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06-04-2000, 01:04
Could anybody help me out in informing me of the dangers/health risks involved with sniffing full strength Amyl? My friend just tried the stuff recently and loves it, but is uninformed as to its down sides, except for that famous Amyl headache that is only temporary.
I know it's some potent stuff -- it aint normal to rise off the ground. Also, does anybody know what's its made of/how it's made?
cheers doods
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06-04-2000, 02:09
Amyl and X is a great combination once you're peaking! The headaches can sometimes be avoided if you switch to different brands. Sometimes the cheaper ones (particularly US made ones) are more likely to give you a headache. Try something like Satyr Red (NOT Blue) which is nice, strong and smooth and made in OZ!
If you don't over do it, you should be OK unless you have some existing medical problem like heart troubles, high blood pressure etc... Gay guys have been using amyl during sex for years..... without it seems too much trouble if it is used in moderation.
Three things you should watch:
DO NOT ever combine Amyl with Viagra. The two are chemically similar but this combination can result in death....
OVERUSE in a short period will give rise to a tolerance. You'll loose it if you abstain for a while.
DON'T get any on your skin because it can give chemical burns -usually around your nose. Don't allow the bottle to actually touch your nose.
Have fun!!!

06-04-2000, 02:20
Where can you get Amyl ... I think it's "sort of" illegal .. but I might be wrong ...
Anyway, had it once, was a blast, but never got round to really digging to get more .. might try.
Anyway - hints ?
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06-04-2000, 02:41
Most Sex shops will sell the stuff
5 days a week my body is a temple. The other 2 it's an amusement park.

06-04-2000, 02:46
though i think most sex shops sell quarter strength amyl so watch that....a friend of mine who got it the other night went to a gay club and apparently had to touch an ass and a willie to get it :P
"I'm checking in..."

06-04-2000, 03:07
For that that 2 minute "oh my god" rush my favoutite would be nitous oxide. I find it a much more intense/cerable buzz than the head pounding amyl rush. Though sneaking the bulb machine into parties can be difficult at times. Some of the images/concepts that flood your brain with the mdma/nitrous combo are nothing short of miraculous 'religous experiences' ( the term we use for jaw dropping buzzes, apologies to any truely religous folks out there!)

06-04-2000, 03:24
I used to use Amyl Nitrate alot . You can get it from sex shops I used to get mine from the Tool Shed Oxford St Sydney ....
They sell it over the counter it's called stuff like "Brand X" "Liquid X" they have a heap of variety etc......
Best to store it in the Fridge when not in use and it will keep longer. You will find that after a while say 2-3 months sitting in your fridge that it will develop little white balls in the bottom (they look like moth balls) if this happens I suggest your turf it out .
As someone mentioned above be careful not to get it on your skin as it will burn .
I have found that while Rolling if you have it more than 3 times in an hour it will loose it's potency . Overuse will give you one hell of a headache. Also it makes your clothes stink if your keeping in your pocket. Also once it comes out people will smell it and will be hitting you up for a smell as if you were giving out free eggs .....
Amyl on e is like a Head Rush/Blowup(Like having Bulbs you disappear into your own world for 30 seconds or so ) also it relaxes the anal passage hence it's popularity in the Gay community. Great to use during sex as it heightens your senses ....

06-04-2000, 03:51
not sure if anyone mentioned this but the reason to not do amyl and viagra is that amyl makes your heart rate go thru the roof, and all the viagra deaths you have heard about are from people with dodgy hearts...
amyl + viagra puts too much pressure on your ticker, and if its dodgy to begin with it can be fatal... same goes for combinations of amyl, viagra, speed and coke

06-04-2000, 04:04
I agree with flip, I think nitrous oxide is a heap more fun than amyl, but have only combined amyl with E, and OH BOY, was that fun. I find that the feeling you get with pounding techno after a bulb is one of the most enjoyable I've ever had: you can FEEL the beats so much more. One question, I've been looking for one of the soda syphons for ages (Melbourne) but can't find any. Anyone have any ideas about good places to look?
Thanks to y'all
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06-04-2000, 04:09
the best place to get syphons used to be old second hand stores along chapel street, but i think they may have all been plundered now, just go to any junk store or charity store out in the burbs.. you'll find one guarenteed... only problem is most are missing the screw in thing you put the bulb in, and most are really manky and disgusting... but happy bulber hunting!!

