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01-01-1970, 02:00
AAHH! See I hadn't even read the page yet *blush* I knew there was something I should have done..
Ummm..then we can't do it. I don't want to risk sending the piulls to any actual person that we know...
With my idea, no-one would get busted...now it's getting messy.
As I am. MEssy. I have to go...I'll come back with a clear head and repost on this.
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24-03-2000, 01:47
Would anyone be interested in chipping in to send a few of our favourite pills to the people at Dancesafe for proper testing?
If they get there they get there, if they don't oh well, it was worth a try. I'm sure there are enough of us here so that if we each chip in a few measly dollars (which I KNOW we can all afford), we could finally find out EXACTLY what's inside our beloved cK's or Rolexes or CU's.
They'll post the information on their site and in turn we'll be helping out a whole HEAP of people not only from Oz but from Amsterdam (where these babies come from) and East Coast America (who seem to get similar pills as us).
I hear you all say "but what if we get busted?" HOW??? We send the pills in an unmarked envelope/package (of course we'd send one at a time)to the Dancesafe Lab (surely an authorised organisation) and bingo! Pills get tested. No-one gets in trouble, and lost of people get new info on pills.
how 'bout it?
I'll be away for a couple of days, but when I get back, I expect to see a long list of volunteers. We'll work out a payment system and away we go.

24-03-2000, 01:48
that subject line is supposed to say "appeal"

24-03-2000, 02:34
Hey mona how about when we get the bluelight.ru t-shirt thing sorted we sell them over the web at a small profit which all goes to getting pills tested, which in turn helps our little community ?
Just an idea

24-03-2000, 03:50
ahhh at the moment i'm working on a way to get pills properly tested locally, its a bit of a legal nightmare but it might work out.
i have certain reservations about sending our pills to the u.s. for testing... a local arrangement would be best for everyone involved...
also had a talk to legal people about getting the police to release their lab results... you know the ones they base all their "heroin in ecstacy" press releases on?
problem is that FOI will only let you get these released if you have a direct interest in the case ie it was your pills that got confiscated, you cant just get it out of general interest...
anyone got any contacts in Melbourne or Sydney Uni Law School? the reason i ask is that the legal questions i have been askng lately are very "cutting edge" as my lawyer put it... there is very little in australian legislation that relates to our needs and its going to take real resources to even clarfiy these issues ...
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24-03-2000, 04:15
Good point Johnboy i would realy like to see every lab test the federal police have done and get quantitve results of every thing in a pill.
well we can only hope.

24-03-2000, 08:45
I have an Idea.
All we need to do is sacrifice someone with a large varitey (not quantity) of pills and when they go to court we can get the results, simple!!!
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24-03-2000, 09:06
ah this is a test (damn browser)

24-03-2000, 10:03
Mona, you've got a damn good idea. I'd be happy to send in some money. A local solution would definetely be the *best* method but in the mean time we should be using the international resources till we can use the local.
Even if we don't do it legally and someoen just gets the info on how to test for MDXX percentage and posts the info for educational purposes,,,,If we can find people who make Speed in a bathtub we can find at least one person who can test a couple out for us.
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24-03-2000, 10:05
hahahah dente!!! Funny shit mate, ya make me laugh.
But, no, really, i think all ideas here are good (as usual) Johnboy, i'm no one in the law world so I can't help you there, but I really appreciate the effort.
Mona. I'd be interested in helping.
would love to help do my share.
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25-03-2000, 10:35
That sounds like a really good idea Mona. But on there page it said they cannot accept pills from foreign countries.
So you have to send the pills to someone in the US then have them send the pills to Dancesafe

26-03-2000, 10:56
if u knew anyone who was perhaps honours or post-grad level in chemistry they would easily be able to use a gas chromatography machine (what dancesafe uses etc) at their uni to analyse the pills, very quick and easy.
just need private access and allowed to use it urself.
quantitative analysis would be so amazing, like the day i found a dutch site which did this, and not only could u say u have a pure MDMA pill but u have one with 156mg of it in there, omg imagine that! (white snoopy it was)

27-03-2000, 03:13
I know someone who's doing his pHd in chemistry, but I would never want to put him in that position. The whole thing about my original idea was that it would be impossible for anyone to get busted.

