View Full Version : Any CU's or CK's make it up to Brisbane??

24-11-1999, 13:16
Just wondering if any of the illustruous CU's or Green CK's, that the Melbournites have been mentioning, ever made it up to Brisbane??
If not, what is around at the moment, and what is worth getting hold of for Advent'jah. Can't wait - anyone else going??

24-11-1999, 22:31
I'm wishing I could find some .. and I'm in Melbourne ! :~(
Just sooking http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

29-11-1999, 05:45
Had the pleasure of a CK through a friend in Sydney, but no luck in finding them in Brisbane. I've seen two different kinds of caps which are OK. There's also a "new" batch of green mitsubishis around which (according to a friend) are nice and clean again.
Almost worth a drive to Sydney huh?

29-11-1999, 13:08
I have only heard of a few versions of the caps and miami dolphins. PLayboys apparently and the boulevards were around a few weeks back.
Let's a get a brisbane list going
plur jaggy

30-11-1999, 02:01
Yeah i haven't seen any up here! tho i would love to get my hands on a few
Hey jag...are you from #rave? on ozorg...this is snotface!