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25-04-2004, 15:39

Meth Head

For Kupidloveless

A metholog meth story printed as DICKtated into 4 hrs worth of tape on a tape recorder. An oral story as told exactly as written off the top of my head. Some of the shit is fiction or there may be real people I've written about in past stories BUT not necessarily the events told. As some of you know, when I'm on meth my mind shows me 10 million off the wall stories and mental pictures. I even get the shit happening in my mind when I'm sober, but add meth multiply that x 100. So I rattled off the first things that came to my mind. For awhile I tried to make everything rhyme each and every time, but when doing shit on the spur of the moment into a tape recorder, sometimes I couldn't think of exactly the right word to rhyme which in the script is why you'll see a sentence or a paragraph occasionally inserted with a few things like for example:

1. He was a pimp dick loving phone card stealing, computer ho that (wait. that was what now? fuck. wait...)

Anyway folks, this is something different I'm posting and if you figure it's strange or not normal, as usual I won't disappoint you. When I play this back, it cracks me up when I hear the "waits" or a few pauses. If I could for your amusement, I'd just post the damn methalog so it could be heard without having to be read. Anyway, fuck a duck this is going to be alot of fucking typing. I've been away a while cause I couldn't afford the net with no income. Towards the end, Kupidloveless just somehow became a character which wasn't planned. Also, when this shit was dictated off the top of my head, I was more like singing it into the recorder.

Act 1 Scene 1:

He is a drum playin, guitar playin...........wait
He is a drum beatin, guitar playin, flashin, phone card stealing from
Target in Stanton, probation violatin, long haired,
Unable to get ahold of musician motherfucker
Bad boy that's him
Bad boy bad boy..umm...drummer drummer boy, drummer drummer boy

What's you gonna do when the come for you?
Drummer boy, drummer boy, drummer drummer drummer drummer drummer boy
He is a long haired, guitar playin, drum beatin, solicitator, flashin, phone card stealin
from Target in Stanton, probation violatin, glass dick suckin, meth head lovin,
unable to get ahold of musician motherfucker

He's a piss test failer
Bad boy bad boy what's you gonna do?
What's you gonna do when they come for you?
Rick, he's a dealer
Ricci, Ricci, Rick I wanna, I wanna talk to you
Please bring me rock

I need a little talk
And I need a little rocky rock
Hey Rick Rick Rick you suckin glass dick
Bring a bring some meth over here
I need a little lick
From my sharp pointed little prick here

Who sucks it all up the spoon
Gotta get me a little taste
And get me off to the moon
Glass dick dealin, meth rock sellin
Gig going, drummer playin, guitar beatin
Guitar playin, drum beatin
Unable to get ahold of musician motherfucker

Drivin around in his Mazda truck
He drives around in the middle of the night
And he wears the guitar around him
That's him, my dealer, my pusher
Ricci, Ricci, Rick lick dick

I want some rock candy
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme
Please I need some
I need some now
Oh gimme gimme a push
I need a shove and I want some needle punkin love baby

He say's hey hello needle neck
You sure are a fuckin wreck
What do you want to do today?
What can I do you out of?
What do you want to pay?
A ball, two balls, a quarter, all?
What's it gonna be? Tell me

Hey Mr. Pusher can I have a little taste?
I don't have no cash and I'm out on my ass until tomarrow
Life sucks, feel my sorrow
Can I have a little taste until tomarrow?

Here you go little needle neck
You're a pain, but you're so sweet
But you're a wreck, here baby
Now get up, glass it up, put a cotton in
And suck it up and stick, yep yep yep
Now there you go, are you happy sweet little ho?
Yippie yo, hey hey hey hey ho

Oh yes thankyou Rick
He says I know you're good for it
You always have been and you were good to me
And he's good to me

End Act 1 Scene 1

25-04-2004, 16:41
Act 1 Scene 2

Well I called my pusher to pick me up from LA
After bein on vacation in Las Vegas
I can't get no one else on the phone
So he comes to get me
Along with a little rock candy
Bless his heart, he's the sweetest, most best friend
Long haired, drum beatin, guitar playin,
Unable to get ahold of musician motherfucker

He's cool, that's him yep
Yippie yippie yo bad boy
We like to play flash flash toys
Um um yes we do do do
Yippie yippie yee Rick and TJ do yee ha YEAH

TJ and the pusher are so sure
Life's so sweet at the moment
He drives thru a Taco Bell drive thru
And he says it's on me
Eat for free

Thankyou, thankyou Massa Rick!
You're the man, you really are the man
And you know you can call on me
I'll do for you what I can

That's our bad boy
Bad boy, bad boy, that's what they do
That's the kind of people that come for
They want to lock me and the pusher behind the door
Cause I, we're, he's a glass dick suckin
And I'm a needle stick meth lovin, slammin, slingin meth ho OUI!

