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28-10-2010, 17:49
it means your BURNT OUT....stop smokin meth

been there, done that.

DJ 303
30-10-2010, 01:20
Im a brand new member to BL, and a long time user of the sites forums.
So, I'm really hoping I will get a few answers!! Let's call me 'john'
John started smoking crystal meth about 7 months ago for the first time. He really enjoys the motivation, weight loss and euphoria. For the first 5+ months he didn't buy but 2 dime bags total. These would last a week, and he would get smoked out alot.
Lately he's been buying $50- 1.0 gram bags and they always lasted 7-8 days. Always taking about a week off. He got two bunk (cut to hell) grams and couldn't find anything for 2 weeks.
Remember that every time he went without using crystal, there was no cravings, nor withdrawals except slight loss of energy.
He only smokes, no other method of ingestion.
Now, he's getting good quality, large pieces of crystal in his $50 gram bags.
The past 2 weeks he's been having frequent family issues and Personal stressors up the ass!
He Baez been using for 2 weeks now, taking 1-1.5 day breaks from using, plenty of sleep and food/water. Smoking 1-4 small bowls a day (2 grams lasted 2 weeks)

He noticed, there is no more 'full body orgasm' feelings, euphoria, or 'scalp orgasms' anymore.
No incredible body tingles either.
Also can't get an erection when needed & premature ejac.
He also noticed that when he takes a break for a few days, he crashes HARD. Sleeps all day, he eats alot! And is a little depressed (loss if serotonin & dopeamine)
He keeps using for that chase, weight loss & awesome energy. He still stays up for a lonnnng time and has no apitiet.
He enjoys being chipper!
(PLEASE)What he needs advice on is;
# 1). Where did the euphoria & body tingles go? How does he get them back?
# 2). Is he not using enough each time for this effect? (.1- .2grams)
# 3). He tries his best not to burn the gear, but sometimes toward the end, the puddle gets a golf/ tan tint. Is this wasted/burnt stuff? Any tips on that?
He trusts & believes he can quit anytime by the way.
He's a little frustrated that his tolerance seemed to climb so quickly!

Please if anyone can reply, He would greatly appreciate it!

P.s. [Red_Haze] you rock!

you'll probably find you get more responses if you dont talk about yourself in the 3rd person.
some sites use acronyms like "swim" or whatever, but not BL.
Its obvious its you, just keep your real identity private if you like and type in the 1st person.

basically your frequency of use means you build tolerance. its pretty simple.
you can up your dosage if you like, but back in the day when i used meth, .1 or .2 in a night was pleeenty. for many a weekend spanning many a year. but never too frequently.
antioxidants help tolerance a bit so you can try drinking green tea, but ultimately if you want the truth, just use less often.
at the end of a well used bowl, you will get some tinting or browning. some impurities or dust cant be avoided.
just smoke from clean glass man, and load smaller bowls. bigger puddles cause your gear to burn because the product in contact with the glass will be a different temperature to the surface. its also important to keep rolling.
if you trust and believe you can quit anytime, then really theres no need to be using as frequently.
1-1.5 days off aint much man.
you cant do anything about tolerance if you plan to use a lot. but you can avoid it by using less frequently, and for (much) less prolonged stints.
if you want my advice - other than quit - just be a weekend warrior.
no need to pick up 2 gs.
just go out occasionally and have a wicked night on a point or two.
it will preserve the intensity of your high, the cost, your health, your mental and physical well being, your friendships, and your life in general.
Thats if you choose not to quit it altogether.
I used on and off for a few years but dont anymore, and sustained no damage whatsoever, though it took more mental discipline than was worth it in the end. i guess i grew out of it, but in my experience, most fall by the wayside and never shake it.
she's a tricky bitch man, some people, !SOME!, can keep her on a sensible leash. they are generally wise, mature, extremely strong willed, self aware, experienced, and ethically righteous.
stay safe mate


30-10-2010, 06:13
what I can say about smoking dope (its been about almost 4 years, with 2-3 month rest periods here and there), is that for me personally, it took me about a year and a half before i could hit it alright without assistance.

It takes experience. Now these days, when I do decide to tweek out, its like second nature(which could be good or bad lol.) don't hold the lighter too close, and make sure to melt it all down when you pack the bowl, then let it sit for a minute, as said a million times over in this thread. I blow into the hole to help the process too.

