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24-06-2001, 05:03
My friends have been talking about lacing a blunt/j/cig with coke lately and I was wondering if there were any precautions and what is the best way to go about doing it?
One friend has heard rumors about you cant smoke straight coke unless you turn it to crack first, any info is appreciated, thanks in advance.

24-06-2001, 05:56
for cigarette:
Hold cigarette by the filter between thumb and forefinger and loosen filter by rolling it back and forth between fingers. Pinch and remove the fiberglass ONLY of the filter(carefully, because you have to put it back in), leaving the paper cylinder around the filter intact and attached to cigarette. Cut or rip away a small amount of the fiberglass and reinsert your new smaller filter into the empty paper cylinder. Roll the cigarette between your fingers to loosen the tobacco and let some tobacco fall out (about half an inch worth). Make sure the tobacco is fairly evenly distributed in your now "looser" cigarette. Cut yourself an averaged-sized line (say 100mg). Put the altered cigarette in your mouth and suck up the line into the cigarette. You need to take a big breath before you do this, and throw your head back once the coke is in the cigarette so it doesn't fall out. Twist the paper closed at the top of the cigarette. Grab lighter. Heat or "cook" the coke in your cigarette by waving the lighter directly underneath it for 3-5 minutes. Be sure to cook it evenly and all sides by moving cig/lighter around freely and DO NOT burn a hole in your cigarette. The cigarette should turn black in some places without burning through and it will become harder to the touch. Once you're finished cooking it, you can light and smoke your "cocoa puff." Take big hits and tilt your head back, holding cigarette at an angle (pointed at ceiling) while taking your hits so the good stuff doesn't fall out. You will notice that your heater stays intact unlike the ash of normal cigarette, which falls away. This is good. Do not ash or tap the heater unless it falls off on its own. You want that thing long, red, and glowing with rock.
You'll get a big kick in the head from this, stay REALLY high for about 4.2 minutes, then want another one.
The smell is so sweet, too.
Also, you can prepare a few of these "cocoa puffs" before going out and simply place them in your cigarette pack, smoke as needed in club/party/whatever without looking like the rockhead that you are. The smell is very distinctive, though, so don't smoke it right next to the bouncer.
If you let a girl take a few hits off your cocoa puff and walk away, she will find you 4.2 minutes later and offer to suck your dick for more.
Girls go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!
For a joint just throw your line on top of your product in the rollie, twist it up, and cook your joint as above. For a truly SICK combo, throw hash, weed, and a line into a joint, roll, cook, smoke, and enjoy. Also known as a "Death Wish."
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24-06-2001, 05:56
i've also heard you can't smoke it unless you do that funny spoon business and end up blowing yourself up with ether, but you can definitely sprinkle it in a bowl or bong or cram a rock in a cigarette and smoke it that way. mixed with bud, it's pretty kickass

24-06-2001, 07:27
just a question, but why are you guys wasting your coke by smoking it in blunts/cigs/joints? it seems kind of stupid considering you don't even get spun from it, not counting numb lips. instead of trying to figure out new ways to smoke it with something, why don't you do it how it was meant to be done and snort it.

24-06-2001, 07:35
jesus you are an idiot aren't you
you don't get "numb lips" from smoking cooked cocaine...it never touches your lips, and the coke has been crystallized into rock form in the cooking process.
Trust me, dude, you will get plenty 'spun' if you follow the above process.

24-06-2001, 08:22
dude i know for a fact you can sprinkle coke on a blunt and smoke it. Most people call it "woo" hehe around here anyway, but it's the shit, great body buzz to me. Put about a 20 bag on a blunt and you will be fuckked up, don't think so? try it...
So get nasty
Hold your own straight past me
Like an eclipse with a souped up chaseee
Pushin nine D
Creepin Close but im on the gas G
Can you feel me
As you fall in my slip stream
I'll take control of your wheel in your own Dream
Can't you see me
Im your Invy
Look in the mirror im what you cant see.......

