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11-05-2004, 06:13
is meth really as bad as everyone says it is.

when i say meth, i mean crystal meth, rock/ice .

meth has only just recently become part of going out life for me and i want to know why everyone is so against it.
im not saying its not bad. i just want to know what i can expect if i continue to have it on weekends on a regular basis.
compared to have speed/dexies/pills on a regular basis.

because from what i gather, it starts fukin people up when u start takin it on a regular basis. you cant help but not touch the stuff

i only snort it. and will only ever take it on weekends. i can guarentee that. purely on a money basis, and my lifestyle circumstances.

im just concerned a little for myself and my friends, who party hard, but no when to stop. that if we keep have meth its gonna create a downwards spiral.

i guess what im also trying to get at is what can i expect to see if we start getting out of control. what are some signs that things start to get out of hand and things need to back off. because when ur living it, things seem normal.

i hope this makes sense because it is a tuesday and im scattered


11-05-2004, 06:37
Originally posted by bugger_me
i only snort it. and will only ever take it on weekends. i can guarentee that.

Well sounds to me it won't be a problem for you, just as long as you stick to your rules.

11-05-2004, 07:16
^^ agreed!

But I always said to myself I would only stick to w/end usage too....... I didn't!

11-05-2004, 07:36
Smoking it is a lot better but much more addictive. I like the occasional pipe now and then, like once every 2 months or so.. I guess I'm lucky in that I don't really have an addictive personality.

Have you tried smoking your meth, or only snorting? Never snorted it myself, I'd imagine it would be very painful and pretty bad for your nose?

Personally, I think weekly usage is a bit too much. I am however, not a doctor or medically qualified to say what is good and what isn't good for you, I can only offer my personal opinion on the matter. There are a lot of people out there who use meth a lot more than yourself...

Meth is very taxing on your body as I'm sure you have felt when you're coming off it, I wouldn't take it more than once or maybe twice at the maximum, per month. Thats just me though :)

11-05-2004, 07:59
starting to use it every weekend is too much.... even if its only snorting it.. but its definatly worse if you smoke it, please do keep it to the weekends.. BUT...i think that
its become a problem if ure using every weekend for a few months.
its hard to see when your in it, but once you stop you will see.
its happened to so many people, so many of my friends.
you dont have to listen to me, but take the advise of myself and others.

11-05-2004, 08:04
For me, Meth is in the same basket as nicotine. It is addictive, high profit for suppliers, has no spiritual usage, and from my personal experience seems to fuck up most people that use it regularly.... Sure they might not end up as junkies, but man, I can't even have a decent conversation with regular users...... For me it takes a whole lot more than it gives.... a whole lot more!!

Right now my younger sister is injecting the stuff, lost way too much weight, and can't get her shit together at all so my feelings are far from objective. But I do have first hand experience of a smart, street wise, young girl fucking up big time on this gear... She didn't use any drugs regularly before meth.

Younger crew take note, do you have the discipline to keep meth use recreational?

11-05-2004, 08:13
Well I personally think that your usage atm is fine. Any more and you might start to notice some more serious side effects like extreme paranoia.

Have you ever eaten reallllly good gear, and had that corrosive feeling in your mouth. Well thats happening in your nose when you rack meth, so you may get nose bleeds from time to time with extended use.

Thats about it, you've done yourself a great credit by recognising your potential to form a meth habit, just subconsciously remember that you'd like to keep it a potential, and not a reality.

11-05-2004, 09:11
This is a question that will be answered differently by each individual, depending on many different deciding factors.

I wouldn't have thought that railing meth is any worse for you then smoking it, I have tried both ways and while smoking is preferable to me, there is no denying that I do feel it in my chest the next day, its a strong chemical to be passing through your lungs.

As for addiction, amphetamines have the ability to be very addictive, if not physically at first, they can be very mentally addictive to start with as they give the user the ability to party and remain awake long after their body wants to. So basically it really is pushing your body and mind to its limits in some cases.
I believe amphet addiction to be one of the nastiest I have seen to be honest.
If you are able to stick to only taking meth on the weekends then thats a good rule to stick to.

