04-05-2000, 02:59
Anyone have any ideas on what to cut MDMA powder with, before putting it in capsules. The powder is approximately 85% pure. Also how much is a good amount per cap? Thanx

04-05-2000, 03:50
why would you cut powder ??, especially if its going in a cap. if its 85% pure its already been cut. the whole thing about powder is that it doesn't have any crud in there with it. put it straight into a cap and don't even think about cutting it. if you must cut it maybe a little speed or 'k' but i wouldn't waste my time !!

Mr. Horse
04-05-2000, 04:06
I agree with Anth. And also, if someone is not responding to your first post. Dont start another one, simply reply to your original post, which sends it up to the top of table again. If you have ever read a post with *bump* in it, that is what they are doing. They are *bumping* it up the top!!

04-05-2000, 04:19
if you're lucky enough to have powder, please don't cut it - just put it in a cap (of course you're more than welcome to put that little bit extra in each one) and swallow the darn things. Lucky barstard!

04-05-2000, 04:33
i'm normally a calm man,
You, my friend, have the holy grail in your hands. Many people spend there entire drug taking life trying to track down pure caps or powder. I was lucky enough to find some this year, and I was in no way dissapointed. It took me right back to how i felt on my first pill....mmmmmmmm
oooh, and i recomment a 150 mg dose pure mdma(I am assuming that you are an experienced muncher, and don't mind being sat or your arse a bit, otherwise probably leave it at 100 mg mdma otherwise it might be a bit rough for newbies)
so that you know what people mean when the crap on about the 150 mg doves of 94, or the original mitsubishi's
assuming your powder, as you said is 85% pure, you will need about 176 mg of your powder to deliver a 150 mg MDMA experience
let us know how it goes.....

04-05-2000, 05:56
thanx for everybody's quick reply. Yeah i'll let you know how things go!
Still curious as to what can be used as a filler for the caps though? glucodin? ephedrine? will any of these kill the MDMA???

04-05-2000, 06:01
why do you need filler? you dont have to fill a cap up.

04-05-2000, 13:55
please, i beg of you
don't cut the powder

04-05-2000, 15:10
look if you really want to put something else in why not some 5htp? some people use the caps that 5htp comes in and then put a bit of powder back in. can't hurt can it? and might even do you some good... especially the new sooper 5htp from iherb with the vitamin b and c.
(psst iherb, did you notice the product placement?) http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

04-05-2000, 15:27
Hey JB,
Slightly OT here: What ever happened with the idea to hook up a mail-order 5-HTP supplier through Bluelight as an affiliate that I told Jase about?.... is there anything in the works?...as a self-funder for Bluelight (the WHOLE of Bluelight) it's a no-brainer, surely?
candyflip http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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04-05-2000, 15:32
hehe next time email if its OT but yeah if you read the bottom of the "Everyone Read" thread you'll see that Mr Pinger has just recently emailed Jase about it. i haven't heard anything back about it. Maybe a folw up email is in order? or Jase might look in here and see this http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
seeya on sunday mr flip http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

04-05-2000, 23:53
i have emailed jase. i will do it again. maybe you email him as well, and point out i'm not some wailing cracked out raver.....
now where did i put my pants...... damn memory.... hmm where am i?

05-05-2000, 14:54
If you are that desperate to use a filler in your caps (why I don't know) then glucodin or vitamin B would be fine.
You could use anything though if you're not going to taste it can't you? Try vegemite, coffee, ford pills or baked beans.

06-05-2000, 02:55
Just spoke to Iherb, they were very pleased with the plug, they told me to tell you that the cheque for $4000 and 200 bottles of 5 HTP are on their way. Not bad for a minutes work! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

06-05-2000, 03:54
i'd do two caps for a night. Depending on ur weight however, but at 60kgs i'd make myself a 90-100mg cap and a 40mg cap.
Take the bigger one and say 2hrs later take the smaller one. makes it more controllable and extends the roll and the end is more of a tapering off, not a cliffface.
hehe, i'd love to see myself on 150mg str8 off, haha, it'd be a mess.
Um i actually wouldn't take 5-HTP with the cap. i've heard that 5-HTP taken close to the MDMA causes the come on to be very gradual/prolonged. whatever it is i think that just to be safe, don't take any other substances that interfere with serotonin near when u take the MDMA, which wants to interfere with the serotonin in a BIG way.