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18-11-1999, 13:48
Anyone know if there are any good beans in the Philippines? I'll be going out there in December from the US and am wondering if I'd be able to score some beans out there? Or should I just bring my own? Thanks in advance.
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19-11-1999, 05:13
dude, you might want to bring some of your own pills if you can...I'm visiting Japan right now and wish I brought some of my own cuz I found out it cost about 2-3 times more here than back in the states! Of course Japan is known for being expensive, but still I would think most asian countries are like that since E is not very popular I don't think

19-11-1999, 05:17
To rolls in Asia , best advise - bring your own pillz or else will spoil your mood. Even Asian travel anywhere , we brought our own pillz. Beware of fake pillz might cause you sleepless and tire.

19-11-1999, 19:12
OK, thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. I guess it looks like I'll be bringin my own then. Oh well, just hope I don't get caught in customs! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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21-11-1999, 11:24
heh, are there raves in the philippines? i haven't been there in a couple of years and i'm wondering if raves are catching on there now or something... actually are raves catching on in asia in general?

21-11-1999, 13:13
i hope you guys realise that there are some incredibly harsh penalties for possesion of incredibly pissy amounts of drugs in some asian countries....i might check that out b4 becoming a DIY smuggler http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

22-11-1999, 03:22
yes be very careful in this end of the world. the phillipines is not known for their fair treatment of drug smugglers. as far as i can tell it is not as bad as malaysia or singapore (who both have the death penalty for e now, or maybe its just malaysia) but they are still going to make yuour life hell.
if you do unfortunately get caught in possession of a small amount of e do what you should do in any "developing nation": look out for signs that the officials hassling you are prepared to be bribed.
otherwise leave your pills at home and just get into the fabulous amounts of crystal meth thats around and save your rolling for another time...

22-11-1999, 22:41
heh, it's cool... i can get pretty much whatever except firearms into the philippines since we know immigration and customs. is e pretty common in the philippines yet or no?

24-11-1999, 07:58
One of the defenses given for the use of the death penalty for drug possession in Singapore is that "drug use is dangerous and may cause death". Oh the irony.

24-11-1999, 20:50
well, thanks again to everyone who contributed to this post.....but just to update you guys, I decided not to try and bring any with me on my trip. Actually, I instead decided that I'll just take that time off from illegal substances to give my body a well-needed rest http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif I need to start training anyway for some stickfighting tournaments I have in January and february, so it would probably be a good idea to take a break from it and just concentrate on my training......but then again...I'd imagine that a whole night of non-stop, drug/music induced dancing is probably the best form of Cardiovascular training around! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
Also, on the topic of gettin caught in the Philippines with drugs......I'd imagine that it probably wouldn't be that hard to bribe the police to let you go anyway. I mean, it sounds fucked up, but I know that a lot of police in the Philippines are corrupt. I even heard this from friends who used to be officers out there...."If you're not a corrupt cop, you're a DEAD cop." My uncles even told me that it's common to see police pull people over for traffic violations around the afternoon because they're expecting to get bribed, and want to use that money to buy lunch for themselves.
I've also got a cousin out there that told me that he was driving once, and got pulled over for speeding. When the policeman asked for his drivers license, he instead handed him 500 pesos(folded up) and the policeman immediately let him go on his way. Crazy stuff....anyway, just some food for though.
Again, thanks to all for the replies.
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30-11-1999, 18:29
PotatoBBQ - to answer your questions, yEs yEs yEs yEs yEs . . . . beans are definitely big in Manila right now. Grew up there, for the most part, and a lot of my friends from back home are rolling like crazy. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
And yes, the Philippines is known for being corrupt, but they are pretty strict with the drug smuggling . . personally wouldn't want to be the one they use to set an example, ya know.
Well, just my opinion . . . . happy rollin and stay safe people !
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03-12-1999, 04:33
yeah, there are pills over there... but could set u back some if u dont know the right ppl. my bro lives there, and he can get his hands on some, but its the usual US 20-30 bucks. im thinking of bringing my own when i go visit this xmas. customs arent too strict there, jsut dont look like a junkie and ull be fine.
abt raves, there will be a big one there for the millenium, thats what i heard.
stay safe, ppl!

06-12-1999, 12:44
xtc is big now in manila...trust me...you could get your hands on them here...thats if you know the right people...as far as i know, the best available here is Y2K...I've also heard of a New York...Enjoy the P.I!!!
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14-12-1999, 03:46
For u guys who think that rave in the phil sucks.Com'on!Rave in the US SUCKS a lot than the phil.The phil. nyt life n manila is more influenced by the nyt life in UK.Clubs here
doesn't play HIP HOP muzic.Paul van dyk and gatecrasher play in my country.I'm also a member of NBK-natural born klubbers-we have all the list of all the good clubs in the world.I've been to Ibiza-U can compare the phil. but not the US.

10-11-2000, 04:58
this is a little old.. but it's definitely the death penalty in BOTH Singapore and Malaysia for drug traficking.. any freakin form of it..even for weed..
so be careful..