06-04-2000, 04:16
you can get a trusty bulberator at any good gourmet/kitchen type appliance store. Stores that sell ground coffee or catering type equipment may also sell them.
Try typing "ISI cream dispenser" and you might be lucky enough to find an online supplier in australia

06-04-2000, 04:21
Wow! Thanks guys, such speedy responses! And also from such knowledgable and (obviously) experienced bulbers. Happy to find there are still a few of us out there, I was beginning to think I was all by myself.
*Hugs* for jb and pinger
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06-04-2000, 06:59
The experiences I've had with amyl have all been negative........
My friends love the stuff and rave about it all the time, but personally it makes me feel very limp......as though i'm about to pass out.
i wouldn't condone the use of the stuff(not that any other of my activities are sensible). Amyl has a lot of the same chemicals as paint thinner/liquid paper. Ever wondered why you weren't allowed to bring liquid paper to school?

06-04-2000, 07:08
Amyl - got to love it. But of course, like anything moderation is the key.
Unfortunately with amyl, if you like it, its very hard to moderate!

06-04-2000, 07:12
And while we're on the safety tangent, DO NOT SMOKE OR HAVE A NAKED FLAME AROUND AMYL. It is flammable!
Fill whats empty, empty whats full, scratch whats itchy!

06-04-2000, 07:15
aintpodes -- it has given me some good rushes before, especially when i've been peaking, but sometimes makes me feel claustrophobic and kinda squashed. it definitely puts everyone in their own little worlds. :P
this has been the word of Bucky.

06-04-2000, 13:45
amyl comes in a little bottle, about the same as an ez tester actually! it smells like shit, but blows your head up for 2/3 minutes after you have it. suggested as a come on for your e.
however, check this out. at easter love two easters ago i had my amyl with me and had a nice sniff of it and then this cute girl next to me asked for a bit, i said yes, so she grabbed it off me, put her mouth over the bottle and actually SUCKED UP THE FUMES.
i tried it myself and let me tell you it hits you TEN TIMES HARDER than when you sniff it.
be very careful with amyl.. it does some serious deletion of your brain cells. i don't use it anymore, rolling is enough for me :-] if i want to get truly fucked up i'll have acid thankyou :-]

06-04-2000, 16:22
All I will say is be careful with Amyl.
Some little slut tried to rape me on this shit. She was an absolute fugly. Luckily my mate intervened and gave her a good hard fucking to give me time to escape

06-04-2000, 17:11
SMurf.. funny you say that. The same crazy thing happened to me with some chick in a black top with white straps, maybe you should reconsider?

07-04-2000, 10:48
OI!!! I'll slap your fucken head around if your not careful - Susan is mine http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

08-04-2000, 00:48
Hmmm. Amyl with acid is ....?...so much fuckin fun
Bulbs with acid is ...mindblowing
Just try not to fall over from either.
It hurts and you look like a spastic.
Have fun!!!!!