Bad boy, bad girl, what's you gonna do?
Well it doesn't matter
They're gonna come for you

25-04-2004, 17:54
Act 2 Scene 1
(Different, nameless pusher)

Hey Mr. Pusher, I feel a little sick
How about a little taste?
Let me get a little bit please

He gives her a little rock
She walks inside
She goes inside her blouse and gets her pick inside
Then she melts it in the spoon
It's late in June, about 12:00 o'clock noon

She liquifies it up, drops a cotton ball
And sucks it up, every bit, all of it
And then she gets her tie, ties off her arm
And primes her vein, ready, ready, ready for a little stick
From her husband, a little bitty prick, little bitty prick, but he's loaded

And he's gonna shoot some not so blank babies
And get her goin!
YEOW! Ooh ooh now she feels a little heat
In the back of her throat, she's all red now
Yippie yippie yie who hum

Well now this is, this is new
Homeboy comes in her room
He takes a little, a little bit of the rock
He puts it in the glass pipe and sucks his cock, glass cock
Yes he does

Here they go, rarin to go
She starts to take down her hair
And take off his pants
Let me have a little taste
I promise to make you appreciate
(kiss kiss kiss) --- 3 kiss noises are made

Let me have a lick, just a little little lick
I really wanna, wanna take a sip because I got the urge
After I got a little taste from my little little prick here
I wanna little, suck a little dick from you, it's true

And he says no one can give head like a meth head can
No way, no man
He said no one can give head like a meth head can
No way man, no how, YOWZA! YOWZA! YOWZA!
No one can give head like a meth head can
Um no land....wait
No one can give head like a meth head can
No they can't, no they can't, no way man

It's 4 hrs later her jaw's is not tired
She keeps going without stopping
How anyone can keep going?
She's like a machine
No she's a, she's a dealer, pusher dick suckin mean
Loaded dick suckin machine tonight WHOA!

Bad boy, bad girl what's you gonna do?
What's you gonna do when they come for you?
Just for tonight let's stay away from the fuckin cops
They really put a damper on everything
What a bunch of fobs

How about another little bitty more rock?
And I'll suck your cock for a little more
Oh there we go let me get your rock
He sucks his glass dick and she puts it in her arm

No one can give head like a meth head can
No one can, no one can, no way man
That's what he said
Hey baby baby baby WHOA! HAWWW!

They sit and laugh and know just for tonight
There ain't no sorrow
There ain't no worryin about tomarrow
Just like they feel
There is no yesterday, there's now

Please just let this last forever,an eternity
This ecstasy, this bliss, forever and ever
Be trapped in this moment
Feeling the enhancement of the meth head kiss
Chemical bliss

Bad boy, bad girl what's you gonna do?
You know it's people like you they want to put behind bars
They don't care if you really don't belong behind them
That sucks, that sucks, that really, really sucks
Users aren't all necessarily bad but they put us in,
They force us into deceptive, deceiptful, type of crowd
Either that or total isolation, segregation

And in order to avoid being caught or be litigated,
Institutionalized, or penalized in any way
Yep that's what I say
Bad boy, bad girl what's you gonna do?
You know they wanna come for you users, and losers and pushers
And probation violatin, glass, glass dick suckin, meth head lovin
And tying on, tying off people that go around solicitating
Or flashing people in the middle of the night driving around
In their truck wearing nothing but a guitar
You won't get very far YOW!

25-04-2004, 20:50
Act 2 Scene 2

Well she walked down the street later the next day
And and ran into a man
He said hey what's today?
What's......wow wait
He said hey what it is?
She said what do you want it to be?
I don't care what do you want?
She said I want it free

And he smiled and he laughed and he said
Uh huh so you got any candy?
You see this dude was a punk rocker who called himself PX
He was straight and he liked to have sex
And he was a pusher

But then he asked
Well why don't you get a little bit of rock candy for free
When you don't have any money
From those dudes, you know, your fucking connects
What's the deal? Why don't you give them sex?
In exchange for makin yourself a needle lovin wreck?

