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29-04-2001, 04:10
Its been over 24 hours since I did my last line of meth. Id rate it average-low quality altho I think I was hooked up with 40 for the price of a 20. I did a lot throughout friday but stopped around 5 or 6 in the afternoon. I didnt expect sleep to be an easy task and it wasnt accomplished but I didnt notice any dilated eyes. I finished the baggy off over the course of 3 days so its not like I did it all at once. I didnt notice til about an hour ago when my mom was looking at me funny that my pupils are blown up like im rolling. Occasionally they get small like once in the hour than theyre big everytime Im around my mom and I promised a mother daughter nite. Has anyone had this problem Im pretty sure it wasnt glass or any type of high grade meth but is it possible and common for low grade meth to make your pupils dilated 24 hours later?? I dont feel speedy or tired after not sleeping for a day but Ive never seen my pupils react like this before.....any suggestions,flames, or comments are welcome. My mom just went out for an hour and Im hoping a xanax bar will reduce the problem. Thats strange, Ive known a few tweekers here and there but Ive never seen a novice tweeker like myself do lowgrade meth than a full day later you suddenly notice your pupils are blown.
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29-04-2001, 05:21
LOL! You type like you are still pretty fuggen tweaked.
Yes it's common. They'll probably stay dialated for a few more hours.. Just get some sleep...and try to be in a BRIGHT room when talking to your mom...It'll make your pupils contract for a short time...
Or, if you have any opiates, take them. Aside from feeling great, your pupils will pinpoint.

30-04-2001, 17:43
Speed 55 - I was going to say the same thing. This post sounds like a tweeker talking to me!!
I have gone on a 24 hour mini-binge and had my pupils stay blown up for two days. It is very annoying. They will not really go down until you get several hours of sleep. Also, if you are supposed to be around your mom and she already seems concerned you may want to be careful what you eat to try to come down. She may be more observant than usual and pick up on it. Tell her if she asks that you took some caffeine pills or Dexatrim.
Both of those will blow up your pupils. So will some cold medications and they will make you a little hyper.
Hope that helps!!

30-04-2001, 19:20
when i came home last night, my mom was bitchin about my pupils cause they were dialated but yes, we were in a more darkened room. it's been almost 24 hrs after doin my last bump, and my eyes feel really funny, i can't focus on things right, so i think in a little dark they'll dialate no prob, but it's daytime now so i won't have to worry.
aside from that i feel like TOTAL SHIT today from the meth. i only got 4 hrs of sleep last night. i feel very nervous/exited, my legs are shaking and i catch myself kinda grindin my teeth, and i gotta be to work in an hour. i'm a little shakey too today, but i didn't have much trouble hiding that from my mom, but work is gonna fukin suck. i have no xanax or opiates to take so i'm kinda fukt on that too, my friend wouldn't give me any i was so counting on last night. and i was a no call no show to work on saturday so i got some explaining to do......
sorry for rambling, but i can't help it right now. i have to see my PO tomorrow also which sucks http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif on saturday i did one little bump and last night i did 2 little ones, will i be clean by tomorrow you think cause i didn't do all that much? also, i didn't smoke pot for like 9 days, but last night i took one hit, do you think that'll be out of me by tomorrow? thanks. *phew*
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01-05-2001, 02:04
No. Neither one of them will be out of your system tomorrow. I takes three days for Meth to be out of your system and about 30 for pot depending on how much you smoke(often&amount).
Sorry I don't have any good news for you. Some people say that you can get stuff from the health food store that will clense you out sooner. I guess you could try that.
In my line of work I have to order tests on people all the time and it really sux when I have to call them to tell them that one showed up +. But at least I only have to tell them no to what they want and not go to jail or anything awful like that.
Try to be more careful next time, and do some research on the chemicals you are putting in your body so you will know what they are doing to you and how long it lasts.