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29-07-2004, 22:25
Today I decided to experiment with using DXM. After hearing the sheer number of people who dislike DXM, I assumed that I would probably be not too keen on it, although I didn't want to deny myself the chance of experiencing this drug at least once, just in case I was one of a small minority. I discovered that I my suspicions were completely wrong, as it actually proved to be an extremely pleasureable experience! I stupidly disregarded the importance of set and setting (which I regret), although this didn't seem to be much of problem as it turned out. My frame of mind was acceptable at the time (as I wasn't depressed or anxious at all), but my location wasn't exactly ideal.

I downed a few bottles of cough syrup on an empty stomach, in the middle of my local town (when out shopping for naughty things). The place was jam-packed full of people, as there was an airplane festival taking place at the time. I was being so complacent about the whole thing, that I completely forgot what I was doing about ten minutes later, meaning that I probably wasn't prepared well enough. Within twenty minutes of ingesting the syrup, I started to feel the initial effects while riding my bike. To my surprise, I seemed to be 'floating' along the road effortlessly. It was as if someone was pushing my bicycle along the road so that I didn't have to do any of the hard work pedalling. I know cycling, driving or operating any sort of machinery while under the influence of any recreational drug is irresponsible and slightly foolish (I wouldn't have done this if my judgement hadn't been affected so severely), but it sure was good damn fun! I decided to listen to some music on my MP3 player while cycling along in the sunshine, and I have to admit that this was an extremely emotional, uplifting experience. I could almost feel the music in the form of waves of euphoria. All the lyrics and the melody seemed incredibly poignant and profound. Strangely enough, my thinking didn't seem to be all that impared. My coordination was normal (my cycling seemed to be good) and I managed to act sober in front of my parents when I got home (although the did say I looked strung-out). The morphing objects and the brilliance of the colour actually seemed quite humorous at the time in front of my parents for some reason. I had hysterical fits of laughter, which probably made my parents a little concerned, judging by the looks on their faces at the time =D.

All in all, I think that I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoyed DXM. I was only expecting a drunken, bad trip. I'll definitely be using DXM in the near future, although I don't know how soon and whether I can enhance the experience by listening to particularly pleasant music and perhaps tripping in forest (as I did when using Morning Glory Seeds). Next time I think I might try combining cannabis with the DXM, while sticking to a relatively low dose. I think there's the possibility of causing subtle changes in the brain, so I do need to be careful.

29-07-2004, 23:06
I really liked DXM too, and did it for a long time. I never understood why people didnt like it(aside from drinking the nasty shit.) I was never lucky enough to get much visual effect though, even at a massive dose. Still goes down as a great dissasociative on my book, I have had many a great time with DXM.

29-07-2004, 23:35
DXM is a very wierd drug indeed! Did you experience any ESP or supernatural stuff on it? I had ESP on it before, was quite interesting. It's also mildly addictive.

I can see why people do not enjoy it thought, Wierd how on 500mg you seemed to be normal. I was on 600mg and I could not believe how high I was. DXM and Cannabis is an AWESOME combo. Glad you liked it.

oh yeh and don't look in the mirror!

30-07-2004, 00:22
The best elements of a DXM experience are the out of body experiences and dissociated, opiate-like contentedness.

On only 300mg to 500mg of DXM I have:

- Been transported into the middle of a crowd at a Phish show
- Become a flaming chariot racing around the Sun
- Become a stone in the road in ancient Rome
- Had a three mild high electric Jesus walk over me
- Flown through the various layered horizontal grids which comprise DXM space ;)
- Drifted over the Great Plains
- Been transported to a sunny tropical beach
- Watched the room I was in melt and dissolve into nothing
- Merged (became one) with the side of the house 30 feet from me

Do I think DXM is the best trip there is? Hell no.

But holy damn I've had some wild and unimaginable experiences on this drug!

So, next time, smoke some pot, play some Bob Marley (the best music for DXM if you ask me), close your eyes, and see where the music takes you :)

30-07-2004, 03:33
Oh yeah, subdefy reminded me of something(two things actually.) 1 -Your lucky you parents didnt notice, at that dose your pupils must have been pretty dilated.

