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29-03-2001, 00:48
How does an opium high compare to a pot high?
I ask because I don't like smoking pot. Not that I've never had a good time smoking, but I've realized that it just gets me too cloudy and retarded and therefore paranoid. But I'm also sort of a stimulant junkie. Anyway, I just sit there sort of not being able to move but having this buzz to. Kind of like an acid comedown.
But I figure as similar as it may or may not be to a pot buzz, opium has the whole opiate thing going for it. Warm fuzzy feelgoodness.
I was just wondering how their compared to one another.

29-03-2001, 01:23
personally i think opium (and narcotics in general) blows marijuana out of the water.

29-03-2001, 01:32
Well if you're a stimulant junkie than opium *might* not be the thing for you. I find it is somewhat similiar to pot--except a LOT better; a lot more intense; much more a body high; more euphoric. But I usually do end up just "sitting around." Actually, high doses of marijuana are about the closest to an opium high I've found...

29-03-2001, 02:34
You should try a sativa dominant plant. This will give you a significantly more "up" high and not leave you burnt out. Sativa strains include haze, jack herer, thai, cinderella 99, apollo 11, etc.
Opium will give you a MORE narcotic high which doesn't seem to be something that you would like.
Ignorance will fall, wisdom will prevail.

29-03-2001, 02:52
Good suggestion about the sativa strains...
but i'm like he is...i smoke pot and there is something about it that i don't necessarily like..
i like to feel like myself, but i also like to feel euphoric. with pot, i never feel like im myself..i just feel spaced out...if i take a couple percocets and a beer, im in heaven...relaxed, happy...
while sativa strains will give him an up high, he still isn't going to feel relaxed...speaking personally, sativas make my heart race--so unlike an indica, up very awake, but im also paranoid and not very cozy.
i remember seeing adds in high times for opium poppy seeds...i would imagine it wouldn't be very difficult to plant them this summer and extract the fluid for smoking.
ive read it can make you natious though--i'd be interrested to hear more about it.
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29-03-2001, 03:42
I was wondering if you went down the codeine route, would marijuana or alcohol enhance or diminish the high?
IMO, Poppy seed tea sux,and Sativa rules http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif :

29-03-2001, 03:51
I hate weed, and I LOVE opiates. There is no comparison, IMO.
I dont think I've ever met a person who DISLIKED opiates!

29-03-2001, 03:53
Opium has a higher ceiling than pot. "celing" meaning how much higher you can get.
I've puked off of an opium rush but never from pot back in the day.

29-03-2001, 04:27
By stimulant junkie, I didn't mean the aspect of having to run around and constantly be doing things. Although I do like that. I like the focus and clarity and the efficientness, I guess. Hmm...maybe a bit of ADD?
That being said, I can still enjoy a laid-back night drinking and popping a painkiller. Although I don't enjoy that as much (but I'm also not as experienced with it).
Anyway, I guess I'll see what happens. I'm going to smoke opium with my friend at the end of april. But thanks for the suggestions.
BTW, sloth -- I'm a girl. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

29-03-2001, 04:28
how does opium compare to the buzz off of a percocet.

29-03-2001, 05:01
IMO, Poppy seed tea sux
That's because poppy seeds contain zero active alkaloids. Of course it sucks.
The active alkaloids in opium are codeine and morphine so if you've tried these out then you know what opium is like.
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Plague Bearer
29-03-2001, 07:27
actually, I don't think the seeds contain zero, just very little.

29-03-2001, 18:54
I like to smoke my opium WITH my pot. I've smoked opium by itself before and it was cool, but with herbals I liked it better.

29-03-2001, 20:48
i havnt tried opium with pot yet, i heard it gets you really really tired though. Id probably fall into a deep sleep cause after both my come downs off opium and weed i just sit there half awake

30-03-2001, 01:30
<sarcasm> Nothing like sprinkling that red rock on my weed. mmm... dragons blood. </sarcasm>

30-03-2001, 14:43
I prefer the opiates obtained by prescription.. Percocet or hydrocodone do it for me.. Then again I have never smoked anything in my life, and don't think I ever could!! : )) Just my little opinion -- not judging..