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13-06-2004, 14:47
A friend and i were talking the other day, and we wreckon that if you were ever to build a house, you should dig a massive hole first and put like a big shipping container in it, cover it over and build on top... obvioulsy you would have to have some kind of trap door that couldnt be found even if your house was ripped up by cops... a wicked place for a crop!!! =D

But what I actually started this thread for was to get some suggestions of good places to hide pills, speed etc. At the moment i am having a break from partying, but when theres whats said to be some good pills going around i'll buy a couple and stock up.
I live with parentals who occassionally enter my room to look for ''things that have gone missing" :X and so it's vital that i have somewhere that they wont be found, or fall out of or something...

At the moment i have a container half full of perscribed anibiotics that i had ages ago... i've put the pills in with these and back in my bedside table... BUT i wnat to keeps my hiding places like my passwords... constantly changing so they dont get cracked... anybody else got some other good ideas???

13-06-2004, 15:31
i put mine in empty film containers, (round black cylinders), which live underneath the insulation in the attic only accessible from my room. i'll be buggered if they get found there.

13-06-2004, 15:33
i used to have a hair brush and the part that held the bristles there wasn't glued on to the part you hold

left a nice little space so i could take my pot to school with me

as if they are going to look in your hairbrush

13-06-2004, 15:45
If you have speakers where you can remove the outer covering that covers the actual speakers (cloth part). Usually there is a big enough area to hide your drugs between that cover and the actual speakers. I hope this makes sense as it is hard to explain.

13-06-2004, 16:06
heaps of people put thir shit in their computers cos their folks wouldnt dare looking in their. i wack mine in my first aid kit, it dont matter if its not real secure cos i dont live my olds

13-06-2004, 21:53
OK, here's what you do.

1) Get some sort of box or tin which has a lid and can't be seen into (ie: not clear plastic or glass or something).
2) Get about a tablespoon of corn flower from the kitchen.
3) Mix the corn flower in a cup with a small amount of water.
4) Splatter the outside of the box or tin with the resulting sticky goo.
5) Put the box on your desk, and sit a bottle of hand lotion and a packet of tissues on top.
6) No matter how curious your parents might be, that box is now the most secure place in the entire building. :)

14-06-2004, 02:32
leave them in baggy...sticky tap to wall...put poster over wall.

14-06-2004, 04:15
I knew someone that got busted, and they thought the cops wouldnt find stuff which they thought was fool proof!
Though the latest "fashion" here is sticking point bags / quarter grams in the end of BIC lighters (under the oval white plastic bit)..

14-06-2004, 05:45
Considering that this site is monitored, I would suggest that illegal drugs are not stored anywhere.

The best advice that I can recommend to "All_Drugged_Up" is to hand anything slightly "illegal" to the police. Then, I'm sure, you could be doing the right thing!

14-06-2004, 05:53
floozy_from_da_mall: I used to hid my gear in the speakers. Trouble is when your fucked you dont always push it closed properly and my olds found all this stuff on the floor. Needless to say I had some explaining to do......

14-06-2004, 06:42
^^ ive hidden stuff in my speakers as well.. ideal place unless the cover falls off which i started to worry bout.. so i changed my hiding places.. i hide my stash in my VCR now.. its mine so nobody else uses it and i dont think anyone would think of checking there for drugs.

my innerself
14-06-2004, 07:19
I found the best place to stash my stuff when I lived with my folks was in the ceiling in the toilet. There used to be a ceiling exhaust fan. I'd just lock the door, jump up on the dunny and remove the fan cover, make sure the fan isn't on (obviuosly), there is plenty of space up there to hide shit, just make sure you dont put your stuff to close to the fan. Hiding stuff in your room is way to obvious, and the good thing is you can easily get access to your stuff whenever you like because you can lock the door and knowone is going to question you about going to the toilet.

my innerself
14-06-2004, 07:23
oh yeah, the VCR and speakers are the first place I would look for drugs, why dont you just tell him to hide it underneath his matress ;)

Pseudo G
14-06-2004, 11:00
Put your stash in a post pack and send it to yourself, keep doing this over and over again.

