View Full Version : Some QLD/NSW Pills

21-11-1999, 23:35
Here'e some postings for your info (some new, some old)
Green Euros - 2 different batches tested as MDEA NOT MDMA. Fairly strong but not as clear headed as the real thing
Green 69's - tested as speed only
Green Mitsubishis - tested as MDMA, but not very strong, need 1.5 for a good time
Purple Radars - tested as MDA - very stoney, somewhat trippy, didn't want to dance. Really bad come down (seeing slight visuals for days, really fucked up).
Caps - small caps, about the same length as a normal cap, but half the width. Clear, hard cap. Filled with yellowish powder. Tested as MDMA. Nice and strong.
Caps - large cap (about same size as panandol). Clear, hard cap like the smaller ones above. Filled with yellowish powder. Tested as MDEA. Had 2/3 of one and didn't quite get there. Probably need about 1.5.

29-11-1999, 13:04
Hey Brisgirl going to Adventjah!?!?!?!??!

02-12-1999, 01:18
Unfortunately, no.
Self imposed exile. Need to get my mind and body back in working order before the New Year's binge. All my friends will be there though....
Have fun if you're going.