To help with the scatterdness and sketchiness following a meth binge, trying taking L-tyrosine, which is very similar in regards to 5-htp and mdma users.
L-Tyrosine will work on your dopamine which is what is depleted when you use meth, this will help make your recovery much more bearable.
Also, eating regular healthy meals (even though I know you wont feel like it) and taking vitamin supplements before and after a meth binge can help aswell.

Here is a link which has some helpful information on L-tyro for you.


You can buy this at health food stores for a reasonable price.

Anyway, hope this helps abit.

11-05-2004, 10:07
I personally prefer to take meth orally if i do choose to.
Smoking - the intial high is awesome (probably the best ive ever had off meth, but ive never iv'd and dont intend to) but doesnt last as long.

Snorting - once again, not as long lasting (shorter overall high) but a longer peak.

Oral - lasts longer, the peak of the high isnt as intense but still really good and the overall peak and general amped up feeling lasts longer.

Moderate your usage, it is a drug with a very high addicition potential.

There are also plenty of threads on the meth and what it does to the body. There was also recently a thread on meth vs pills with loads of information.
Use the search engine, it has all been covered before.

11-05-2004, 10:45
I didn't think it was that bad... but it got a hold of me and fucked me over really, really bad.

So your decision :)

11-05-2004, 11:13
I have been doing Crystal (Meth) recreationally for about 5 years, with no

I do about the size of a match-head, and only orally. About once every
2 months. It's much cleaner than speed. I find it great to cruise on Meth
for a couple of hours and then drop an E.

This method works great for me. %)

11-05-2004, 11:14
What are some signs to look for:

-When u start getting overly paranoid...
E.g. U lock urself in ur room and think people are trying to get you or are after you.
Not a personal experience but a mate of a mate has been to this stage where he just can't socialise with ppl bcoz he gets to paranoid in the open.

-When ur hands start shaking after a long period of use.
E.g ur hands just tremble when ur normal, and its like u have an itching sensation that tells u to have more meth!!
Might not happen to every1, but have seen it happen to a few ppl i know. Sounds weird but yeh does happen.

But mainly bad paranoia and unusual behaviour are both some signs that usage is getting too much.

As others have said racking it up isnt as addictive as when u smoke meth. So maybe u will be fine in this aspect of not getting overly addicted. But then again rackin meth is extremely bad for ur nose.

Also check out Trip Reports...or do a search
There are some really bad reports on meth usage gone bad

11-05-2004, 13:40
the first signs that you are starting to spiral downward is when you see every little speck of whiteness as bits of meth

it only goes downhill from there...

11-05-2004, 14:22
an addiction is an addiction if its everyday or once a week
its something you have to have (or what u call it "want") at a specific time.
an addiction isnt bad its what the addiction does to you .
As to is meth bad yes its bad, its diffrent to every person on how bad is it to them, some of my friends are dead becuase of it yet some of the same circle of friends still do it and hold good jobs and keep houses.
if you notice a change in your self theres the first sign when other people notice it youve gone to far and time to stop.
try and eat aswell keep healthy inside atleast, vitimans help alot.
i can eat and do normal daily things whilst "on it" ppl dont know unless they see my fuk off pupils.
so as long as you look after your self and no when to stop you will be fine .

drugs r bad :)
it will kill some of you
put holes in the brains of majority
hurt all.

but we enjoy it 'eh what can you do

11-05-2004, 14:41
I know everyone is going to have different opinions about meth/ice which is expected due to different experiences.

I'm from New Zealand and have been living in melbourne for 6 months now. Ice is a huge problem in NZ which is the way Aus could go.

As i'm sure you would expect most drugs in NZ are expensive in comparison to here. The gangs in NZ got into meth production as even though it is still pricey (think 4 times the price here) the addiction factor has made it very profitable for them.

Things over the last 2 years have been getting out of control. I went out a lot in NZ. Not talking myself as i'm more embarrassed by the lack of control i had over my life at that time but I was going out every friday night on a cocktail of drugs (mostly meth) and not coming home to sleep until either sunday night or in some case after work on monday.

House parties are huge in NZ as clubs aren't open the longs hours they are here. This leads to some crazy parties. At any given night on weekends you might be at a party with 5 or more Meth pipes been passed around a room at one point time.