2- I got some wierd ESP stuff like you subdefy- me and my friend randomly were having a war pushing our heads together like goats(or rams without the running, and no- I dont remember why) and we noticed we had a connection - we kept moving the same direction, same limbs and all(if he'd move his left arm I would too, at the same time.) It was wierd and cool at the same time.

...and bluedolphin you have had some incredible DXM experiences!

30-07-2004, 04:39
Glad you liked it! :)

Next time a little higher I think, if you didn't have much to say about 500 mg then I would aim for about 650-700 mg.. And definitely smoke cannabis with it! Can't believe you left it out. :)

30-07-2004, 05:07
When I'm that high I forget to smoke :(

30-07-2004, 06:13
Wooo weee!! Sounds golden! 3 cheers for Dex!

Piper methysticum
30-07-2004, 07:30
Bluedolphin, sounds like you had some fun DXM trips. I too have had them, but I've received everything I possibly can from that drug. Taking it any more would be pointless for me. I used to love jamming Trance Control, Hallucinogen, and Infected Mushroom on DXM.. Also Plateau Sigma's "Simga Effect." I have had some very strange hallucinations from DXM, but they are quite hard to describe. I like actually trying to go to sleep on it because there are more "conscious" dreams. The things I've seen with it are always robotic-like in nature.. The Matrix and Tool's music videos remind me most of my DXM visions. I have taken up to 1.2g of DXM, though my favorite dose was around 350mgs. The euphoria at that dose is amazing and more powerful than MDMA euphoria. As far as herb and DXM, I wouldn't suggest it for anyone. I took three hits of high grade Cannabis during the peak of a 350mg DXM trip, and I felt like I was on 6 hits of super strong, LSD gone into some robotic insanity. I could not integrate the trip at all. It felt like it pushed me to the 3rd plateau (I was only on the 2nd), and it felt like I was on a much stronger psychedelic than Cannabis. I was seeing full blown, traditional psychedelic OEV's, but they kept changing into some robotic nightmare dream scenario. It was really cool, but way too confusing for me to way to do ever again.

30-07-2004, 11:48
When I settled down in the forest (again), I seemed to be perfectly in tune with my natural surroundings. What really surprised me is the euphoria and detachment. It was as if I was in control of myself, but was still a spectator just watching. I think I might try some herb before I start experimenting with higher dosages. There's little evidence of NAN (Olney's lesions), but a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that some changes my take place in heavy/frequent users.

I think I might try using low dosages (e.g. 400mg) in a social situation. It's like a cross between cannabis, alcohol and GHB at this dose.

30-07-2004, 14:18
I'm seriously tempted to try this again tonight with some marijuana (I just bought some). I have to say, I loveDXM (at moderate doses at least).

Piper methysticum
30-07-2004, 17:42
At 4th plateau doses, life and death are far beyond reasoning. Everything before you becomes a hallucination that cannot even come with fear because you are unaware of who or where you are. Trip sitters are necessary.

02-08-2004, 10:52
Glad u liked it BBB, though u seemed to have had relatively mild experience for the dose. My usual is a bottle of robo max str, ie 600mg, and i have no doubt at all that my old lady would be onto me like flies on shit within 3 seconds if she saw me. The ol robo walk is a bit of a give-away ;) u'd think after walking for 19 years u'd remember how to wouldnt u. I would urge caution when combining with weed as the first time i tried dxm, at 600mg, i got impatient, had a couple of cones, and was in for 3-4 hours of some of the craziest headfuck in my life. Other than that, go for it bro! Dxm can be mad fun!

02-08-2004, 14:01
I just loved the ' ed up' feeling. No matter what you do you look like a retard, even if your thinking or perception isn't all that altered. I was falling over everything in front of my parents, laughing at their melting faces. Although they're pretty angry with me, it was one hell of a time. I really should learn not to use hallucinogenic drugs in front of my parents though.

02-08-2004, 14:02
I just told them I had too much beer with my friends.

02-08-2004, 18:01
Originally posted by Bad_Boy_Blue
I really should learn not to use hallucinogenic drugs in front of my parents though.

You think? :p