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18-11-1999, 14:28
posted on the old pill reports forum so i'll post again...
basically...a very dancy pill, lots of energy, very pumped up. Really enjoyed my night out on FBI and the residual touchy-feelies after effects stayed around until it was time to pass out http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
but for some reason, makes your mouth feel very dehydrated even if you arent dehydrated.
could some pills upset the balance of electrolytes in the body more than others?
i really enjoyed it...has anyone else had the pleasure of an FBI?
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Dr Spong
18-11-1999, 21:54
Yeah, heaps of FBIs have been going about in Canberra for the last few weeks. Very strong and quite trippy by all accounts. A friend of mine who double dropped the FBIs ended up crawling around the club on his hands and knees hallucinating like mad and having a very strange time. Don't know what is in those pills but definitely something alongside the obvious MD??.

19-11-1999, 00:31
Yep me and my friends got onto a fair few last night, and every single one of us hallucinated....
I felt really heavy and lathargic, not dancey at all, i just sat and couldn't stop talking. I had to drive home and started seeing weird shit.
I dont know whether i liked them or not...the hallucinating wasn't so good..but they gave me a pretty big rush and lasted a long time.

24-11-1999, 08:39
Me and my buddy phets tried these pills and absolutely LOVE them. The peak is so full on and you are just sooo off your face (but in a GREAT way). We danced, talked, played pool, met new people. They were a great all round pill, but very strong. We had one of the best nights ever on these pills. I'll definately get more. I have hear a few people wigg out on them - I only start off with half a pill cause they are soooo full on.
Anyone in Canberra - please say hi!
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