Well ....Ron, no I mean wait
Peter, Peter he ain't no pumkin eater
He is gay, but that's okay
And Dean he's cool man
He's got some mean rock but he's a queen

The other three connects are all chicks
And they're strictly dick
And they don't use so the only way to do deals with them
Is to use money, that's right honey
And the other dudes that she uses have long since
Had from years and years of abuse from suckin glass dick or slingin
Now they're stuck with.....wait

From years and years of sucking glass dick
Or slingin liquid rock
Now are afflicted with permanent limp cock
That's right so why is it then that was then but now
You know I mean chemicals have long since replaced my sex drive
And how
I nowadays rarely get the urge
My sex drive said you know

I'm goin to purge, later, sayanara, chiajuara, sayanara
Yow uh well good enough for me
Now I got my little prick, he loves me
I love him and he loves me
He don't want me to have any other prick
He's a jealous dick and that's alright with me

Cause that's all I want from him, or anyone anyhow
He's my man, I get him when I can
When I want him he's there for me
He gives me a stick from his dick
And makes me feel sweet, not sick

But why is it that when I really don't want
As opposed to before now
Naturally I get stuck with fuckin glass dick suckers
Pain in the ass motherfuckers
Or these dudes even that shoot that get randy
After a bit of rock candy?

And here I am, it's like leave me alone
Go find a phone and fuckin ask for Mandy?
Why is it? Why is it?
That I get, now that I got my little stick
I got my little prick and he's for me
The only one for me

And now why is it that it would be my luck
That I would get stuck with men that want to fuck?
That's right, here's Chuck
He starts tweekin at Susie's house
They start talkin and she's long gone to sleep upstairs
Because she'd been up for 3 days or however many
She looked like hell

So we went downstairs in the garage
We started to talk he said his name was....what the fuck was it?
He said his name was Ron
And I've got a hard cock so what do you say?
Let's talk I'm really horny
Really really horny
Do you want to go down on me baby?

I'll make it worth your while
No one can give head like a meth head can that's right
Oh shit why me?
Why is it that it would be my luck
That I would get stuck with men that want to fuck
When my sex drive is long gone
It took a dive, ah fuck HEE YAW!

Then another meth head came in the garage
He had been sucking off his glass dick
There were rocks in the pipe
He started sucking it off

(9 sucking noises off pipe made, 4 snorting noises made, 2 tapping the rig noises made then the
words "stick stick poke poke")

These are the Addict Family YEOW!
Meet meet the meth head addict family yeah
They are rocky horror freaks
And they're fuckin metallic race hellaciously fuel guzzling freaks
That's right from ultra rich sheiks to white trash dives and
Oh God....and any fuckin dives rolling

There they go looky looky yo
He's suckin glass dick and she's gonna give herself a little little kiss
From the little little prick
And as the other 2 start suckin glass dick
And they're happy they don't feel sick
And she, the last thing she wants to do is give them a little lick

No way, sorry, no sir, no way, uh uh, ain't happenin
Even though they offered her some free dope
to ease the pain of her life in order to cope
That's right

They knew she'd been out of work
She had no money until she bribed the Turk
To....um....let her be a runner just for one night
And then she got $200

And they said hey I'll give you a holler if you suck a little dick
And I'll give you ummmm
What will he give me?

Here you go, I'll give you a little taste
If you like you can have it for free if you suck me
What do you say? Come on, come on baby
No one can give head like a meth head can
No man, yeah

Here she sits, her mouth is dry
She's thinkin oh fuck why me?
Last thing I want is some fuckin limp dick pie
No sir, no how
Why is it now that I find men that get hard
Even after years of usin, what the fuck (ard?
I mean.....wait....what rhymes with hard? Fuck
Isn't this a card? Yeah we'll use that...)

Well one of the pipe heads says
You have such a nice set
The other agrees and says you've got a real nice rack
How about a few little rocks and you and I can hit the sack?
What do you say?

I'm a needle pumpin, meth lovin, um one prick
Little bitty bitty prick woman man married to him
I took the vow years ago
And I am his ho and no one else
That's right he put a leash on my sex drive
Made it take a hike, goodbye libido
Go to Guido

I don't give a fuck for you what's the point anyway?
No way it will serve me
Can't find a dick when I really, really want it
And of course when I don't want here they are
Hard, hard here we go
Isn't that a card?

Why is it it's always get stuck
It's always my luck
With men that want to fuck
When I long since gave it up?
That's right

But hey, they said
No one can give head like a meth head can
No they can't, no they can't, they really really can't
No one gives head like a meth head can
No man, no man, no way, no man WHOA!