Dealers started selling crackpipes themselves so they would be accesable 24/7.

A lot of my friends were dealers and have been for a while. Around the time Smoking meth took over NZ people would be getting stood over a lot. friends were been lost as people got paranoid and angry. Thefts from parties with your friends were commen... were they really your friends???

The Dance scene started to decline as more and more people started to stay at home and just smoke.

A little over a years ago the NZ govt made it nessisary for ID to purchace flu tablets with psydo (sp?) in them, somthing that looks like will happen soon here.

This problem is too hard to discribe properly and is something you would need to see for yourself to understand properly. Hopefully you don't have to see it first hand.

Just be careful.


11-05-2004, 15:12
From my personal experience... more meth users spiral out of control (addiction, crime, kicked out of school, loss of job) then users staying normal (unaffected).

11-05-2004, 16:18
well meth is very bad coz it fucks ur brain up in long term,and when im talking long term probaly just about six months.it makes ur brain like scramble eggs,try imagine that!i use to smoke meth daily,probaly 2grams a day for at least 6 months,since im from malaysia and meth is pretty cheap and good quality!i was a addict for half a year,till i got in rehab!and it wasnt a nice thing,made me go crazy!thats y i guess they call meth CRAZY DRUG,try and not to use meth at all if u can.

11-05-2004, 16:34
Great thread, some very frank and honest responses here. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

BigTrancer :)

ummm yeh?
11-05-2004, 16:46

12-05-2004, 01:57
Ok, I'll wade back into the story.

I've been using meth, pretty much every weekend for the last 18months. I would usually only have about half a point in a weekend. It's only ever snorted, and only ever on the weekend. And to be honest the only real problem has been my nose is constantly blocked. So I decided to have a break and stopped cold turkey for 5 weeks. It wasn't hard and I didn't really get any cravings.

So I don't know if you would class me as an addict. It's not like I've had the meth and sat around at home watching tv, or had the meth and then looked for something to do (ala Activities for a meth binge thread). It's always been when I've been going out, and catching up with friends. I do use the meth to get high, I just use it to stay awake so I can hang out with my friends. And I think this is the crux of whether you become an 'addict' or not. It all depends on the philosophy as to why you take meth. I know a few addicts and former addicts and they all seem to use meth as a pick me up, to help get them started in the morning.

To me it will never be another form of caffiene, it will always be a recreational drug.

12-05-2004, 07:16
yeah fully. for me anyway. i also take pills when we go out. it just the meth lets u go home after a club, and meet new people, networking if u will. for me anway. its more about going out and meeting people and having fun, and drugs only enhance this. instead of going home at 4am cos ur drunk and need sleep, u can stay up the whole next day with a new group of people. i guess it also depends who the people are. but in my circles at the moment they arent fuked up people but people that are really cool and got it together.

it just seems that in perth anyway. speed isnt as available anymore. everyone has rock these days as there subsitiute for some speed.
thats why i dont know wether this is a good thing.
and im wondering why.
maybe dealers are realsing that its more addictive hence they get more business.
im not sure.
i'd be quite happy to have speed instead of meth. jus someting to keep me awake.

thanks for all ur replies

12-05-2004, 07:19
As Bill Hicks said, "You only ever hear the bad stories about drugs."

Don't be fooled, it is a highly addictive drug, but by like with any drug, use it responsibly and treat it with respect and you'll be fine.

Witch Doctor
12-05-2004, 07:26
bugger_me, "speed" and "rock/ice" are the same thing methamphetamines. speed is just cut down alot more than rock.

aunty establishment
12-05-2004, 07:40
^ Ha ha, I thought you were insulting him until I saw his username ;)

Anyway, you are right, speed in Australia is generally just cut meth, but I have been led to believe that amphetamine sulfate is also available in Perth (i.e. locally manufactured). So both are right.

In any case, having a smaller amount of amphetamine, whether due to it being cut or just having less, will always be a good thing in terms of come downs :)

12-05-2004, 07:52
The problem i find with meth just like any other drug is that it 'burns a hole in your pocket'. Knowing you have some is an excuse to take it.