27-03-2000, 06:26
biscuit - do you have an url for that dutch site?
there are two ways to go with this. the first one is to do it covertly, with all the associated risks, and this means everyone involved has to aware of what they are in for.
the second way is to try and lobby the government to condone it. this is a hell of a lot of work and it also means a bit of risk. the legal advice i got on this was the in the current climate of battles for heroin injecting rooms etc, it wouldn't be smart to stick your head above the water about a new drug decriminalisation issue.
but thats a lawyer talking...
if we could get even one state health department to condone pill testing it would be a major coup. the way it works in the american dancesafe.org community is that local and state health departments supply support and resources to local dancesafe groups...
thoughts peoples?
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28-03-2000, 05:44
no probs: http://www.eve-rave.ch/er-main.htm
Now the prob is its in either german or dutch language but it doesn't matter.
there is a link down the bottom: TESTS, click that.
then scroll down get choice of 1999 or 2000.
it really is the ultimate site wrt testing, pills have close up image, exact dimensions and all the chemicals contained in it with the mg of each drug found. u can't read a word but it says under Wirkstoff (chemical, drug ??)the constituents: MDMA, methamphetamine etc plus the amounts, thats really all u need. one thing i noticed is there seems to be a greater number of fakes this yr than last.
only prob it hasn't been updated since jan this year, so either they have stopped or just slow to update.
mona: i understand about putting people at risk, u don't want that but doing chem myself i know it wouldn't be that hard, i can run tests etc myself, and i'm just 3rd year. u would have to know how to read the results wrt to the drugs found and stuff, i understand gas-chromatography but don't know exactly how they use it to test for these things.

28-03-2000, 06:00
biscuit: yeah thanks, already new about eve... i was hoping it was a different site.
yeah i've been thnking about trying to find a german technical dictionary online so i can read it http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif seriously tho, i really would like to no just a few of the words, like "kein MDMA" is that a little MDMA or none?
as for gas spectro testing, your point about needing hard data for comparison is very true, everyone i have approached has said the same thing, that once you get the basic setup details as well as knowing what you are looking for its fairly easy to set up. its just the initial hard data we need...
i've been writing to dancesafe to try and get some details but i doubt they would really know, and their lab is a DEA approved place that i doubt would give stuff like that out...
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28-03-2000, 06:24
"kein mdma" means no mdma... if you want to know any other expressions post them here, my german is pretty good :-)

28-03-2000, 08:59
One tool I use a fair bit with small literal translation is called Babelfish (of HGTTG fame http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif).
It contains a few useful language pairs and can literally translate a phrase or website word for word. Sometimes the results are odd, but you can get a general gist of the subject from the translation usually.
"Ich liebe sehr große MDMA-Pillen." http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/biggrin.gif

11-11-2000, 02:50
I am sooooo interested in this.... was thinking about setting up a chromatogrophy lab in my basement.... i am studying Biotech at the moment and live in Goldcoast... probably one of the worst places for shit house unsafe pills.
I was wondering what the legal implications of this is.... as in can I contact a lab about it, or the police? Donn't largh... Goldcoast is awash with bunk pills and something has to be done.. If we're not carefull people will keep wigging out and possibly worse.
Why are the police already not doing this? I know there must plenty of you lurking.. why is this not a standard service.. I guess you'd see at least 90% of the pills on the market.... People will allways use some kind of drug, so letts move with the times.
Anyone with any info please conntact me by Email, and donn't call me a fool, just something need s to be done.....
Peaking possibly unsafely duck

11-11-2000, 03:07
hopefully TLC plates (http://www.bluelight.ru/cgi-bin/search.cgi?action=intro&default=14). will give us a better idea of the makeup of our pills. i will shortly be getting some and doing some testing in melbourne.
donations of pills, dodgy or otherwise, are needed. and yes i am serious. i'm not sure yet but i think we need slightly more than a scraping to do an accurate test.

11-11-2000, 10:34
I reckon you'd need at least a third of a pill to do a thorough(sp) test.

