View Full Version : white cross used to be ephedrine?

13-09-2004, 00:48
A long time ago I was sold a white pill with a 4 way split (cross). It was somewhat small and had a distinct smell.

Can anyone verify this design used to be used for ANY brand of ephedrine pills? (made by a manufacturer not a person.)

I was reading something on another website about how "over the counter ephedrine, or "white crosses", has taken the place of pharmaceutical amphetamine as an easy-to-get alternative."

13-09-2004, 01:57
heres a link: www.google.com

if you do a search you can see many sites that confirm white-cross pills are just ephedrine energy/diet pills.

if you bought one of these, you definately wasted your money.

13-09-2004, 02:02
White cross pills ARE ephedrine used for broncaid

Adam X
13-09-2004, 17:51
These pills are not ephedrine, they are ephedra, and thus are now illegal to be sold in the US.


13-09-2004, 21:39
I just bought some called bronchaid that are white crosses and contain ephedrine hydrochloride so THOSE pills are still avaliable in America

Epherda also had white crosses but ephedra ain't legal in US so bye bye

Adam X
14-09-2004, 17:17
I'm thinking of the "Pure Ephedrine" (actually ephedra) crap that was sold at truck stops.


14-09-2004, 17:24
isn't ephedrine and ephedra the same thing? i mean chemical wise

14-09-2004, 23:29
They are Benzedrine (amphetamine sulphate) which was white and double-scored to look like a cross. "White Crosses" are simply a shitty legal stimulant sold as a bronchodialaor. "Great for truckers!" is what they say on some of the packs, a reference to the truckers in the 50's and 60's used to take Benzedrines to stay up and drive longer. Technically, they are illegal because any OTC stimulants can be marketed in either orange and white, green and white or black capsules, or double-scored white tablets, with or without letters, because they are knock-offs of Dexedrine, Dexamyl, Biphetamines, and Benzedrine.

14-09-2004, 23:47
Originally posted by opiatekrzy
isn't ephedrine and ephedra the same thing? i mean chemical wise

Ephedra is more potent. Ephedrine is synthesized from ephedra. So are amphetamines. Ephedra was the start of it all but it is illegal now in the US.

The original white crosses were ephedra as Adam X said

I was mentioning some more up to date 'Bronchaid EZE 25mg Ephedrine Hydrochloride' that I bought awhile ago (after ephedra was made illegal) at a truck stop that sold ephedrine products and 'if you asked' left over ephedra products.

15-09-2004, 05:10
It's funny one can get amphetamines legally but ephedra is completely banned...fucking government.

02-12-2004, 17:07
were they white pills with a cross score and dark inside? If so, my father has pills just like them and they are a mix of 20mg ephedra and caffiene (didnt say the amount)

Dr. McBudstoke
02-12-2004, 22:08
AGAIN, we have a Pill Identification forum now. If you want to identify something that is a pill, direct it to the PILL IDENTIFICATION FORUM.

This white cross thingy is a pill, whether it's prescription or not, and you're looking to get it identified. So I repeat, PILL IDENTIFICATION FORUM.

Thank You.

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06-12-2004, 04:09
ephedrine hcl is still sold I should know I'm addicted to the crap and have been for the last 5 years.