I started with the w/e rule, but then started having some at work when i was tired. If your strong enough to stick to w/e's good for you.


Witch Doctor
12-05-2004, 08:04
hehe aunty establishment, what has led u to believe that u can get amphetamine sulfate?

aunty establishment
12-05-2004, 10:46
^ I choose to believe ;)

But seriously, it is a very good idea to keep your sleep patterns as regular as normal, if you're making speed use a weekly thing. I've been told that sleep deprivation, in and of itself, is potentially neurotoxic and that's good enough for me :)

12-05-2004, 15:12
yeah sleep deprivation is mad.
after a couple of nights no sleep after drugs worn off. you fully see things and start hearing things.
i know it aint good. but hey its funny at the time.
i found that after a big night out with out sleep and takin shit, the following night, had some caffeine tablets.
got fucked up from those.
the caffeine kept us awake, while our sleep deprivation state gave us that fuked up feeling.

12-05-2004, 15:14
and also.
doenst rock being methamphetamine, have an extra chemical to it than normal street meth (speed)

if it is the same thing as speed just purer.
why would you want speed.
as having less pure stuff, equals more taken of the lesser quality street speed. if u get what i mean.

12-05-2004, 16:03
^^^^ because speed is generally just amphetamine sulphate, whereas ice/rock, as most people like to call it is just crysal methamphetamine.
I have smoked crystal meth and I have also smoked ice. 2 VERY different substances, IMHO, ICE being 4-mar, (do a search).
Ice to me is 4-mar, which i have had.
Crystal to me, is simply crystal methamphetamine.

Please learn to understand the differences between these drugs before referring to all of them as rock or ice.

Methamphetmaine and street meth (as you call it) are both the same, however street meth, I assume can be cut with all kinds of shit.

13-05-2004, 05:18
sorry for my ignorance.
but there is 2 substances to choice from for me
speed which can be brown/pink/white powder flakey substance
or what is called rock
which is clear and in crystal form.

how i am meant to tell wether im geting the stuff with the 4-mar in it.

13-05-2004, 05:26
You will be looking at 2 types of methamphetamine in my opinion. Just different levels of purity. I highly doubt any will be 4-mar.

Methamphetamine comes in a range of states. The most sought after 'rock' to the highly cut and sometimes coloured 'speed'.

To confuse you further normal amphetamine, ie not methamphetamine, is also known as speed. But not nearly as common as methamphetamine on the street. Most tests reveal most found out and about is just different forms of methamphetamine.

I suggest reading My nanna can't tell an amphetamine from a methamphetamine! (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55873) to answer any further questions.

13-05-2004, 06:04
Originally posted by bettyboop

But I always said to myself I would only stick to w/end usage too....... I didn't!

*Nods*. I swore I'd never do it apart from weekends but I broke my own rules too. Granted I did have it copiously available at the time, but it was way too tempting to have a bit on a boring Wednesday night, or extend "weekends" from Thursday night to Sunday night. :\

I never lost my job or relationship or anything huge like that, but here's some of the effects *I* noticed over those few months.

* No extra money (didn't spend a cent on anything other than food, rent, bills and drugs... any extra money it was too tempting to think of it in terms of how much drug you could buy)
* Pale skin tone
* Constant black bags under my eyes
* Stomach pains
* Tiredness and "hungover" feeling which lasted until Wednesday
* Lack of concentration at work
* Lack of caring about lack of concentration at work!
* Disgusting taste in my mouth practically all the time
* Gum problems - I got gingivitis, possibly through loss of vitamins
* Mindset: it was scary. It just about took up every thought in my mind... when I was having more, what I could do to justify it, moving money back and forth, scrimping here, saving there.... It became my only "hobby".

Didn't have any lasting impact on my weight, either. Bummer. That would have been ONE good thing, to get skinnier =D But my appetite is failproof.

There were good effects too, of course. My sex drive went up (although this may in fact reverse with chronic use), and I did enjoy it immensely. But it wasn't worth it in the end. I would seriously re-consider using EVERY weekend. It becomes a habit then, however you look at it.

