View Full Version : Green Euro's.Melbourne.Anybody!

Its Chaos
28-11-1999, 02:46
How-Do bluelighters.Hope you all had a good weekend,or still are http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Well went out last weekend and had a bomb of a time.Some of-ya probable read my post about last weekend.Ended up scoring a green euro.Has anybody else had one in the last week.Cant find my friend,to get anymore.
Oh man I love them http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gifJust hoping that there still out ther,because I shell track them down.Walked into B/S last week,and in 15min i tracked down 5 different eggs.So if euros are out ther,I will find.Just need someone else to say that they have heard or seen the same,and I'll be on my way!
Oh yeah,green euros,the same one from not long ago.
Thanks inadvance http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
pEacE LovE aNd HappinEss

28-11-1999, 05:41
B.S.? whats that?

Its Chaos
29-11-1999, 01:11
johnboy.B/S is Bass Station.You must now it!
Kryle Castel,are you going.Been to everyone,and man if you have been you no it ROCKS!
pEacE LovE aNd HappinEss http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

29-11-1999, 06:48
Hey ChaoS!
Well my friend, Green Euro's are the fucking shit! I've got one saved for KRYAL, but i've saved it from War Of The Worlds 2, so yeah, wonder if this is a new batch or simply someone has saved a bundle and is now getting rid of them. To sum it up, if you get your hands on them, *BUY THEM* (oh, and hihihi, save me 1) :P
Well Chaos, all i gotta say is that they are the bomb pills! See Ya at the CASTLE!