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27-11-1999, 08:10
Yellowy/cream colour, speckled.
Olympic rings print.
Dancy, lasted fairly long, smooth comedown, certainly not smacky, in fact my thoughts were the most coherent they've ever been on a pill!
NO hassles, reliable pill.

27-11-1999, 08:23
i'd have to agree, good pill... do you reckon they are local?

27-11-1999, 09:27
Excellent I'll have 5
My address is ...............
hehehe http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

27-11-1999, 09:30
I can Concur, wicked pills lasted quite long, but I didnt like the comedown.

27-11-1999, 14:25
well i admit i smoothed my comedown out with loadsa 5-htp...
and i must also admit that it was one of those e's where my dick wouldn't work properly *g*

27-11-1999, 23:11
well i had a olympic last night! it went off!
im still peakin but in a relaxed chilled out sort of way, it lasted quite a while, id have to say that i will deffinately consider
them as new years 2000 material!

28-11-1999, 08:57
yeah, I guess my comedown depends so much on what I have to do the next day, who I spend it with, and whether I have to see/speak to my parents (PARANOIA!)
My mouth hurts. LOL

28-11-1999, 12:27
Gin-sipper - chew some gum and stop biting your lips - hehe
johnboy - where can we get 5-htp from in sydney (I need to wipe out these Tuesday blues)

28-11-1999, 13:18
gonna have to say what i always say... go direct, buy it on the net from some american company like i-herb
seriously its the only way to go. i'm pretty sure its illegal to sell it retail here in aus, only because it hasn't been classed as a substance here, but it's ok to get "personal supplies" from o.s.
think i might have to start an aussie faq for this question as well as the "where can i get a testing kit from?"...

29-11-1999, 00:10
i've been asking a few sydney chemists about 5-htp.....it seems that it is no longer a restricted substance. So i guess it's legal to be in possession of it.
local manafacturers haven't started selling it again tho http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
but thats not a problem for me...a friend from the US is bringing a batch over on the plane

30-11-1999, 09:39
Yeah my problem with buying over the net is I DON'T GOT NO CREDIT CARD!!! And I can't use my parents' for obvious reasons - they're suspicious enough as it is...
I guess I'm screwed!

30-11-1999, 10:44
I'll be gettin a big order of it in a few weeks GS i'll hook you up with some.

30-11-1999, 11:27
Two messages up :
If you want an E-Z Test but you do not have a credit card, you can also send plain cash.
Just wrap it in some carbon paper, send larger amounts by registered mail.
aj www.ez-test.com (http://www.ez-test.com)

14-02-2000, 03:18
All i can find about Olympis is of the white or gold variety.. i've got a line on Blue one's... any info on them???
Boikah said there were light blue and dark blue ones.. any help or reports would be super great!!!
ASAP as well would help as i need to move on them before Happy Valley

15-02-2000, 04:42
cosmic ...
double stacked white olympics were going around canberra a couple of weeks ago - did an ez test on them - came out as speed