24-06-2001, 10:33
okay peeps, there seems to be some confusion out there, so time for a little Cocaine 101:
Powder Cocaine=Cocaine Hydrochloride
Crack Cocaine= Ghetto Freebase
Freebase Cocaine= Uptown Freebase (pure, large yield)
Freebase refers to "Freeing" the cocaine "Base" from cocaine hydrochloride and getting rid of the hcl by bonding it to something else (baking soda) in a chemical reaction.
Cocaine hydrochloride in its powder form cannot be smoked easily, because the temperature required to ignite it is too high. So if you just throw a line into a joint or a cigarette and smoke it without crystallizing it first, you are wasting good cocaine. Not good.
So the 'cooking' process of the laced cigarette or joint is VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure you fully cook your cigarette until the cocaine under the paper has hardened. And while this is not a freebase process per se, because you have nothing to bond the hcl to as you heat it, it accomplishes a similar goal. It crystallizes the cocaine powder into a form that is easily ignitable, and thus easily smoked. Yes there is still some waste when you smoke it this way compared to a true freebase, and I would always recommend smoking a true freebase over this method, but IT WILL BLOW YOU UP REAL GOOD FOR 4.2 MINUTES OR THEREABOUTS. And I'm not talking about a "body buzz" either. I'm talking like your eyes will open wider than they ever have before and you will RUSH.
More good news. Making your own Ghetto Freebase at home is so assbackwardly simple that even a greenlighter can pull it off. It takes less than twenty minutes from start to finish, and to whoever made that comment about blowing yourself up with ether, there is no ethyl ether involved in this process (that's for the Uptown Freebase reaction). You simply put 2 parts cocaine hcl to 1 part baking soda in 20ml of water. Heat solution for as long as it takes for the white precipitates to stop forming in the solution. After gentle heating the freebase will float to the top and any excess baking soda should precipitate to the bottom. Collect the compound that has risen to the top using your mother's large straing-spoon. You now have ghetto freebase.
Personally I have never used this method, and I never would, the yields are shit and you get baking sode sticking to your base, but it does work.
Anyone have any freebase techniques they want to share with the rest of bl?
"When my coke comes in they gotta use the scales that they weigh the whales with"

24-06-2001, 12:24
well, damn, i lost the post.
i just got told about this heating method, it seems to be a resublimation (valid process there) but its probably not dependable.. it's probably REALLY hard to do it right. coke HCl isn't stable at its boiling point so you need to neutralize it.
i dont know exactly how the ether thing works in a street sense but i guess that works.
now this baking soda and water thing. that *should* work, i dont see why the yield is low. the 2:1 ratio is stoichiometrically enough to neutralize it and it should go to completion, since the product precipitates out. one thing though... if you have to heat it, it might work better if you partially evaporate the water and let it cool before you isolate it. but then, this is crack, so i don't know.
i've never done this. i will never do this. ever. seriously, no sarcasm; this is fuckin *crack*.
terrifying fact: the molecular weight of crack is 303.36.

24-06-2001, 12:47
Roches jesus...just the man I was looking for.
I know how the two freebases work chemically, and they both work well, trust me, the ether one is much better for yield and purity (and much more dangerous obviously), but what I wanted to ask you was what if anything do you think is going on during the crystallization of the heated cocaine hcl in the cigarettes/joints? Is anything at all happening to the hcl at these high temperatures? Is it still just cocaine hcl but in a crystallized, easily ignitable form?
And what about this resublimation? Don't fucking tease us,you Sanford Fleming geek!
When my coke comes in they have to use the scales that they weigh the whales with.
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24-06-2001, 18:21
If you sprinkle coke on a blunt its called a wubanger around here. Heard its pretty nice.

24-06-2001, 19:03
ok, first of all dipshit, nobody was asking about a resublimation method for smoking cocaine. they were simply asking if they can sprinkle some coke on a blunt/joint and smoke it to feel the full effects, which is an incredibly stupid way to waste perfectly good coke. second of all, the idiot thing was kind of uncalled for, considering you didn't really answer anyones question and you confused everyone else on what the fuck you were talking about. but, i probably can't expect anything better from a kid who would rather smoke "cocoa puffs" with his coke than blow it like a man. can you say...pussy...???

24-06-2001, 19:42
^------How do you know lemonademan doesnt snort coke. He could snort coke and want to try something new.

