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Surf N Satch
20-02-2008, 10:05
A "friend" of mine was wondering if this would be the correct method to make opium from dried turkish giant pods.please note that "he" has never done this before, hes only made tea.He was also wondering if the opium would be decent quality stuff.hes had the same pods before,and they have a good ammount of opium in them,and they were harvested this last fall.BTW it usually it takes about 3-4 pods to produce a good cup of tea,strong enough to get a person who can take 80mg of oxycontin at once high. tell me what u think,and feel free to criticize

heres "his " method

1/2 pint everclear
8 giant heads(should i use more or less?)
2 quart pot
t shirt filter
1 small canned good (for smashing in the everclear)
1 small pot for heating fluids

crush the pods into very fine pieces.remove any seeds(Theyre usually seedless)
remove any stem material.put the crushed pods into the pot and cover with half pint everclear.stir the pods,and smash with the can for ten minutes.let steep for one and a half hours, smashing thoroughly with can every 15 minutes and stirring.

after 1.5 hours, strain everclear through the t-shirt into the smaller pot for heating.set stove on the lowest setting and place pot with everclear inside on the burner,making sure to keep the temp as low as possible with a meat thermometer.evaporate everclear until there is a thick paste or goo at least the consistency of honey or molasses.
Bust out the vaporizor,then chase the dragon!
sound good? i, i mean "he" hasnt ever done this ,so if theres anything he needs to know that would help him out,any advice would be much appreciated!!!;) he just tracked his pods an they arrive tomorrow, so he needs advice soon!
Peace n Love

20-02-2008, 11:27
Does sound like a good method. I've never done this, but from what others have said, pods might not be the best choice for an extraction because of plant matter making it into the final product and messing with the purity. But, if memory serves I have only read this in theory, and never actually in practice.

Many say to do the same extract, but to do it with the seeds. Ends up with a clean product. Also, I'm pretty sure 99% isopropyl alcohol was used so that everything would evaporate.

anyway that's not much info but hopefully a good starting point

20-02-2008, 16:32
I personally enjoy the "puddy" from poppy pods very much. This is a good method except for a couple things. First off, I'd say you should strain it more. The morphine and shit is in the plant matter really good. Longer. So if you strain it a couple of extra times mashing the plant matter into the filter each time will help break those free better. This will also help remove more plant matter. I’ve strained a large batch about 5 times and still gotten bits of plant out of it, so every time helps. Also, I would say, get more pods. You’ll probably get a few good doses out of that, definitely, but I usually use about 20. It just makes a bigger batch so the long process is more rewarding, and it also helps to have more when you’re steeping the alcohol out of it to keep from burning or anything. And if he has access to a slow cooker/crock pot, that works really well. It won't burn the stuff near as easily, you can leave it unattended, and depending what kind of stove he has, I’d be worried about using it with Everclear even with a low setting. Plus the ceramic makes it EASY to get the shit off the bottom when it’s done. If you stop it at gooey consistency, I suppose you could freebase it, but this stuff doesn’t melt as much as char. You won’t be able to keep it that gooey either. It’s harder to smoke unless it’s really dried out. Even if you cook it down past goo to being puddy consistency – that’s as far as you’ll get here without fucking it up – it’s best if you let it sit out on a plate or something for a few days till it hardens up. Smokes much better this way. If he isn’t that patient, just try the goo, but the puddy will not work hardly at all. And if he has some left over and is curious, tell him to try putting it in some liquor. This stuff makes goood laudanum and that’s my preferred method. You can keep the "O" for a long time and whenever you want just drop a chunk ,of your choice in size, into you favorite drink - I prefer brandy or Cognac - let it disolve and you're smooth sailing. Hope I’ve been helpful. Have fun, be safe.

20-02-2008, 19:16
im wondering, isnt morphine in its untreated form water-insoulable? so people making the tea are basically just making a high dose of codeine tea? been curious about this and if i should be adding lime or CaCO3 to turn the morphine into the water soulable calcium morphenate...

20-02-2008, 19:27
^ Nah, morphine IS soluble in water. It is more soluble in hot water from what I've read. If you're using cold water then you're not going to be able to extract most of the morphine.