14-06-2004, 12:52
The best part is finding somewhere to stash crap, then finding stuff that youve completely forgotten about! hehe

14-06-2004, 14:54
Crush what ever you have into a fine power, then inhale it into ur nose using a small tube, nobody every gonna find it there unless the disect you and do tests to find if you keep stuff there. 8(

Some of my faves are...
a. The gap between your bottom drawer and the floor in ur chest of drawers.

b. taped to the inside of airconditioning ducts

c. Some bags have bottoms which you can lift out, strap shit under there. Not recommened for things that you can label 'fragile'

14-06-2004, 15:15
with the sending to yourself stuff.. I would recommentd not using express post... i have heard they scan the packages for drugs weapons etc... so you wouldnt want to have your name on it.. highly busted!!! and wouldt people you live with get suss from you getting packages EVERY day?

14-06-2004, 18:01
Originally posted by Derf
a. The gap between your bottom drawer and the floor in ur chest of drawers.That's the first place everyone looks. Including parents.

miss slingshot
14-06-2004, 18:56
Living with my junkie brother taught me lots of things, one of them being really good hiding places for drugs/ cash or other things of importance.

Inside an old 'self made' tape - simply unscrew the tape, remove most of the ribbon (but leave a small amount visible so it still looks like a normal tape from the outside), insert chosen item, screw back together, put in tape case and throw in back of draw. Obviously the tape has to be opaque.

Inside texta's - unscrew texta, cut out the majority of the texta 'ink' foam bit. Make sure you only use dead textas, preferably very embarrassingly branded ones. Textas really are the perfect diameter...... ;)

Underneath the inner soles of an old pair of runners, the smellier the better.

Inside an old photography paper box. Most parents of photography studying children know that to open a photo paper box is to risk immediate death (and a hefty bill to replace the paper). A couple of casual "X's little sister has offered to buy my old photography paper, it hasn't been opened since X so it should still be good", works wonders in reminding parents if you haven't studied recently.

I second the inside electrical equipment idea, great for hiding stuff from the parents, not so great when your stereo is stolen/ pawned along with your stash 8(

14-06-2004, 21:46
Originally posted by person
The best part is finding somewhere to stash crap, then finding stuff that youve completely forgotten about! hehe

LOL yeah that has happened a few times !

Inside any electrical appliance is good. But it all depends on whom you are hiding it from. Underground out back is subtle enough for FEDS, but speakers and vcr's is good enough for flatmates/parents.

15-06-2004, 08:48
best place to put it is inside ur ps2... u know where the hard disk bay is. That or stashing shit between 400+ page law text books - my friends arn't gonna look there.

15-06-2004, 08:50
BTW make sure its not weed ur stashing in the ps2, cause the smell can potentiate from the heat generated from the ps2. So keep ur ps2 to yourself, or you put the games in.

15-06-2004, 08:54
Just hide them in a storage box (empty shoe box or something), covered with loads of shit, hidden in the bottom of your cupboard.

They would physically have to pull it out of the bottom of your cupboard, and then lift EVERYTHING out of the box and search everything in it to find the drugs.

15-06-2004, 09:21
If I was to ever do the trick in the first post, sorta like in Training Day. But no-1 else would be able to know about it. I keep all my shit in my big safe, (drugs, guns, cash) which is safe enough for me anyway :)

15-06-2004, 09:52
^ Chubba75 - i had done this in the past.... and have failed. i stashed bongs, weed, meth pipes, benzos, and the federal police took my TV box. Bastards!

Pseudo G
15-06-2004, 10:25
Problem 1: Need a place to hide drugs.
Problem 2: I live with my parents.

If you can afford problem 1, you generally can solve problem 2 and hence avoid problem 1.

15-06-2004, 10:46
^ yeah but i find its easier to hide drugs in my room at my parents home. Just stash it ur clothes pockets in the closet. I think the hardest part is smoking/consuming ur stash at home which is the problem, and hiding the bong.

15-06-2004, 10:53
yes with a warrant, you won't hide anything unless it's NOT THERE. Like I said, burry it outside, or even inside tevisions NOT IN YOU paert of the house ect.

15-06-2004, 11:25
hey this is great, i'll know exactly where to look for my kids' stash!

15-06-2004, 13:05
Originally posted by miss slingshot

Underneath the inner soles of an old pair of runners, the smellier the better.