Well I say why don't you call up Jodie, or Tracie, or
what's that chicks other name...I don't fuckin uh...I can't remember..
Um there's another chick, oh Leah and some other chick

Well Leah's in prison once again
Cause they caught her suckin that glass dick again
You just can't win
Leah is a probation violatin, parole officer disobeyin, rich,
Daughter of a rich couple in Newport Beach
What a peach

But she was ordered to go to drug diversion
And she didn't want the coersion
So they put out a warrant for her desertion
That's right and sucking glass dick all night
All day, all year, and taking a little needle with steele

And getting a little bitty taste and stick, stick, stick
Sticky, sticky vein, yeah
Little bitty girl she went insane
She's a meth head lovin, chem, one woman chem baby girl
She likes her little little glass dick, glass dick, glass dick

So much so that she don't care if she is his whore
Or if anybody else gets sick
She'll rob them, dob them, even fuckin mob them
One day I say she ain't gonna get away
That's why, that's right, I know what I'm speakin
I've been a tweakin almost everyday of my life

Since I was about 13
No not really 18
Ok so I know what I say
I know alot of meth heads
I worked in methadone clinics
And I know alot of addicts of every kind

I worked in Chino prison
I worked as a psych tech
Yep what the heck
They really are segregated
They are considered chemical defect
Non law abiding criminals, felons, parole violatin,
Chem lovin glass dick suckin, needle pumpin, snortin

(makes 2 snortin sounds, says the words "pop pop slam slam suck slam snort)
Pill poppin, pill poppin, meth lovin, glass dick suckin, meth head addict family
So I know prisons and methadone clinics, many addicts
It really makes you sick to see how the law is
How the law treats us for pursuring our happiness through chemicals

Oh there goes everybody you know
I guess some people just don't care
They never shared any morals anyway
Robbing anyone blind, doesn't matter if it's someone with money
Or their own kind
And I say that ain't right
Go find a way to earn money for your fuckin
Glass dick suckin, needle slingin, pill poppin
Snortin, disaster courtin hobby

That's right you don't rip people off
Especially other addicts, junkies
You don't put someone else through withdrawals
Or I will call Uncle Louie and he'll make you take a fall

28-04-2004, 11:08
Act 3 Scene 1

Uncle Uncle Louie he lives down south
He's got a mansion and many rooms in his house
Many many levels in many places
"Yo Uncle Vinny! How's it been going? I haven't seen
you since I was 5"

"That's right I got beaten alive up in San quintin years
ago how you doin?"
I said,"Vinny what you say?"
And he said, " Uncle Louie made me one of his 5 star generals.
Ain't that fuckin great?"

YEAH! Uncle Vinney he's a cool dude but you don't wanna mess
with him.

When he's pissed off he gets you.....gets you down and
and he makes you spin round and round. When he hits you
you wish you never met Uncle Vinney with all the bennies.

He don't take kindly to people rippin him off
Or for that matter just pissin him off

So Louie Louie say, "You're ok why don't you work for me until
forever and a day?"

Yeah! It's nice and warm down south
We've got tropical forest and everything you can imagine here down south
Oh yes we do

"Whoa anybody from the joint here from Chuckawalla? Chucka Chucka Walla Walla, Chuckie's house?

Anyone here from Chuckie's house?"

And he said, " Yeah Ralph."

Hey Ralph how you been? You know I'm in....

"I've decided to take a little vacation
They don't have any chemical recreation up north
Um so they said go see little Uncle Louie he's got a place way down south
He's got a few mansions, many many rooms
And he's always welcoming new people and expanding"

There goes Uncle Louie how you been Louie Louie Louie Louie Lou eye
It's been a while how ya been? What do you say? Do you remember me?"

And he says "Of course"

Hey Uncle Louie howdy dooty douie by any chance do you remember me?
I know it's probably been years and years and 10 million centuries ago.
And you've got alot of people here, aunts, nieces, people related, cousins, uncles, ants, sons, daughters, sisters....

And fuckin lesbians that wear pants
And queens that are afraid of ants

"Well let me ask you, he says do I remember you? What do you think? Do meth heads like to sling liquid rock and talk?

And that you meth heads like to suck that glass dick and get high?

If so then you know your answer
The day you say you no longer wanna be a meth ho
Or set free from the little prick stick
And by the way I have him here with me to say.....

"Hey girl I really missed you
I knew you would come down to see me wife
I'm glad you did cause now it's you and me forever kid."

