View Full Version : Proper way to smoke meth? how do you do it?

27-05-2001, 05:31
so, we are trying to figure out the best way to smoke meth... burn it a little faster and take big dragon hits, tho it burns faster? smoke it slower and not get very big hits? what do you guys do?

27-05-2001, 05:41
foil. flame. put a lungfull on there and make alot of smoke real quiklike. repeat - i think you could figure out that last step http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
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27-05-2001, 05:44
Naaa.... fuck that sissly foil shit - you need a METH BULB!
Go get a light bulb - clear or foggy, it doesn't matter... but the end off, break out all the glass electrode shit, wash REALLY GOOD, put yer meth it, apply heat, and suck the vapor through a pen tube..
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27-05-2001, 05:48
The aluminum foil method wastes too much, in my opinion.
I think the best way is to use a ball pipe. Get one thats a little thick so the shit doesn't burn too fast, and get one that has a really small hole on top so that the amount that escapes is minimal when youre smoking it (if the hole is too small, just pack it through the stem).
When you're smoking it, melt it slowly, you roll the pipe to one side, when it's on the side, stop and inhale, then roll to the other side, stop and inhale more... When your lungs are almost full, start rollong it from side to side pretty fast and just keep inhaling as much and as hard as you can.
Straight pipes are good too, but a little harder to use. When you do the initial melting, try to melt the shit all the way around the pipe; spin it all the way around. That way, when youre smoking it, you keep spinning it all the way around, first one direction and then the other. Just make sure that you tilt it downwards a little, because it will start to creep towards your mouth from inhaling- but don't tilt it downward too much cuz then it will fall out.

27-05-2001, 06:15
roxan gives some DAMN good advice... it should be noted that the pipes she describes are not available in all areas..
But REAL MEN smoke from the MethBongOfDeath - you can see a picture here:
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27-05-2001, 06:21
Yah, you get some MEAN ASS HITS when you use a bong. But I think that using a pipe is so much more fun! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Oh yah, and you can get straight pipes at your local 7-eleven or gas station. They're those little glass tube things that they have at the register with corks on both ends and a rose inside.
And you can make ball pipes out of those air freshner things that they have at gas stations. I don't know how though, I've never made one myself.
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Good Corruption
27-05-2001, 07:02
freebase pipes are plentiful in the state of California http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
that MethBongOfDeath is beautiful...2 chamber...lil corkscrew in the stem...*sigh*
but i thought REAL MEN take it thru injection uncle PhreeX :P
i have a FOAFOAF who knows how to make freebase pipes out of those air freshener vials...i think they look cool cuz they have those lil threads on the end where yer suppose to screw the cap on...they look so post apocalyptic utilitarian and ghetto http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

27-05-2001, 10:00
real men get their hands on some pyrex tubing and hot rail meth. only crackheads smoke it.

27-05-2001, 23:10
Hot Railing meth doesn't give any advantage over smoking meth btw. Best way to smoke it without a real crack pipe is out of a lightbulb. Punch out the black thing at the end of the lightbuld leaving the metal intact. Next take a 2-liter coke top and melt a small indention on the side of the coke top near the bottom. Then put a pen sized hole in the coke top and stick a pen through it. Screw the top on the lightbulb and voila, instant crack pipe. Or you could steal a test tube from your high school chem lab and apply a flame near the end of it while blowing really hard untill a rather large demple is made then you put a cork on the top and a pen through that a volia, instant crack pipe. I personally prefer the lightbulb, but thats just me. BTW when you smoke meth out of a lightbuld slowly rotate the bulb so that the meth is meling and is staying horizontal to the ground halfway up the lightbulb. Use a mini-butane lighter and never apply direct flame because the flame is longer than you can actually see. Keep the flame moving too. Well you kids have fun and clean your rooms.
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28-05-2001, 03:45
Yes, we all know that REAL MEN, I mean, REAL MEN who are not sissy-baby girls BANG THEIR METH - but smoking comes in a close second..
The air-freshner pipes are nifty.. it was one of the hobbies I got into as a meth had - glass blowing.. he had a really nice setup too... as for how to make one - it's to complex to explain, especially without pics..
Anyway wanna try?
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26-07-2001, 09:28
could someone tell me what hot railling is? I've never heard that term....

28-07-2001, 03:56
Hot railing is when you use a straight pipe to rail your shit. You heat up one end so that it vaporizes when it's going up the tube and you exhale it out your mouth. Supposedly, yoiu get the best of both worlds (railing and smoking at the same time), but it's something I've been too scared to try....

28-07-2001, 06:51
Using a lightbulb is a waste. When you heat the meth it will evaporate and a fair amount of it will recrystalize on the top of the bulb then you have to keep rotating it and it doesn't hit very well.
A test tube is definantly the best way to smoke meth. BUT if you can't get a real test tube, here's an easy way of going about getting a tube.
Go to a cigarette store or something and buy a cigar that comes in a glass tube. Remove the lid and cigar. Get a torch or some other hot flame source and hold the glass tube with oven mits or something with the end of it in the flame. When the end gets hot and starts to glow, blow into the tube really hard. Now you've got a shotgun.
Simply place a finger over the shotgun, drop some meth in and hold upright. Wallah! Now I'm sure you know how to use a shotgun, it's the exact same principle as used on a bong.
Before you smoke your meth, though, try this. Get a pair of khaki pants or similar light colored material. Drop some of the meth on the pants. Wait a few minutes. You should notice small holes being burned into them. Then try imagining what it's doing to your lungs.
Have fun!!!

28-07-2001, 08:30
Lightbulbs are novel, i felt truly corruped when I hollowed out my first one. In addition to washing em', we pour some salt in the bulb, shake it around inside to get all that shit out. Then wash it. Just to be safe, I don't think I'd like to smoke that stuff.
But if you can, hotrail. You'll get yer shit tweaked out. I'm to much a pansy to needle it (even though I did IM k, and it was memorable to say the least...someone else had to do it, and I closed my eyes..I'm a wuss, what can I say?), but I've heard more than a few people agree it's *close*, so I stick to hotrails. It's novel besides.