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Doctor Love
13-08-2001, 09:17
I was thinking about getting a Tattoo and was wondering what the best thing to take for pain or to take me away from what's going on so to speak. I have the option to take the following: Hydrocodine, Xanax, Oxycontin, and Codine. I was thing about taking one 7.5/750 vic and one Tyennol 4 (60mg of codine). Does anyone have any suggetions? Are opiates bad to take if you are getting a tattoo? I am not familiar with Tattoo's in general.
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13-08-2001, 10:10
I'd definetely go for opiates, how much depends on your tolerance. I just drunk a bit of methadone and while i could still feel the pain it took the edge off (it was the abdomen and it's known for being a painful spot to tattoo). Whatever you do, don't get so high that it's obvious as most artist will not work on an intoxicated subject.

13-08-2001, 10:26
OT: but isnt the middle of your back...between the shoulder blades most painful?

13-08-2001, 12:22
Just get it done sober. Part of what makes a tattoo special is the experience of actually getting it. You will feel a sort of 'rush' while you're getting it - why taint the experience? Just my opinion.

13-08-2001, 15:23
i think this has been done many times before..
first of all, if you are too pussy to take the pain, dont get a fucking tattoo http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif .. i mean this in all seriousness.. you want the pros, accept the cons.. thats just how it is..
as for taking drugs (lame) to cover the pain.. i can only advise against that because what if you cant keep still and do a sudden movement? if he fucks up the drawing you run around with it for life (cause i dont think you can afford a laser removement because you spend $ on drugs http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif )
think about it, an integral part of gettint a tattoo done IS the pain (as already been said) - and its pain you 'asked' for - every stitch brings you closer to the picture - i had many friends who got tattoos and they also wanted to booze up or something, but in the end it wasnt all that bad, really.
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13-08-2001, 16:44
Well if you really want to lessen the pain (i have gotten 3 this yr and got my gf and her friends to get one also...if done correctly it doesnt hurt at all...my eyebrow/tongue ring hurt more) But you could look into the lidocaine patch apply it 2 hrs before u go to get it done...by that time it will be nice and numb hence no pain...if u cant get that go for oxy or any opiates..but be warned if they think u are "fucked up" you will not be getting a tattoo
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13-08-2001, 17:16
WHat i say u do is get the tatoo. Come home cry and just take the danm oxy......

13-08-2001, 17:55
Part of getting a tattoo is the pain. It's like a battle scar. "I WENT THROUGH THIS PAIN!" No matter how frilly a person's cute butterfly tat is, it still hurt, and it's still badass, at least a little. It doesn't hurt that bad, you ever skinned a knee when you were a kid? That's what if kinda feels like afterwords, like you skinned it, bad. No biggy. Just take it easy on that part of your body, you know? Anywho, many tattoo parlors will offer an anesthetic balm to rub on for maybe 50$ more, but usually only for big/time consuming jobs. It's some kind of novacaine feeling rub, that's scripted, I think, or at least controlled. Anyone have any idea what they use? I'm not sure, but if anyone knows, that'd be cool.
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13-08-2001, 18:43
Ive heard that the middle of the back is the most painful spot also. I had one done about a month and a half ago on my back and although it did hurt, it wasnt bad enough to where youd need painkillers. I thought it kind of felt like taking a safety pin and scratching your skin with it very hard. Also youre endorphins will kick in and ull be very able to bear the pain towards the end., Mikey

Blue Lava
13-08-2001, 18:51
Agreed, do it with no drugs, or not at all.

13-08-2001, 18:57
i would say not to do it with drugs because number one, if you thin your blood out in any way (which is what alcohol will do to you), you will bleed a whole hell of a lot more.
number two: if you jerk or twitch, it will throw off the needle and you will have a nasty messed up tattoo.

@nG FienD
13-08-2001, 20:13
I agree with everyone here, do not take any drugs while you are getting a tattoo, if you really are in serious pain afterwards (which I highly doubt,) take a painkiller. Do not deprieve yourself of the feeling of getting a tattoo. They really do not hurt, correction it hurts for like the first 5 mintues, then it just becomes annoying. It almost feels like a bad sunburn.Trust me I have 5. After you get the first one you are going to want like 10 more.
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13-08-2001, 20:33
Didin't spencer post a thread like this awhile ago? Yeah, go for it with no pain killers, but if you feel you must, then go for whatever you can get - codeine all you can score? Then its codeine... can you get fentanyl? Go for fentanyl! Any narcotic will work...
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Dr. Quack
13-08-2001, 20:52
You can take anything you like, but if you appear fucked up they probably won't do it. don't drink, it smells. All other pain meds will help.

13-08-2001, 21:02
Just got 9 tattoos on Saturday (OK, my girlfriends name is 7 letters long, but hey, they are still separate tattoos). My advice is to try to get hold of any benzo. About 40 mg of Valium and .5 to 1 mg of Xanax make getting a tattoo feel like a back massage. Plus, I got my ear cartilidge pierced (a bar going in out out of the top) and it didn't hurt at all. Try benzos. Oh yeah, if you have painkillers, definetely MIX them with the benzos...no alcohol though..

13-08-2001, 22:20
Don't be such a friggin' wimp - do it sober.

13-08-2001, 23:01
Some things in life are best enjoyed (or suffered through) sober. This is one of them. (Does anyone know what the rub on pain killer they use sometimes is?)
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13-08-2001, 23:13
Its a lidocaine cream

13-08-2001, 23:51
But, since I didn't answer your question, and I know your not asking to be lectured, if you decide to use a drug, I'd go for an opiate, makes sense, its a painkiller.

14-08-2001, 00:26
Why is everybody so quick to call him a pussy? Jesus, when I see a dope tattoo, I think 'That looks pretty cool.' rather than 'Oooh... the pain must've been such a rush!'
on the topic of killing pain... what would you suggest for a girl on her anal debut? I told her that I think 40mg oxycodone would prolly do the trick.

Dr. Quack
14-08-2001, 01:46
Putting lidocaine on a tattoo is not advisable. It may help, but it may fuck up the tat. No reptuable artist would allow it durring the rendering.
The two most painfull and common places to get a tatoo.....the underside of the wrist, and the ribs. YEOAAAAOOOOOch

Doctor Love
14-08-2001, 04:07
The main reason I wanted to post this was to find out if any of the drugs I would possibly taking during this process would cause any negative side effects on my health while getting the tattoo (I know why you cannot take alcohol). I did NOT post it to get flamed or called a pussy. I'm not afraid of pain at all, I actually have a higher pain tolerance then post people. I just like being comfortable.
So would any of these drugs (Xanax, oxy, hydrocodine, codine) have any negative side effects during the tattoo process? I'm through with the whole "be a man and take take nothing" shit.
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14-08-2001, 06:08
anything that wont have an effect on your blood will be OK i guess.

14-08-2001, 09:19
you can use creams such as EMLA or the like, but i find that getting a tattoo doesn't hurt per se, but tattooing over certain spots on the body can trigger irritating nerve tingles. and when it is finished, i'm so high that i can't drive for about a half hour. (i'm a pain as well as opiate junky) on the other hand, i known a very good friend who was as tough as nails who spent forty five minutes crying while her shoulder blade was being done...maybe a little alprazolam would calm you down, but if you fall asleep you could easily ruin the tattoo