Oh boy! Now I see Roy!
Bad boy Roy! Oh dude!
The gay boy toy
He's a bottom

"Hey dude what do you say?
How you been? It's been a long time
I haven't seen you my way

And he said that yes he had to confess
He needed a little rest
He was tired of being a closet gay
He was a closet, closet gay
He didn't want no one to know his sexual preference was
No way

But when he and I got together we'd do our hobby
Of slingin liquid rock
He'd get hard for a nice gay hard cock top
And I would talk talk talk talk talk

And I would get horny only for a little stick
From my husband's loaded chemically melted down
Meth rock cock

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme a little stick
I feel a little sick and I wanna feel better
Please help me out I want to be with you and we can relate together
For a little while
How's the weather?

Yeow! After bein tied off and the little stick
I feel oh so nice and hot and I'm no longer sick
Feeling a little cough I get red and flash
And my pussy gets wet and YOWZA!
Spontaneous orgasm

Every once in a while that happens
And Roy said it happens to him when its been
A few weeks or so and he hits right with some good shit
And WHOA! The next thing he knows
He came in his pants, he went off

YOWZA! Ohhhh pheweeeYOWya!

TJ doesn't see and wonders about her sister Crystal
And there aint no tellin time down south but
She was a pistol and she was happy to see her sister again
How ya been sister Crystal?

Well Crystal was a very interesting woman
She aint nothin generic
She got her woes and she's full of foes
But she is alot of fun when all is said and done

Crystal was my sister, she was married to a man named Mr. Calace Hyde
He went by Charles or Mr. Hyde if anything at all but
He was rich and she didn't wanna be bothered with him at all
Except when necessary

He was high society and she managed to lead a double life
And she pulled it off until one day she decided for some strange reason
She knew sister TJ had been a meth ho
For season after season and there had to be a reason

Well she came across. I guess some dude
That said hey I got some food for you rock candy
So on a whim she got in a car with 4 gangster boys
They were all underage, 17, 16, and 15 year old boys

They went down to a condemned nuclear waste dump
But it was where they hid their explosives yeah
Very rich in minerals, they say it's haunted with demons
But people get a little crazy once they get there
Before ingesting any chemicals, they feel dark defects
Of spirits or something

Well Crystal got some money and they got her a little honey
They got a little rock to get her off
She bought $100 worth, bought them a teenager
And said l;et's do it guys I mean let's go to work

And she said how about this?
I only want one little kiss from the little stick
You can have all the rest if you help me
I've never shot myself can you shoot me please?

Oh yeah they jumped all over that
And then all of them left except one boy
What was his name?
He was an oriental boy, 15 yrs old
But he was a gay virgin member gang banger

He ran around everywhere in town
Doing explosives and blowing things up
He'd never been with a chick yet
But he was about to

He gave her a taste
He shot her up
Did a little slingin
Then Crystal the pistol went everywhere

There goes Crystal 10 million miles an hour
Faster than the speed of light WHOA!
Oh what a fright! Jesus Christ!
And the 15 yr old virgin gang banger dude

It's weird but he got horny and so did she
So he said hey how about a little taste?
What do you say?
How about a little dick?
Can I try a little pussy? Whatcha wha tussy?
Oh come on gimme a little nookie

She said I aint never been with no
Gay oriental dude gangster 15 yr old
Thats not a virgin

He said yeah? Well neither have I
Come on baby let's have some fun
Please I'd just like to say I tried it with a woman
What's so great about it?
Will you help me please?

Whoa Crystal had never done anything like that
And never been a bad girl or broken the law until now
Sister TJ rubbed off on her that night YOWZA!

Well hey ho there she goes with the 15 yr old
Minor gangster oriental virgin meth slingin ho
Bad boy truant dude
He had a real woody that night
And FUCK his woody lasted for ever!

He fucked for 10 hrs straight
He might as well have been a 1st rate
Hetero dude as far as Crystal was concerned
The 2 dudes she'd been married to didn't even
Come close to comparison

Now Crystal understood why TJ got so
Uh loved meth so quick, yowza yowza
Well after 3 days and after 3 nights
The 15 yr old boy dropped her off on his dirt bike
At the bus stop where she went back home to the home
She shared with Mr. Calace Charales Hyde

That's right, at least Cal who was nobody's kiddie's pal
He was gone half the time which was a good thing aboot him
He was rich and he was gone half the time
Oh but there was trouble in paradise
Next month her period was late
The month after that didn't come at all

Oh shit, she's gonna get in trouble
She is really worried, how's she gonna explain this to her husband
Maybe she could say for now, it was from 3 months ago
THe last time she did it with Mr. Hyde

But little did she know
Uncle Cal had had a vasectomy and hadn't told her
Oh shit now what's she gonna do?
What she gonna do when he comes for you?