08-04-2000, 04:49
ok you want scarey? check this out...
"The toxic effects of amyl nitrite inhalation include rapid flushing of the face, pulsation in the head, cyanosis, confusion, vertigo, motor unrest, weakness, yellow vision, hypotension, soft thready pulse, and fainting.
Accidental prolonged inhalation of amyl nitrite has resulted in death from respiratory failure.... Fatalities have occurred in workers exposed to organic nitrates after strenuous exercise 1 to 2 days after cessation of exposure.
Nitrite causes a loss of tone of the vascular bed and pooling and trapping of blood in the veins of the lower extremities, resulting in marked arteriolar constriction and the induction of anoxemia in vital tissues, causing death.... The formation of methemoglobin by aliphatic nitrite interferes with oxyhemoglobin, causing anoxia of vital organs.... The use of volatile nitrites to enhance sexual performance and pleasure can result in syncope and death by cardiovascular collapse.(5)
Also in 1980 appeared the first of several studies to demonstrate that the volatile nitrites are powerfully mutagenic.(6) (That is, they cause cells to mutate, they cause damage to the chromosomes.) This is cause for concern, as almost all known carcinogens are also mutagens.
Subsequent studies, both in vitro and in vivo, have shown that poppers damage the immune system. They cause two kinds of anemia: Heinz body hemolytic anemia and methemoglobinemia. They damage the lungs. They have the potential to cause cancer by producing deadly N-nitroso compounds in interaction with many common drugs and chemicals, including antihistamines, artificial sweeteners, and pain killers.(7)"
"Nitrite Inhalants: Historical Perspective", by Guy R. Newell et al., in NIDA Monograph 83 (cited above). See also Chapter X: "Poppers: The End of an Era" in John Lauritsen, *The AIDS War*, New York 1993.
for the full article i took this from go here:
the connection with KS and HIV is a myth, but none of the toxicity data mentioned above is.
oh also found this:
"Poppers increase pressure within the eyeball and should not be used by anyone with glaucoma"
source: http://www.pinehurst.net/~apd/drug/aboutnitrates.html
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08-04-2000, 09:18
yea...feels good but! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

09-04-2000, 03:39
ahhh cheers johnboy.

09-04-2000, 12:53
Whoever said about sucking it up thru the mouth?? I did that too!! I gave a guy a cigarette outside a club and he gave me a sniff, told me to breathe it in. I did, and I was walking next to pillcat at the time, and she had to hold me up! I could hardly walk...it was fuckin weird. But it was fun..
anyway, thanks jb, I won't do it again.

03-05-2000, 06:27
by far the best way to have this stuff is to dip a smaoke in it unlit of course then DO NOT LIGHT IT and have a deep drag on it it lasts longer this way about a 3 minute rush and you can pass to your freinds much more easy than passing a bottle you do all look a bit dumb though smoking a smoke that is not lit lol but its big fun woth acid and with e , doing it this way ive found i escape the headaches too

03-05-2000, 09:17
Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid.
If you lick a car battery it gives you a buzz. Try that too.

03-05-2000, 14:11
i believe souny actually tried that last week when he couldn't get any more fumes from the bottle, eh souny?

16-05-2000, 22:03
stick with nitrous... safe, easy to get a hold of... sure there is the issue of getting the machine into the club... by why not leave it in the car and then when you need that breather you have a great excuse...
nitrous and trips.... WHOA BABY... lets try
1.5 trips and 240 nitrous bulbs... boy talk about excessive... (between a bunch of us that is)

17-05-2000, 03:52
Hey peeps,
In regards to nitro, the best way to crack the bulbs is with a special compact bicycle pump which tri-athletes and road racers use to quickly inflate tires. It's palm size with a hollow handle in which you slide a nitro bulb into, depress and hey presto! Attach a needle used to pump up footballs and inflate into a balloon. You simply fill the balloon with the nitro, inhale, breath back into the balloon, and inhale again.
Repeat these last couple of steps until you slip into a vortex and have tea with all the jungle animals.
These "bulbinators" are avaliable at serious bike shops. A much easier option as it's small enough to carry around in your pocket for the night. Make sure you have a handful of empty balloons.

18-05-2000, 18:36
my friend has acquired a case of nangs, nitrous oxide if ur not familiar with the term.
funny thought though, similar to the way men carry slabs of beer on their shoulders when they stroll into a party; this girls gonna show up to a recovery with a slab of nangs across hers, u can imagine how insanely amusing this will be!

10-06-2000, 02:24
i was offer ammyl last night by a formerly good looking (but now red faced) girl who looked like she'd been seriously fucked up by ammyl (ie her brain was MIA)
...i courteously declined
but from what i've seen it do to a couple of people it's gotta fuck you up...and it can do that fairly rapidly!

E Bee
10-06-2000, 15:18
the magical word:
moderation http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

10-06-2000, 18:48
I love Amyl, it puts you in your own little world for a couple of minutes. Spiral back me up here.
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15-11-2000, 21:33
i assume when your sphincter's relaxed, that this'd be a good time to plug that pill.... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif