View Full Version : martians/saints & windwills in Perth

26-11-1999, 16:10
are there any martians/saints or windmills left in Perth?
I'm beginning to wonder if they really exist, they're so damn elusive...everytime I get close to them, they disappear like a mirage! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
I think i need to get higher up the food chain http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

26-11-1999, 17:56
hey well i'm getting my hands on some martians or supermans tommorrow for reunion

27-11-1999, 03:26
Unfortunately thats the shit thing about Perth at the moment. Especially of late, good pills have been coming out, but generally only in small numbers. There has been more different types of pills out in the last 2 months than I can remember for a long,long time.
Also the cops have been making a few busts this year so the big players are more cautious of bringing in in bulk.

28-11-1999, 17:11
I had a orange windmill on Friday night and i didn't even think it was that good, too short and not the full on. Helped it along with a green martian (much better) and a pink nike (from a few months ago, also much much better)and some pure as the driven snow meth, mmmm mmmm, really white and really nice come down. I believe it to be manufactured on a very small scale, won't be any left uncut.
So I dunno about the windmills, admittedly I was hung over and not enjoying the atmosphere of my surroundings for the first hour but it still should have been better.

28-11-1999, 17:25
yeah there are a few martians around still, but i'm not sure if anyone but me has them in quantities larger then a personal stash, and i doubt that you'll meet me this week. Only new pills i saw this week were some really dodgy looking brown, crumbly, unscored pills that were meant to be less than average orally but good nasally, ??????? Don't ask, that's just what i got told by a very experinced user.
I'm not bothering looking out for good pills anymore this year i've got enough to last me until i'm buying them for around 7 pounds.