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28-05-2002, 21:00
or anything for that matter, dxm/mdma combos, how would your tester catch it...since the mdma reaction would just come through...thats kinda scary if ya think about it...please calm my nerves somehow...

28-05-2002, 21:21
Okay, aj, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a MDMA/PMA combination would show up as:
Marquis reagent would show a typical MDMA reaction (dark purple to black)
SImon's reagent would turn BLUE, indicating the prescence of MDMA
Robadope reagent would turn salmon red colour, indicating the prescence of PMA!! However, these results may indicate a MDMA/MDA combination. But the results show THERE IS A POSSIBILITY the pill contains MDMA/PMA.
I think MDMA/DXM combinations are difficult to distinguish. Thankfully, this combination is rare (please let me know if someone believes otherwise)
For me, speed/MDMA (the most common combination) is easy to distinguish. You usually see a flash of orange before the MDMA causes the reagent to turn purple. However, it sometimes is a fairly brief flash and I usually end up testing the pill several times to confirm what I think I saw!!
Hope that helps :)
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mashead testing
28-05-2002, 22:13
^^Yeah what he said is right as far as I have read, but I think its strange because pills that are actually mdma and mda are not uncommon so this is hard to work out.
If you combined the mandellin reagent with the x-treme would this therefore enable you to work this out or at least be a little clearer as to whether you had mdma + mda or mdma + pma, if you watched the reactions carefully hoping that you would be able to catch either some of the mda or pma and therefore see the difference when using the mandellin?
Seeing as hopefully aj and some of the ez test people will read this, are their any more advanced test kits being developed?

28-05-2002, 22:23
[quote]Originally posted by masheadatronic:
Seeing as hopefully aj and some of the ez test people will read this, are their any more advanced test kits being developed?
I believe that a bottle of Mandelin reagent shipped with the EZ-Xtreme would be a great advantage, as its ability to indicate the presence of ketamine is becoming more and more important.
And it never occured to me that you could distinguish between MDMA/MDA and MDMA/PMA combos with Mandelin either. Cheers for pointin that out Mash

29-05-2002, 08:00
What was posted above seems correct.
MDA/MDMA and MDMA/PMA can NOT be distinguished.
(It would be better to say that you can not distinguish between primary amines with Robadope if there is also MDMA present)
"distinguish between MDMA/MDA and MDMA/PMA combos with Mandelin"
I would be very careful with this.
I would like to stress that I do not like the E2 colorchart. This kind of chart was withdrawn by us a long time ago just because certain colorchanges are just too similar !
EZ Test X-TREME should be interpreted as follows; if you do NOT observe a typical (sequence of) reactions, you should conclude that your pill does not contain an Ecstasy like substance (or that your pill may contain some Ecstasy like substance but it seems there is also another drug present).
Try finding out what it is and you'll get stuck in assumptions and bad conclusions.
A non-typical reaction can indicate all sorts of substances, including materials that are used in the production process and that labs never test for.
Also, DXM/MDMA combo's are impossible to detect, we tried it with Mecke and were hoping for a flash of yellow (indicating DXM) but the MDMA reaction clearly masks the DXM reaction.
(We had some 'certified' DXM and 'MDMA' from a laboratory to try things out).

29-05-2002, 08:26
aj: if you have any "certified" DXM left perhaps you can do us a favour? We have been trying to work out for a while what the Mandelin reaction to DXM is. I take it you ave some Mandelin about? If not I'll send you one ;) that was a joke...
I'm going to be calling that guy from Australia Post this week, as he's back from holidays...

29-05-2002, 10:20
Sorry, nothing left. The last bits we had were used with Mecke...
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MR. Party
29-05-2002, 17:54
i agree