She managed to hide her bun in the oven for 4 months
It wasn't fun
In 5 months it was obvious
Everyone thought it was Mr. Hyde's except for
Uncle Vinny, cousin Benny, her dealer, and her sister TJ
Mr. Hyde was due home any week or two...

Crystal would not say to Vinny, Benny, or pusher Lenny
Who the father was, no fuckin way, uh uh
No one could get that information from sister Crystal no way
She had 4 other children, 3 with Mr. Hyde, 1 with her 1st husband

And now she's pregnant with number five
And TJ says to her we've got a [problem
You've got to find a way to get out of this alive
What are you gonna do? What aare you gonna do man?
You must get rid of it

She said no I wouldn't do that
I want this baby even though I'm in 10 feet deep of shit
I aint goona kill it, no way
TJ said alright we got to find a way to give it up
I don't know how we're gonna do this

But she said no she aint gonna do it
Alright Crystal there's a little problem
I'm a computer hacker, computers tell me things
I'm the niece of Charles Thacker, it's true

He's a fucking computer genius
And I'm a fuckin deviant chem lovin
Computer hackin, writin, needle lovin,
Glass dick lover, you get the idea

Crystal, Crystal I hacked into a computer for someone
The other day, and I found out totally by accident
Something very interesting about Mr. Hyde
And guess what I found out? What the fuck?
Chucky baby had a vasectomy 2 yrs ago
I know for sure I checked it out

He keepin his eye on you
If I were you I wouldn't tell him this is his kid
You're so dead, gee whiz
So sister Crystal you gotta settle down

28-04-2004, 14:17
Act 3 Scene 2

Who the fuck knocked you up?
Come on damn it what's up with that?
TJ couldn't imagine little sis bein the family fuck up ever
TJ was the bad girl that was the quiet one
Crystal was the good girl with the big mouth
Her eyes went down to the ground

And she said softly, " It was punctilius."
"Come again little sis?"
She said again in a dead flat tone, "punctilious."
PUNCTILIUS!? Exclaimed TJ with surprise
How the...What...Oh Christ no fucking way!
That doesn't compute!

This is totally NOT making any sense
TJ knew all the deviants of the south side
punctilious was a well known 15 yr old gay
Gang banger that loves explosives
And a chem slammin, gang bangin, explosive lovin

Dirt bike racin, stolen car chasin, bad boy
Oriental, truant, illegal gun lovin, bomb makin
Leather sportin, illicit, defiant, disobedient
Delinquent, incorrigable, dragon tatoo obtainer
On his chest and back who had the nerve to

Get those tattoos and debiberately did NOT ask permission!
Ohhhhhh he a bad ass rude dude motha.....shut yo mouth
That many adults made a fuss about in town
It was as if it was perfectly alright that he played with explosives
Hung out with bad ass minor boy thieves, road dirt bikes

Smokin that crazy demon mad yaba shit
Terrorizin the neighborhood on loud ass motor cycles
Racing illegally, yellin at the cops sayin they ain't shit
Unless they're a deputy sheriff, flippinem off with
The friendly one finger wave, leading em on a screetching
Metallic race through hell, cop cars chasin 90 mph speeds

To the death with this one gangster dude that got cornered
And boxed in all routes of escape blocked ready to take
Down this dude named Dihn V. Dihn who went down for
Screamin a metallic, demon, inhuman, crazy psychotic
rebel yell then took out a ginsu ninga blade and slitting

His carotid open and halfway decapitating himself
Defiantly and righteously went down in bad ass gangster
Dragon sportin, tattoo, underage, juvenile delinquent
Whose final victory against the cops with his self inflicted
Violent end, fuck you salute to all cops, went down as
One crazy ass, brave, psychotic, angry, brutal rebel yell

Passionately directing anger, violence, hate that would have
Made Hitler himself proud
Der fuehrer would have awarded him a metal had he been Aryan
And the yaba takin psychotic pissed off dude would have
Taken Hitler's meth on the battle field with his total blessing

The dried blood stains can still be seen in spots on the pavement
The inhuman screams and screetches from Dihn V. Dihn
could be heard and seen forever by the spectators
Witnessing the event and that mad yaba yell....
Yaba meaning "mad medicine" in Thailand

How the hell she knew punctilious was gay had been
Due to word of mouth being passed on from one member
To another from the secret society of The Meth Head Addict Family
Punctilius had been born into a large family of 8 or 10 children
His parents being at work, or drunk somewhere all hours
Left ample free time to explore the endless boundaries