24-06-2001, 22:58
Smoking cocaine hcl is basically useless....the vaporization temperature is simply too high. I FAIL to see how "cooking your cocoa puff" would change anything. Exactly how will the cocaine hcl be changed by holding it near a flame for a few seconds??
Conclusion: Unless you REALLY like that placebo effect, stop wasting your coke. If you insist on smoking your coke, do it right, and make it into crack (that process was outlined above.)Who cares what your stupid gay raver friends will say about you....at least you're not the one ignorantly destroying perfectly good coke.

24-06-2001, 23:40
sweet mother of God...
smoking 'cooked' or crystallized cocaine hcl does not provide a 'placebo' effect. I have smoked hundreds of these in my lifetime, along with many other people who know a real high from a placebo, and as I said above it does not give the same kick as a hit of crack or good freebase, but it WILL smack you upside the head and make your eyes tear like a little girl's. And for anyone who doesn't believe me STOP TALKING SHIT and try it.
For the numb lips moron, I never said smoking cocaine in cigarettes or joints was my preferred route of administration, I was merely responding to the question in the original thread, which I covered thoroughly and well I think. It's not like I get my 8 ball and make 40 cocoa puffs out of it and sit there chain-smoking them. It's just nice to a have a few around if you're going out or to mix in with your lines.
And btw, pussies RAIL their coke. REAL MEN tie off and pop that loaded needle under their baggy skin.

25-06-2001, 05:48
"baggy skin"
Are you 80 or something???

25-06-2001, 06:00
well.. i'll trust you on the ether thing. for some reason i've heard of people injecting crack, so maybe it's slightly soluble in water; mixing with ether would pull more of the freebase trapped in the water layer into the ether layer. btw, i can't think of any solution more scary than crack in diethyl ether.
now, at first i didn't think the cooking method was possible, but i conveniently had an ex-crackhead with me who said it definitely works. and basically gave the same description of the process. it's also fairly obvious you know what you're doing.
resublimation is a process by which chemicals may be purified by heating them slightly, to a temperature well below their melting point. certain compounds, evidently including coke, are quite volatile; that is, in the solid form, molecules easily leave the surface of the crystal to form a vapor. such volatile compounds *may* be unstable at their boiling point, but they *can* be purified by resublimation. essentially, the crystals are heated slightly on a glass dish with a second glass dish placed on top. the compound volatilizes--basically, evaporates at a low temperature, like water does if you leave it standing--and the vapor rises to the upper glass dish, where it sublimes (the name for a gas <--> solid transition), forming crystals of the pure compound.
so, in this cooking method, the slow heating that results in charring the cigarette could do the same thing. the large crystals of *compound* may volatilize, filling the cigarette with vapor at a temperature well below the decomposition point. slow heating at a low temperature is essential for this. the vapor, of course, would cool and sublime, leaving tiny crystals of *compound* saturating the paper and tobacco. then you light the cigarette, and probably lose most of the stuff at the tip.. but smoking it would have the effect of heating the area near the heater, and drawing hot smoke through the whole thing. as this happens, the crystals may simply volatilize again, allowing you to suck this vapor into your lungs (it'd be kept as a vapor by the smoke) where it would be absorbed across the mucous membrane. this seems to be a fairly logical explanation.. the only one i can think of that doesn't involve some magic and unlikely way of breaking the bonds in the acid salt. in other words, this method still uses the hydrochloride salt, it just allows it to vaporize below the usual boiling point and the point of decomposition.
last thing... on the subject of real men vs. pussies... this is exactly how i feel about the happy lil raverkiddies who do things like *flavor* k (which is a 'harder' drug than youd think when done properly). or, as the k put it:
fuck the ravers who snort the k and dance
they are turned back from the black gates of onyx and silver
running, running, running
the k-liquid is the flight of the condemned soul

25-06-2001, 09:55
Thank you Roches! I knew I could count on you, brother.
Now I'm gonna save and print this puppy up so I can cram it down the gullet of the next twit who tells me, "Duh, smoking [cooked] cocaine is a waste. You're not really getting high, man, you just, like, *think* you're getting high....Want a lightshow?"
It's a good day.