11-11-2000, 11:20
I'll do anything to get those god damn Gold CK's tested...i mean anything.
I heard about a lab in ryde? No go?

11-11-2000, 12:51
pope: thats what i guessed... i'm thinking off getting people to donate halves.
rashen: yeah, youand me both... got any left? http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

11-11-2000, 13:33
buscuit, i tried to access the site, but got a "url not found" page in dutch! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
"Die Seite wurde nicht gefunden
Die von Ihnen gesuchte Seite wurde eventuell gelöscht, der Name wurde geändert oder die Seite ist derzeit nicht verfügbar. "
"God damn mescaline...why can't they make it a little less pure?"

11-11-2000, 13:45
The date on Biscuit's post is 8 months ago!!
Do a search on a dutch search engine!

11-11-2000, 15:00
just go to http://www.eve-rave.ch/ andkeep clicking. it's fairly obvious.

11-11-2000, 19:32
yeah I meant to edit in that half a pill should be sent. Just in case of errors, dropped kits etc. But my pc died. I fixed it on a temp basis tho so here I am! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/biggrin.gif
Come to a first year lab class involving chromatography for a full description of the 401 things that can go wrong when perfoming chromatography. (but do as I always did in such labs, and watch your back! Else suffer the flying sulphuric acid witches wrath!)

12-11-2000, 04:01
heh. fark! i thought someone had grabbed my user name and was posting as me! i forgot about that thread...
anyway, to add. Yeah, half a pill isn't much to send, and alot of Bluelighters purchase their pills in groups, (as far as i know)so it wouldn't be much to donate a half between 2 or 3 people..

12-11-2000, 04:32
I'm pretty sure that I can get my hands on an original Gold CK...i'll happily donate a CK if you can set this shit up.

12-11-2000, 13:03
Ok skanks.. I am an honours/post grad student that was willing to test year long.. Was, I say as I had tried to get a testing regime working from about the start of my project in March/April. I emailed Johnboy at the start of my project outlining my 24hr access to a GC among other things at a uni in Syd….
.... well times goes on and i'm now at the end of my project and with that comes the end of my access.. damn shame that nothing was done sooner hey?
Adding to this info was that a 3rd year chem student was actually doing a project on amphetamines and testing the quality of stuff on the street. I had the chance to be testing speed and more importantly this doc was after some pills and speed to test. As I was busy with my own work it was hard to run around doing all the footwork, but I was sure people out there would help with gathering samples. I sent off an email to Johnboy again.. for advice as it is a touchy subject, telling him of this new situation, and got no feedback on it.
So that is the past and here is now… I can try to check out the situation and see if anything can be tested again. As the 3rd yr project students have finished that guy is not running his project so chances have it that the column has been changed, or for my knowledge could have been roasted by the end of his work meaning a new one would need to be bought. Columns cost a bit.. ranging in cost from I dunno about $400 upwards.
If testing is out of the question I’ll see if I can get the methodology of his work, it would be interesting to see what standards and what peaks mean what on the printout. I’m wrapping up my own work, so it will be hard to have a sit down with him for the next few weeks, with exams approaching for other students it’s not so good either.
As soon as all that is out of the way I’ll be onto it. Maybe with holidays we could be lucky with certain people turning their backs… As for how much of a pill you would need to test, it’s not as much as a half.. mere shavings are pretty much all that you need.
Maybe we should just rock up to the next government auction at CSIRO and throw in a bid for our own GC… hehehehe. I have a big garage…
Religious?? Then you have reason to be paranoid. God is watching you!!

12-11-2000, 13:14
waddaya mean no feedback? didnt you get my emails?

12-11-2000, 13:18
ok.. i should ammend it. There was feedback, but minimal considering the opportunities that were available

13-11-2000, 01:59
....are you at latrobe, cosmic seadog?? i know they do shitloads of amphetamine testing there.......i even emailed the doc in charge (about 6 months ago) and gave him the BL site address and asked him to clarify a few questions..........sadly he never replied and i didn't want to pursue of obvious reasons! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
...sorry, i just checked your details, you are in sydney. sorry for not checking earlier *whistles embarrassedly*.....(is there such word?)
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13-11-2000, 02:41
Hi guys.
I'm willing to offer my services as a biochemist to testing these pills.
All I need is shavings of pills like how you test them with ez-test.
Also, the money required to buy reagents to do the testing is the hard part. This will cost about $50-$100, and take 2 days.
Give us a shout if you like the sounds of this.

