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16-05-2001, 19:05
What;s a nice safe dose for IV meth. I've only messed around with meth a few times. Lately, I ran into a very nice seemingly endless supply so I need to learn some things. The last time I IVed meth, my body temp fell dramatically. The hit felt good but I am assuming that my bloodpressure dropped to a dangerous level. Can anyone confirm this?
How long does the high from an IV hit last? It seems to last longer than a smoked dose. Is that true?
Thanks for any info

16-05-2001, 19:55
I didn;t feel like waiting for a reply so I dosed. I dont know the exact size of the dose. It was something that could be sold as half a 20 sack....so a 10 sack. This seems to be more than enough. I'm pretty tweeked...or whatever you kids say.
Here's some observations:
There is a slight rush. It;s slow slight that I bet you could miss it if you weren't paying attention. Its so very sad that nothing rushes like IV cocaine. So very sad indeed.
The onset is weird. 5 minutes after I poked, I was higher than I was 1 minute after I poked. See what I mean? With most IV hits I feel the peek effects of the drug in just a few minutes. After that it's all down hill. This high was getting progressively more intense and actually it still isn't showing any signs of slowing down. It's been a half hour now and I continue to get higher.
This could create an unusual situation if someone dosed too high. With other drugs, if the user dosed to high, he or she would know it immediately and probably go down in a matter of seconds. With meth, I bet someone could overdose and not hit pavement for up to 30 minutes after the IV hit.
Back to the Rush cause that's my favorite thing in the world. There is a rush but it seems like it would only be noticed at high doses. I took a high dose and barely rushed. I imagine that if someone took a moderate dose, they'd feel no rush at all. How sad.
Duration: I dont know yet cause I'm still goin. I will say this: I've been smoking this shit on and off for 2 days. I thought it was alright but nothin special. After I IVed it, I realized that this is the first time I've gotten high from this stuff since I got it. Those smoked doses were a waste. For once, I have a defined buzz. There is no denying it. The IV hit seems to last much longer than the smoked hit but I couldn;t even tell when a smoke dose wore.....I couldn't tell when it started either.
Can anyone gimme an idea of how long this IV hit should last?
Also, if I dont look at the windows, I wont see the people out there that are spying on me. This is true, no? And they'll only come in if they think that I have noticed them. If I act like I dont know they are there, they wont enter my home. I can deal with the shadows in my peripheril(sp) vision....kinda, I aint gonna lie they do suck.
Ok, thanks for anything.

16-05-2001, 20:56
Ok, I can still feel some residuals an hour and a half after I slammed meth. That's amazing and very rare with IVed drugs. Shooting meth is certainly the most cost effective way of doing this drug. The high is not only better, it's something altogether different.
Also, the psychotic type episode that people get from amphet abuse comes and goes with IVing meth. Right now the shadows and delusions are at a minimum. I know that as soon as I do another hit they will amplify and then again subside. When IVing coke the psychosis seems to always be at a constant level. Dosing and laying off doesnt really effect the crazies.

16-05-2001, 21:30
I think the problem here is that too many people are trying to reply to this at the same time. Slow down. Everyone will get a turn.
Thank you.
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16-05-2001, 21:34
What's their to say?...
shall we be proud that youve injected Meth.....because im sure you are.
I do not mean this as a derogatory statement....but seriously what could we say...you didnt ask a question.welll you did but you were too impatient to wait for someone to post....chill...

16-05-2001, 21:54
Can anyone gimme an idea of how long this IV hit should last?
That;s a question. I'm sure there are others up there. Please look again.

16-05-2001, 22:00
Well sure that is a question, but it's validness is sincerely lacking, i mean how much was your dose(mg)..not to mention purity you might have ass out nasty meth...because i would *think* that potent meth would have a *very* distinguishable rush and it would last *much* longer than 2 hours. *not the rush but the actual duration of the whole trip* just give some more detail and i will help you to the best of my knowledge. and i will try and stand clear from *check out erowid*

16-05-2001, 22:05
No, it doesn't get much more pure than this. That is for sure.
There was a distinguishable rush. If it was the first time I ever felt a rush, I probably would have loved it. Relative to the rushes form other drugs, this one was weak. About the 2 hour thing, this is much longer than most IVed drugs. Coke is gone in about 3 minutes. The duration of the high from IV meth impressed me.

16-05-2001, 22:33
It seems you do have knowledge when it comes to IV...and you kind of explained it yourself....i guess that is why they are 2 diffrent drugs...Coke IV is the *rush* and nothing more..it is merely to get that 3-5 minute high and then move on...well unless you chase it...ick...anyway...when it comes to meth the *rush* is not *as* intense as coke but the duration is *much* longer...and there are obviously more factors..but i think meth is more of a functional drug as opposed to a 'fun' drugs because in most senses of the word meth is *not* 'fun' in the social way that coke is...and coke is not as fun in the *i can dance along with this 130 bpm song* and make it look like nothin.....

17-05-2001, 02:15
Man FREEBASE do you know how the meth was produced because good meth would have DEFINETLY given you a rush if you shot it, i personnaly haven't but i have a friend who has and he says good shit always gives him a good rush and a 10 sack would be like a 100mg right? the shit my friend gets if I snort 100mg in a 4 hour span i'm up 24 hours no questioned asked. He's says it don't matter how it looks it could have still gotten fucked up.