View Full Version : Does CVS Drug Test for Pre Employment?

30-12-2004, 22:21
Hey. i applyed to be a casheir their part time. im wondering if there is a pre employment drug test? and if so What way is it done?

02-01-2005, 04:47
^Yeah. It's not like they are going to know who it is calling. I've gotten a job somewhere before with my friend, he was drug tested...i was not. So I guess it also depends on the individual they are hiring.

03-01-2005, 16:35
i think it strongly depends on the person doing the hiring and also the hirees appearence and the way you will present yourself

04-01-2005, 02:22
well on the form they gave me u had to clear it for a drug test given at any time. but they do that at almost all jobs for big companys and not many actually do. u know what im saying?

if they do give me a test will it be urine or saliva? my last job was just a saliva test which wasnt bad at all (it only detects weed like 24 hours back)

24-01-2005, 01:26
i'm pretty sure at CVS they're urine tests. but after u pass the first one to hire you, they cant test u again unless they have "probable concern" or something like that. i think it's if u get into a car accident or if you come to work on something. hope this helped.