It may not affect you as it did me; but then again it might, and you'll end up having to cut it out completely to gain back any seblence of normality in your life.

13-05-2004, 07:47
To add to SLM's list

* Justifying your actions to your friends but mainly justifying things to yourself.
* Lying to yourself and your friends

It was when I found myself constantly convincing myself of things in order to justify my actions that were just blatent lies that I knew it was time to reassess my usage.

I only ever get on it on the weekend. When you start convinving yourself the weekend starts on thursday and finishes on Tuesday :\

It becomes all to easy to slip into a routine and make it a habit when you and your friends make it the weekly ritual. It becomes way to easy to turn it into a real problem when theres a lot more available than you really need(or should that be want?).

Meth can be a real bitch if you don't keep it on a leash :|

13-05-2004, 08:12
Originally posted by Fry-d-

Meth can be a real bitch if you don't keep it on a leash :|

And herein lies the key.
As someone once told me, do the drugs, but don't let the drugs do you. Set the rules, and more importantly stick to them.

13-05-2004, 11:49
Meth is bad, evil even, in my experience. I was hooked for a year on the pipe, averaging 2 grams a day and just destroying myself. I felt like I nearly went insane so many times with paranoia, it was fucked! It took a very cruel blow to make me stop, and I had to move from Perth to really quit.

I will say one thing, when you see a crack/meth/speed/smack junkie in the street or anywhere, looking all fucked up and shit, think a moment on this. When that person first tasted that drug, I'd bet a fairly substantial sum of money that they didn't just sit up and say "Hey, I know! I'm going to become a junkie and throw away everything I currently hold dear to stay fucked up on this drug as much as possible."

It could happen to you. . .no matter how pure your intentions are. . .Please be careful. . .

13-05-2004, 12:12
cheers guys
this first hand info is gold

its hard tho, because when u have so much fun on the weekends with ur mates. you wont to do it again. and u do think about it during the week. well after wed u do after you comedown. and when u do have some money, u think how much drugs u can by with it.

i dont consider myself to have a problem, being that its weekends, but i really find it hard to not go out on a weekend.

this i can see to be the start of problems. and i dont think i can put it down to the meth.
the pills.
even alcohol. all are addictive to me in the fact that i have so much fun going out, it consumes me.

thanks for all ur input guys

13-05-2004, 12:20
meth tolerance is a total bitch, you gotta keep jacking up your doses by heaps and beofre you know it you need at least a point or two to make it worthwhile... :(

the cool energy charged bouncy good feleing fades a biit with regular use too...

13-05-2004, 13:18
meth tolerance is a total bitch, you gotta keep jacking up your doses by heaps and beofre you know it you need at least a point or two to make it worthwhile...Damn! When I first started, we would put at least a point of ice into each syringe... now days we're shooting 1.5 - 2 points at a time.

You need at LEAST 3 shots for a good night, so that's 6 points of ice to have any fun.

14-05-2004, 01:31
Well how much of that is psychological though?

I started out sharing a point with my gf in a night and 18months later we might now be sharing 1.5 points. The lesson I learnt with pills was that once you get to a certain level of fuckedness, then next time you want to get back to that level, so it's only a psuedo-tolerance your building.

14-05-2004, 04:03
Originally posted by Chubba75
You need at LEAST 3 shots for a good night, so that's 6 points of ice to have any fun.

This is where the problem lays, the drug becomes the means of having fun instead of being an enhancer of a good time.

14-05-2004, 10:54
Trying to work out on the different forms of methamphetamines is difficult, and inaccurate really because of all the different names referring to different things depending on your social circle.

I used to live in Perth, and what 'bugger_me' is saying about crystal use ending up with a new group of mates all the next day is exactly what used to happen!

However I do remember many occasions where people really just wanted to keep smoking so they would end up working their way through a crossword book for something to do... that kind of thing made me wonder whether it was about being social or about smoking crystal..

Here in Melbourne - it's available but it's not the same culture as Perth from what I can tell - it's not so much about getting fucked up here than back home!