And varieties of trouble of indefinite possibilities
And that he did in ample supply the day he joined that
Crazy gang of juvenile hoodlums
Times were changing though
It was ok to be gay in certain gangs
Hats off to the vile deviants of the new generation

Born and raised out in the hidden hills and lush grass of Whittier
He got no education really, his mother a half Vietnamese immigrant
His father a beer drinkin good old boy workin for the mill
His family not caring a rat's green turd if he lived or died

But how in fuck he ended up with a most amusing fucking name
Like punctilious was comical
Nonetheless, Crystal wouldn't and didn't have a clue about
The population's underworld of drug takers any and all ages
Drug takers would end up intermiggling with all socio economic types
Eventually sooner or later, and by world of mouth

TJ knew punctilious by reputation
What, and how the fuck Crystal came into contact with
Much less doin the low down dirty horizontal
Bone dance gig with of all people a 15 yr old oriental
Gay virgin gang banger, explosive lovin, meth slingin
Dirt bike racin demon named punctilious did not compute

She'd heard some strange things come out of Crystal's mouth
But this one, she couldn't wait to hear what sort of dumb ass
Off the wall, bullshit explanation Crystal would try to explain away
TJ couldn't wait to fuckin hear this

"Excuse me sis? Come again? How in the hell does a 34 year old
Woman who never did a thing wrong in her life with 4 kids
All of a sudden take off, decide to do the wild thang, with
Of all people an underage gangster gay Oriental explosive
Lovin, dragon tattoo sportin motorcycle racer virgin? What sparked
The interest and how do these 2 unlikely meet and do the bone dance?

Uh....uh....met him lookin at the uh huhs in beanerville
Said Crystal whose words were mostly unintelligible
Gimme a break sis! Is that what you're goin to tell Mr. Hyde?
For one thing, the sudden interest in lookin at these uh huhs?
That don't fly Crystal, and why did these particular uh huhs
Spark you to feed the pie with good old underage guy punctilious?
And exactly what about these uh huhs inspired punctilious pop
A woody then get down with a woman who was zealous gay bottom?

Although it was funny picturing Crystal explaining away a pregnancy
To Mr. Hyde of any kind of guy, much less said mentioned above
That this happened because she was looking at the uh huhs in beanerville
Almost made her lose it, but instead demanded, "Out with it sis
And cut the bull"

"When certain people sort of slam speed together," said Crystal
Matter of factly
The mystery cleared up all at once, TJ said, "That'll do it!"
Then quietly TJ says, "You've never done anything wrong in your life
That was my job. Why on earth did you do it"

Crystal Crystal little sister Crystal I can't believe you would doink
Good old lover boy punctilious in a deserted dangerous warehouse
Over a nuclear waste dump where these juvenile delinquents
Store chemicals and explosives, slingin meth, with a total out law
Underage stranger and vanishing into the vortex of the meth hole
For not one, but three days.
Jesus wept!

I just decided to get a little taste and wanted a memorable life experience
Oh you certainly did that sis!
Problem is Mr. Hyde not gonna be happy
He got a wife that's now a hype,
Who got horny for some underage Oriental dick
Uh oh don't think that's gonna go over so well with him!

You gotta give it up sis!
NO! said Crystal
What are we gonna do? How we gonna do this?
You got 4 other kids damn it!
Sighing her resignation, TJ said he gonna find out soon as he comes home

I don't like to think what he's gonna do
He's gonna come unglued
Crystal cried I cant give him up, he's living inside of me
My God Crystal, little sister Crystal he could send you to prison
For having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor
Scratch that.....hmmmm....gonna have to think about this one

I can only imagine how this kid is going to turn out
He's going to be a handful I can tell you that
Well well I guess you better let me dwell on this
How we gonna pull this off I don't know
Jesus girl you out did me one this one

Somehow, I don't know how, it'll be alright
We're in this together, try not to worry
I'll have to do some major ass kissin to Mr. Hyde
Alright sis gimme a couple days, I need a little time to think
How we gonna get out of this mess
Relax, don't worry for a couple days
Gonna cook up a plan
We're in this together
Don't worry little sis we'll come through somehow....."

