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19-11-1999, 14:09
if we are going to be in the "rest of the world" forum i wanna see some reports from exotic and far flung raver-bunnies!!
like is there a big scene in afghanistan? or maybe the cocos keeling islands?
the wierder the better i say...

22-11-1999, 02:56
This is second hand, but ages ago there was this guy from Israel who used to post very teary massages about his pill-acquiring activities in the holy land. Man, it sounded like shit!
Apparently he'd have to go to this dodgy, dodgy area where he'd go to this house, sometimes be let in, sometimes not. Then there'd be guys with machine guns and ski masks and stuff, and he'd be sold a few dubious-looking pills for like, AUS$100 each or something ridiculous like that.
The pills where always shit, he often had guns pointed in his face, and the whole lark sounded like too much trouble to even think about. He'd always write wistful replies to our unthinking "Hey! Just scored me 20 Euros"-type posts, lamenting the fact that he lived in such an E-unfriendly country.
Hope that's a bit of exotica to spice up your day - now I think we should all count our blessings http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

22-11-1999, 03:05
cute story... whats wierd though is that i've heard a lot of the e that comes thru melbourne has a lot to do with people from the holy land...
do you remember the story last year of the guy wwho got busted coming into tullamarine airport with 60,000 tablets taped to his body? well he was of the israeli persuasion....
oh and the multiple posts, whats with that? might have to use my new moderator powers to delete them... i can do that cant i?
(just did it... gotta keep a neat and tidy forum *g*)
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22-11-1999, 05:12
Hi Johnboy,
I remember reading an article from a Link I found about on the New Old Bluelight Site that reported how this Drug cartel in Amsterdam was using Jewish students to Smuggle the pills into Miami and Newyork . The cartel even though based in Amsterdam had a very Israeli influence with ex-compatriots running the show

24-11-1999, 13:21
Hmmm, maybe I have the wrong country. Still, I assure you, it was somewhere very very very exotic http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I'm yet to delete or edit anything either - it looks very complicated. Maybe I should head over to my forum and see if I can't kick some multiple posting arse over there! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

28-02-2000, 01:18
Indulged in some fat mitsibishis while in costarica last year. Spent the most insane night of my life perched on the edge of a lava spewing volcano tripping with an amigo, discmans and goood tunes. E + nature is indeed the shit..