OP: The method you mentioned isn't going to yield you opium, it will yield you what is called pod putty. From most people's reports, smoking or vaporizing pod putty doesn't work very well. It seems it is more efficient to just make tea and drink it. Morphine and codeine are both soluble in water, so there shouldn't be much of an advantage to using alcohol, and you will most likely lose some of the alkaloids in the process of evaporating it. If you find you can't stomach the tea, then your method will work, but you'd probably be better off just eating the putty instead of attempting to vaporize it.

Also, when dealing with alcohol never use a gas stove! Only use an electric burner to prevent the alcohol vapors from exploding.

20-02-2008, 21:09
Your going to want way more than eight pods, no matter how big they are.

More like around several hundred grams of pods..

Then it will be worth the hassle of trying for a clean smokable extract.

20-02-2008, 22:12
I love the effects of pods. I've posted in several other threads about how I just stir up 15 grams of pods into my coffee. well it works well but i've been doing it a couple of weeks like that now and starting to kind of dread that time of choking it down, but its quick and it kind of brews the tea in your stomach. Up until now I've been getting jumbo sized pods. these are smaller but I got a lot of them. I noticed some of them are still "not quite dry" and when I disected one I noticed that there were small amounts of seeds clining to the interior. I put it in the coffee grinder anyways and have a little harder time getting it down. its more bitter this time. within 15 minutes I felt like I got hit by a frieght train of opiodness. I went to class and had to leave early because i was starting to nod like I had taken more than 70 mgs of hydrocodone hitting me at once. So what does that mean about the certain pods that arent quite dry? It didn't appear to be moldy or smell bad.

Which leads me to this, I've asked this same question with the idea about vaping and I tried it with a little with no good results. I want to know more about making the laudonem though. What is the difference between "goo" and "puddy" How would one go about dosing if he tends to take 15 grams of raw pod matter with hot coffee? I also use a coffee grinder so would multiple strains still make a difference? Thanks

Surf N Satch
21-02-2008, 00:24
[Edit: Removed potentially incriminating information -sonic]
and also, thanks for the advice guys, i appreciate it! i still have a few questions though: do you think ill really loose a lot of the alkaloids through evaporation?!?! i really dont know how much active ingredients will evaporate,even at a low temp.does anyone have any experience with puddy???is it worth the time and money,does it smoke well, and does it get you high?or will i get more bang for my buck just drinking the tea??....im sorry , im just stoned and confused .Please help guys!
any advice is very appreciated!!!:)
P.S. ive got like 40 2-2.5 inch heads,so i have enough to experiment with.Oh, and would isopropyl alchohol work better?Thanks in advance!

Surf N Satch
21-02-2008, 00:39
also , isnt putty just the latex from the pods(and maybe a bit of vegetable matter) ,just like opium latex they get from slicing pods??im guessing the "putty"is just a weaker form of opium, because of the evaporation process,right? i just want to know if the putty will be vaporiseable,and if it will have decent effects.In other words, is it worth it??

21-02-2008, 02:25
not sure if it works the same for pods as cacti but with cacti you can freeze them and then let them defrost, repeat about three times and it will make your extraction more successful.

in cacti at least it brakes down the cell walls/causes them to burst and allows the alkaloids to be more freely adsorbed into the water/solvent.

21-02-2008, 03:39
im wondering, isnt morphine in its untreated form water-insoulable? so people making the tea are basically just making a high dose of codeine tea? been curious about this and if i should be adding lime or CaCO3 to turn the morphine into the water soulable calcium morphenate...

Making it morphenate increases the solubility in water and would MOST DEFINITELY increase the potency of the tea. Google calcium hydroxide and find a source. It's cheap and legal. Use about a grams worth for each pod. It's toxic in HIGH doses but will be fine for small batches of tea, which is what you'll be making.

13-03-2008, 19:37
well I have made my own batch of poppy putty from 20 pods. I soaked the ground pods in a jar with a couple oz of 190 for two weeks. I made sure to shake it up every night. I kept it in a cool dark place for this process and then strained it twice through a sock and have let it evaporate in a glass pot.