28-04-2004, 15:59
Yo ho TJ went on a meth slingin bender
In all her splendor, big time
She got so caught up in her crime
Forgot about work and arrived one week late
Tweeker standard time

And oh ho there she goes stuck and sucked round and round she goes
Round and round see her spin
If she'll come back again nobody knows
Well this most recent bender
She did surrender
All since of time

landing her once again in the unemployment line
Once again, gee what a surprise
Seeing a pattern to this demise, she didn't whine
Or bother trying to give her old employer a dumb old line

Instead she told her boss the truth
Who thought that most uncouth
Well seeing as you took off a whole week to get wired
What can I say but you're fired

Remembering the days she used to like to get down in a motel and party
With a one night stand Romeo at hand and a bottle of Bacardi
Yo ho those were the restless young crazy days
It's a trip today and she's totally amazed
How differently she was viewed years ago

Cause now the same chicks would look upon her and say
That she likes to party with illicit chemicals
And that my friend makes her a dirty lowly criminal

Well what the fuck am I amazed at you self righteous bitches or what?
It's not like you never snorted coke so please take the bull and cut
What a bunch of hypocrites so you all have PH.D.s

And to you the smart ass officer that said I'm low life trash
You know what? If you don't like it
Then you're cordially invited to suck my left tit
Man I don't believe this shit

TJ was quite fucked up she couldn't comprehend what she was arrested for
It wasn't important she couldn't remember as she heard a slamming door
And a familiar voice in this jail
Sounded like cousin Gary, and she said well well

How's it goin cuz?
What did you do to get the attention of the fuzz?
Jaywalking again right?
His stupid stoned expression said he didn't give a shite

Don't matter where you put old Gary
No matter any place at all
He carries around on his back a giant monkey
But make no mistake he aint no stupid junkie

The boy is so brilliant in some ways it's scary
One way or another he'll find a way to get high
And that's no lie

Looking up she see's none other than Charles Hyde
Quite a surprise this is, her eyes did open wide
She's so loaded and saying stupid comical shit
She had all the inmates and staff alike in stitches
As one of them said TJ you're a twit

Hey Charles what it is brings it around
My neck of town?
Don't you remember you got locked up
Your sister sent me down here to get you out
Really dear you really look quite fucked up

You and your cousin and your hobbies are equally corrupt
Oh yeah now she remembered she and Gary catered a party
In the deserted motel next to the nuclear dump
With a bunch of tweekers and horse lovin fools and Bacardi
Too bad we didn't have a camera recording this

Where East meets West
Heroin and meth are the best
They came together fuck the rest
Yee haw you go girl

She vaguely remembered her sister's troubles
As well as her plan she'd have to spill to Mr. Hyde
Might as well live it up and get one more final ride
To remember the good times and she did
Old TJ went all out this time and done flipped her lid

And oh ho everybody knows TJ's the fucked up meth head ho
Crystal would be the one to talk about it
But when it came to acting it out
TJ's the one that would do it

To save Mr. Hyde and him worrying about his reputation and all
TJ would by a pregnancy kit to wear under her clothes and take the fall
TJ would let everything it was her that had the baby
Then give it to her sister to raise it and Mr. Hyde
Well now wouldn't that make them look the saints of that stuffy rich community?

Why not let them them that the joke would be on them
Nobody would think in their wildest dreams
Little innocent sis went and got herself some oriental minor dick
After doin some slingin with a gay gangster boy whose name was Puntillious

The dope got her all hot that night so she got serious
With a virgin named Punctillious
They were at it for 3 fuckin days and delirious
Whoa look at little sis! You go girl!

And yo ho let's go for a ride
You go little Crystal Hyde
She got a bun in the oven
After 3 nights of lovin

And yo go punctilious
You show the little little sis
And just how fun and crazy we get
When we mess with a little bit of meth

Unfortunately punctilious would die at age 18
He would never know his son he had
Whom everyone calls boy Erik
And of course as you would guess
That homeboy is non generic

Now Erik was very bright
And a horny little shite
Like his dad he bleached his hair blond
He a mirror image of the dad
And like him he was wronged

Boy Erik had an interest in explosives
And gangster boys
Although very bright with many PH.D's at age 15
He got in some deep shit one night
There was a showdown between the boys in the gang
And the cops who started shootin everyone in sight

And one of Boy Erik's got caught
In the crossfire, out of anger and defense
Boy Erik shot a cop
Yo ho you better run boy, run for your life

What you gonna do?
You gotta hide or you will spend
All your days behind bars in prison
So TJ did some computer hacking
Gave Erik some phony papers

And sent him on up to some folks she knew
That he would stay with in Van Couver
It made her sad cause she misses boy Erik
Who wouldn't you know he is so non generic

So there it is the story of Crystal and TJ
And how Boy Erik Kupidloveless came to be
And of his crazy folks also known as
The Meth Head Addict Family

We miss you bro!
Remember us with a smile
And party in style