View Full Version : yin yangs/ green golds anyone (sydney)

28-11-1999, 03:39
Well they are supposed to be pretty good. As I am new to this shit again (two month spell), I really want some good shit so any low down on any of these would be much appreciated.

28-11-1999, 05:43
i'm guessing these are the same as the green/yellow splits mentioned below by gold staff... so far no reports but hopefully we'll be the first to know...

Dr Spong
28-11-1999, 09:01
I assume these green/golds are the domed pills with split. Mostly green with yellow speckles?? I had the very same in Canberra last night - very weak. MD?? and speed maybe. Pretty bad really.

28-11-1999, 12:24
A friend of mine had green/gold capsules. Said they were really trippy, sit u on your arse stuff - but then he likes that kind of stuff. So then I got 20 G&G pills (mostly green with yellow specks) and swapped him for 20 CU's (think I got the better deal). He took 8 in one day and said he was as wiped out as he has ever been.
I much prefer a clean dancier pill myself. My "guy" keeps trying to offload them and I won't touch em.

Dr Spong
28-11-1999, 22:16
Hey Smurf, are you in Canberra? I got those Green & Gold capsules as well. Definitely sit you on yer arse as you say. Lasted maybe 3 hours then nothing. You got a good deal swapping those Green/Yellow splits though, I don't rate them at all.

29-11-1999, 08:05
Hi mate, no I'm up in Sunny Sydney.
Green&Golds - still haven't tried em, though a mate wants one for his BBQ, so I'll grab a couple. [throw a G&G on the barbie.....]
Anyway, I'm on the phone to the DD to get some Euros for a wedding....
Do I sound daft right about now?

29-11-1999, 23:45
I had a green and gold on the weekend but it was to dregy, so i munched 1 and 1/2 white mitzys and got back up . can anyone tell me when the ying yangs are coming back i like those little fuckers