It is now ready and it smokes up very good on a vaporizer. Gives a nice buzz and does not taste bad either. This is better than the tea by a long shot.

--edit the entire process from pod to putty took 19 days.
when next I make a batch I will most likely use 200+ pods for a good batch. I may also leave some in the 190 to use as a laudenum

13-03-2008, 19:58
^I agree. It takes longer than the tea, but if your making enough, it's easier to handle in the end. And it's a one-time process that will have lasting results. I've thought about cooking a huge batch of tea and keeping it in like a pitcher or jug... and then I thought about what that tea might look like a week or two or three later *shiver* and I've kept a batch of putty for over a month onmany occasions.

DeemonXstreem, so you're vaporizing that through like an herb-vaporizor, like a volcano or something? I didn't think that would work very well, I'm surprised. Is it more gooey or more hardend?

14-03-2008, 03:59
I just used the old dragon trick. I used a straw and some foil but It should work even better with a true vaporizer.

kind of reminds me of a soft hash. it is solid but very soft and moist. most of it vaporises with only a little bit of material left which chars up a bit so you are only left with a very small amount of ash.

if you smear it between your fingers it is somewhat oily.

17-03-2008, 15:52
Intersteing, I had someone tell me to add lime/I forgot what the other one was, to make the tea more potent, does anyone know about this? I've thought about making the putty too, but it seems like a hassle for something that's not gonna be the great.

20-03-2008, 06:44
Reviving an old thread, but I've never gotten a straight answer before... suppose you do the OPs method, but use warm/hot water instead? This would still get out all the morphine and other goodies, and get less plant material, correct? This would get you more pure puddy, right? Or would that not work for some reason?

20-03-2008, 06:48
Making opium from dried pods:the right method?
There is none!

You might get some smokable stuff, but that's pod putty, and NOT opium ;)

20-03-2008, 10:11
Not having time to examine the entire thread, please forgive me in advance if I repeat already stated info.

It is impossible, plain and simple.

Opium is the oxidised sap of the LIVING technically ripe poppy. A dried poppy is a dead poppy and although it does , if unincised and tech. ripe at drying, DRIED opium POWDER in a miniscule amount, you cannot additionally obtain opium in its true form, as a pliable latex.

You can of course prepare smokable material from dried poppies but it is not really a worthwhile endeavour considering the amount of that material that would need to be smoked in order to gain any kind of psychoactive effect.

21-03-2008, 04:35
pod putty is better than opium imo if u have ur own pods from ur garden, because it might not be as potent as true opium but u'll yield almost all of the opiates inside the pod as with opium u wont. pod putty from bought pods (unless cheap) is not very $ efficient.

21-03-2008, 04:49
^^^^ if you have your own pods in your garden, make opium and *then* putty from the remains for god's sake!

05-01-2009, 05:37
I can get pods at a local for 7.25$ for 25 dried poppy heads plus 4 inches of straw...! cheap !

05-01-2009, 05:48
I can get pods at a local for 7.25$ for 25 dried poppy heads plus 4 inches of straw...! cheap !

wow nice advertising!

30-01-2010, 14:23
So when swim breaks pods and de seed them the brown powdery material is opium?

30-01-2010, 14:34
^ha, no. I am not sure what brown powdery material you are talking about unless you mean you crushed the pods after removing the seeds... in that case, its poppy straw.

To get opium, you have to score a living poppy and a white latex substance comes out and you collect and refine that... THAT is opium.

Poppy straw contains the same alkaloids as opium but also a lot of plant material, waxes, tannins and other plant junk.

You could've searched around BL as well as google and sites like wikipedia, erowid, etc. to have your terminology clarified, no need to bring back an old, dead thread that is only tangentially related.

Welcome to bluelight! Check out the Guidelines and Posting Standards at the top of OD to get a better feel for what this particular forum is all about.

19-04-2010, 20:06
so if i make a solution with the calcium hydroxide to make a putty will i end up with a good enough product?

19-04-2010, 21:14
I always use multiple grams of CaC03 when making tea. I believe calcium morphenate is more bioavailable, and is more heat tolerant.