NB Perth still rox :P

14-05-2004, 20:29
I've been clean of amphetamine for about 9 weeks, i flushed the last of my ice down the toilet and to be honest i haven't really had the problem of a craving in the same sense as nicotine, as in i have to have it for no logical reason. That said i think about still probably every hour of every day but its logical thing as i absolutely love the drug and know i would enjoy it if i did it again this doesn't really give me any sort of 'drive' to use again its more just wishful thinking. Smoking weed heavily for the first two weeks i think helped kill the boredom which was one the things i turned to the drug to escape.

14-05-2004, 20:55
This is where the problem lays, the drug becomes the means of having fun instead of being an enhancer of a good time.It's still both... of course shooting "ice" is more self-centered, but I never do it alone (tweaking by yourself is torture) and afterwards I always have the sudden urge to socialise and talk shit :)

15-05-2004, 06:50
What a good open discussion!

Meth, if real and pure, can be really good. I agree with a comment earlier about it "adding to a good time".

Might I suggest looking at the forum "Darkside" in Bluelight and have a look in there. In it are contained a far deal of North Amerian experiences of Meth and this may add to your harm minimization/research for your question.

Another is the Vaults of Ewroid (Spelling assistance required????) and check do a search for Meth... and go to "Glowing Experiences" and then to "Train wrecks and disasters". Perhaps this may add to your knowledge.

15-05-2004, 10:56
^ Vaults of Erowid: www.erowid.org

18-05-2004, 09:44
I've been doing a bit of whizz, not crystal, and always snorting. I have now made the decision to not snort anymore, which is good because now I have access to crystal and base more easily than cut shit, and it is only going to be a weekend thing whereas somehow I always could justify doing whizz through the week. Dumping a single E is enough for me to want to keep my habits for the weekend for some odd reason...

18-05-2004, 22:50
i've been looking all over bluelight for a thread like this;) meth is some serious shit...i'm amazed some of you were smokin 2 grams a day for extensive periods of time. mind if i ask what are some long-term effects you have from that type of usage?

right now i'm at the crossroads in my usage. i used to have a weekend habit a few years back but never let it get too out of hand. lately tho i've been using it during the week for study purposes and it really has a serious effect on your life if u dont "put a leash" on it as someone mentioned before:( i'm not gonna let it get the best of me tho. u really cant quit completely tho unless you are READY to quit completely :\ comforting to see there are some other people fighting with this alongside me...

19-05-2004, 00:57
Originally posted by mAgiC8baLL
u really cant quit completely tho unless you are READY to quit completely :\
That has hit the nail on the head. That's the same with anything though. The sad thing with meth is that you don't realise it has fucked you up as an individual until you lose something of importance to you. It changes your personality with regular use. Makes you grumpy ALWAYS.
Thankfully I had the will to not touch the shit anymore (been 6 months without) after a 6 month problem with it. Thankfully i don't have any urge to go near it again either.

Be careful with this little package people. It's expensive and it'll ass-rape you the second you let your guard down... that first ' i'll just have a little before class' or something is the first steps to a major fuck up


19-05-2004, 05:46
yeah. i have come to the conclusion. from what i asked originally. that it isnt just meth that is bad, it can also be whippa. or pills ect for that matter. if takin on a regualar basis.
i really do see its up to the indiviual to control what path you take. I go hard on weekends. but i know its just not right/ or viable to start doing it during the week. i mean why would i wanna.
and im not having a go at anymore who does during the week.
just this thread which has been amazing and has kinda showed me its more up to the individual to have some strength of character and will power and limit it to weekend ( just for partying).
its more an enhancement of nights out, rather than part of daily living
and im not saying that people that do it during the week dont have strength of character. just for me, this thread has kinda shown me some signs to the downward spiral and also to just be careful.
i find that stopping during the week is good enough in the fact that what goes up must comedown. if u take more on the monday morning to delay feeling shit. its gonna come back and bite you in the ass eventually. and im already not a fan of the tuesday blues from a weekend out, little own doing more damage and trying to delay comedown.
i hope this makes sense. cos it has for me.

having said all that, i think the moral of the story is that meth/whippa for that matter, needs to be treated with respect. because it doesnt take much to fall down in a downwards spiral. and like said before. you need to keep ur guard up.

remember u control the drug
party safe. %)