Only thing you dont want to hear is when you get home is someone saying 'By the way I was in your room and ditched those old nike's you had' or 'I donated your old shoes that you dont wear to st vinnies/the salvoes' 8o

15-06-2004, 13:06
Yeah totally. If you're going to hide drugs you have to find a place that nobody has any reason to touch ever, as well as a place that is hard to find if people are actively looking for drugs.

15-06-2004, 14:43
Having worked as a carpenter for a couple of years I can think of loads of places to stash items in a house. Not so good for those with out much timber.
Its amazing what can fit in the back of a skirting board, door stop, or architrave.

my innerself
15-06-2004, 14:51
Originally posted by Derf
a. The gap between your bottom drawer and the floor in ur chest of drawers.

2nd or 3rd place I would look, actually my brother found out I smoked weed by finding my bong hiding in that exact same place :p

16-06-2004, 07:22
buy your drugs just before you take them, then you wont need to hide them. or leave them with some one you trust who doesnt live with thier parents. sounds pretty easy to me

16-06-2004, 08:03
^ great advice.... thats what i do with e's, get the dealer to get it for me in the club... so i'm not holding anything illegal just "intoxicated".

16-06-2004, 13:28
Originally posted by lorenzo_benzo
That or stashing shit between 400+ page law text books

Aah the irony :D

16-06-2004, 13:33
a good place to hide stuff when ur out and about is ur socks...u know those pairs of socks u can buy which hav zippers on them with little pockets, u can easily hide a lil bag or some pills in there....goes gr8

as for at home, i hide mine inside a teddy bear, i mean which parent would cut open a cute lil teddy bear...hahaha

16-06-2004, 13:41
the U bend of bathroom sinks can be unscrewed to show a small "crap collecting" trap. Simply unscrew put HEAVY WATER PROOF goods inside and screw back in. If done properly you cant loose your goods and its one of the less thought of considered hing holes.

note: I doubt you budding mafiosos could hide 100 grand in there though without flooding the house......

16-06-2004, 15:48
Originally posted by VelocideX
Aah the irony :D

Yeah, thats what i use my law text books are used for 8) ... its exam time and some of the books are still sealed. Fucking most expensive hiding place ($500) i ever had, and most unlikely place to find shit.

BTW for all u book junkies, has anyone actually hollowed out a hard cover text book to put their shit inside and hid it amongst other books?

Also i think "cruel intentions" has the most innovative idea for hiding powder... the cross that holds the cocaine %). My parents are gonna get one made out of silver for my 21st bday. But would neone find that sacreligious or immoral since i am sorta religious :\?

16-06-2004, 16:42
my favorite places to hide drugs:
1. hit machine 11 cassete tape.
2. peter andre's greatest hits cassete tape.
3. russel gilbert unplugged cassete tape.

17-06-2004, 11:35
I put my pills in my mouth, with the occational brief stopover in my pocket.

17-06-2004, 15:11
mm ill list the worst places to keep drugs on you when your out. Pants pockets, wallet, bag, hat, shoes, socks and hands. Best place? crotch, ass or stomach

17-06-2004, 17:24
I sometimes hide my stuff on the loungerrom table hey

18-06-2004, 00:04
coffee table legs (hollowed legs with seals on the ends), door stops, under shoe soles, inside a pair of gloves, inside a jacket lining, buried in the garden, in a pair of socks etc etc... i've done a lot of hiding .. hehehehe

18-06-2004, 05:50
I just chuck em in my coat pocket - noone ever goes through my stuff. And wtf - whose gonna search the clothes I'd normally be wearing for my gear?
either that or my camera bag :)

18-06-2004, 09:14
wow i have my slinky leftovers in a bag in a black velet box i got for my 21st last yr... i may get caught one day who knows... P.

18-06-2004, 14:46
try going outdoors to c wat u can find there ie:cyclone fence posts and clotheslines have removable caps on them ;)

18-06-2004, 18:29
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BigTrancer :)

25-06-2004, 09:24
i know of a guy that got his car searched for drugs in his 4x4 and they didnt find the pils that were stored in his spot lights.

26-06-2004, 09:49
I always keep my drugs in my wallet. Yay for me! I just can't be fucked hiding them somewhere. And where ever I go, my wallet goes.