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28-09-2000, 21:58
As many of you know, the Orlando area has had several fatal od's in the past couple of weeks, and according to an article in the Orlando Sentinal, these deaths are attributed to PMA(paramethoxyampheetamine). This dangerous substance was sold mixed with ecstasy bearing the Mitsubishi stamp. This toxic chemical burns out the central nervous system by raising the body tempature over 108 degrees, causing bleeding in the brain and other organs.
The initial taste and euphoria supposedly are the same as with E, thus making it undistinguishable. Within an hour, the body temperature is so high that it causes seizures and internal bleeding that usually cannot be stopped, even by a hospital in it's earliest stages.
It is unknown if these pills are being sold as normal beans or as PMA("super ecstasy" for $10 a pill according to the news).
Does anyone else know about this creeping up in the scene? Are normal beans being tainted? Have you heard of any other pills besides mitsu's containing PMA? How much is dangerous? Any help to us and your fellow bluelighters would be appreciated.
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28-09-2000, 23:16
ok PMA is not new, its been around since the early seventies and has been killing people for that long.
give this thread a read. it's from the australian section of Bluelight. we've had problems with PMA since the mid nineties.
erowid now has a reasonable section on PMA
most information i could give you i've already detailed in that thread. if there are any specifics you need help in tracking down feel free to ask.

29-09-2000, 02:20
Better make this a general warning in case some people still don't know...
PMA is surfacing EVERYWHERE, the UK, Denmark, Austria, Holland etc etc.
You are WARNED !

Chemical Generation
29-09-2000, 07:31
We are introducing a new tester that can detect PMA, and would like to send you a sample to help your cause and ours.
Can you contact please us by e-mail and we will send you our latest tester 'E2: 2nd Defence'.
If you know of anyone who has a pill they believe to be PMA, or at least contain PMA, let them try this new tester and get back to us.
Chemical Generation

29-09-2000, 08:46
Does anyone know how PMA tests on a reagent test like the kind you get at BL or Dancesafe? I already have one and would like to not have to spend the $$ on a new kit, but this shit is hitting awfully close to home.

29-09-2000, 13:37
I don't think it does react to the dancesafe kits..
Your best bet it to do a serch on pillreports+Dancesafe for the "Brand" of pill you have to learn as much about it as possable.
Also, try to buy from a rep dealer.. and get other kids in on it too.. For example.. since we know in Orlando there are the PMA Mits going around.. NO ONE should buy any Mits..