notice any "bad" effects from combining the two. So is it safe to take inderal with acid/foxy/etc.? to calm the "shakes"?

rorick the hammer
25-10-2001, 03:24
I was prescribed some propranalol for stage fright. I had a bunch left over and since I seem to wind up at home at 7 in the morning not sleeping cause i'm tweaked on crystal I decided to take one thinking it would get me to sleep.
BAD IDEA! It created an awful kind of speedball and I couldn't walk or think clearly for the next four hours. I found that all I could do was lay, feeling very in my bed, I wasn't even able to get up to go to the washroom even tho I really had to go since I couldnt for around 16 hours.
I don't understand the mechanism behind that but I have always wanted to know.