13-11-2000, 04:36
WOAH!!! A new development!! I'd like to hear more about the Webster.. what reagents are you talking about? As a biochemist it's not everyday that you use GC's... so what sort of work are you gonna be doing excatly?

16-11-2000, 01:36

16-11-2000, 04:45
Webster check your hotmail account.

17-11-2000, 06:47
And I think we should ALL be extremely careful.
No offense Webster, but you're a Greenlighter, no-one here (i think no-one) can vouch for your genuinity .. when I first proposed this project, I was talking about sending pills to a LEGAL institution, not some guy who posts on a bulletin board.
Sorry, but its the plain truth.

17-11-2000, 11:44
Howdoo http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Dont know the law well enough here, but I do know what happened in the uk, and many laws there and in the u.s regarding drugs are akin to many places,including here.
Outside a regular dance party in London, there were some people testing pills for anyone who went to them, FREE. Anyway, the cops told them to bugger off or be charged.
They were not breaking the law by testing.The problem was that by returning the pill to the person requesting the test, they were considered as "trafficking" and "distributing". Also, on receiving the 'pills', if they didnt notify the authorities (just who th fuck do they think they have authority over anyway???) and hand over the 'pills', they would be classed as "in possession! So either wayu they were fkd.
The lads had to dissapear.
So be careful on this one.
The only flawless test, but riddled with variables, is to test it on yourself.
So Happy testing http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

17-11-2000, 13:13
There's gotta be a loophole there. Like only receiving scapings/mushed up halves and not being told what the powder is at all so you have no knowledge. And not returning them sorts the distributing thing.

17-11-2000, 23:30
We're not talking about testing pills with reagent kits at parties here. We're talking about anonymously sending pills to a professional organisation so that gas chromowhatever testing can be done. We don't need the pills back, and we remain anonymous throughout the whole procedure, thats originally what this plead for pills was..
If the pill gets "lost" in the mail.. then so be it - thats the risk we run for knowing exactly what's inside our pills.

19-11-2000, 02:57
http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif I know where you are coming from Mona, (its hard to convey exactly what is meant via the written word sometimes), but I was just pointing out possible liabilities. The ppl at test labs, unless they are doing it as an extra carricular activity!, would be in this "recieving illicit substances" group, and therefore may have to inform the authorities as such.
Where I work, we have a gas analysis spectrometer,(unfortunately it relies on sample-conductivity as it is an 'arc strike' unit), and all results pass via the systems pc and all results are relayed via network to the central PA & QC, so there would be a few questions!!! (These things do cost to run tests.The arc strike unit is the cheapest and easiest as it requires very little sample preparatoin and calibration.)
Im just trying to be helpful http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

19-11-2000, 05:41
I would assume that Dancesafe have worked out the kinks regarding the procedure of pill testing. They've tested hundreds of local (read american) pills and I haven't heard of them being busted for trafficking yet.

21-11-2000, 00:17
Hi guys, sorry I haven't been able to reply lately, but I been mega busy with the usual weekend activities.
Anyway, I can appreciate your cynicism (sp?) about my offer, and that's cool.
I have worked out how to test the pills, and it's pretty straight forward. Yes, it is true, as a biochemist I don't use GC very often, so that is out of the question.
However, I could run the samples on another machine called a HPLC which would seperate all ingredients in the pill and count how much is there (in layman's terms).
Another way I could do it, is to use an ez-test to test the pill, and then run it on a TLC plate and seperate out the fractions and measure them on a densitometer.
It's all fairly easy, and cheap. Basically the only other thing needed is an ez-test.
But, if you guys don't wanna take the chance because I'm a greenlighter, that's cool.
Mail me again too, cos I deleted all my hotmail stuff without reading it (doh!)
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21-11-2000, 04:00
check ya email again http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

23-11-2000, 10:42
bumpity bump