Smoking to me used to be my favorite way, I only wanted to do it that way or not do it. but now, its optional, since its tiring to have to worry about people finding the paraphernalia, or buy new ones. lately, its really hard to find some good shit around here, nothing hits me like it used to, so I prefer to do lines mostly for the rush and easy cleanup. and because I researched and learned so much about dope that I think it keeps me from getting my full effect, because when I started, I actually didnt know what it was or what I was doing, which caused me to have some CRAZY ass hallucinatory episodes. I didnt realize I had been up for days, or know anything about meth when I started, so it was pretty crazy and fun.

I guess I'll stop there, this is getting pretty long, and getting off subject, so my parting words are dont let it go too far with this stuff, and try to smoke out of a meth bong at one point, that shits intense! then drink the bong water after, and really freakin trip out ;)
have fun everyone and twack out good!

30-10-2010, 09:47
thanks everyone. as of today im proly gonna quit.
i need to.

DJ 303
30-10-2010, 11:24
thanks everyone. as of today im proly gonna quit.
i need to.

thats good words there.
if you want my advice, lose the "proly".

DJ 303
30-10-2010, 11:26
talk about an old fucking thread.

this post has absolutely no value whatsoever


01-11-2010, 22:43
3 days without!

wont pick it up again.
still sleeping all day and eating so much. when will this stop?

02-11-2010, 16:08
3 days without!

wont pick it up again.
still sleeping all day and eating so much. when will this stop?

Good Luck Canary. I know what you are going through. Sleep all day as much as you can. It's good for you. Probably by today you will start to feel regular again. <3

03-11-2010, 02:47
well all I need now is some meth and the desire to do it. Thanks for the tips haze

good posting

04-11-2010, 09:18
::Based only on my own and my close friends personal experiences::
If you have never tried meth and you know you never will, then skip this post. If you are using meth, or thinking of trying meth, ladies, you should know, and perhaps you already do, that meth will make your sweat, your urine, your vajay, YOU, smell and taste sickening.

I guess I might have to cross post this in the meth mega thread since I have not read this there. Maybe newbies don't know although after the first time you use meth you should figure it out, unless you can't smell anything.

If you are going to use meth, you need to plan on taking a couple showers a day. You need to use deodorant more than once a day. You need to douche if you're going to use your vajay for anything, even if you are just going to be sitting nekkid. A vajay marinated in meth, and the underwear the vajay arrived in, will smell like hell for a mile in any direction. It smells worse than anything I can think of. Put douche and deodorant and sweet smelling lotion and gum in your car or purse, nao so you will have it right with you when you need it. The gum is not for the vajay, it's for you to chew because you'll get cotton mouth, bad breath, nasty tasting saliva, or all three.

This post begs the question, "Why bother with meth if it has these stanky side effects?"

My answer is simply, "Occasionally I like to enjoy the high and the "up" I get from meth."

Your pee while you are on meth will stink like a chemical bath of hideous proportions. Use "diaper wipes" or some such thing to wipe your whole crotch good after you pee.

Also your vajay will smell and taste bitter to your sex partner. Maybe oral isn't the best choice while your up. Again, you should use douche before you have sex. Not like a few hours before. RIGHT before. If you do it a few hours before you will need to do it again before the sex. There are flavored lubes you can use after you douche to help get the meth scent and taste out, and make your vajay taste like a strawberry or a spring day, whatever your kink is. Especially if you are sporting a hairless tender part, a little drop of honey on your clit might make the medicine go down so to speak. Carpet on the vajay does not go with meth use, because the carpet holds scents and someone who has his or her nose down there will smell it in the pubes even if you douched.

A little drop of honey on your clit if you have not showered since 6 a.m. and now it's 9 p.m. WILL NOT help. If you dose at 6 a.m., but 9a.m. you smell bad. Do something by 9 a.m. and stay with it, or the smell will multiply.

Spray air freshener in the bathroom after you pee, because your pee will smell the whole house up. Stay clean and try to stay dry because if you really start to sweat profusely, you'll smell like a chemical treatment plant in no time. I wouldn't use meth at a three day festival unless I WANTED to be avoided at all costs. You would smell worse than the portables by the end of the festival.

I don't think I left anything out. Except for how sick a guys balls can smell if he's on meth but that's not my area of expertise.

16-11-2010, 07:21
Relapsed today.
Picked up a new piece and a gram of really good shit.
All for $45

03-02-2011, 23:50
Welcome everyone to another discussion on the tips and techniques behind smoking crystal meth.

~ There are several threads that cover a few different techniques but nothing I have not heard before and so I wonder what else is out there. How can people get the most out of there geek eh? The techniques I have learned from my collective experience as well as reading through post after post on this and several other sites are as follows. This might be old hat to some and then again it might be a whole new world for others.

Tips and techniques:

1. loading a bowl.

~ When loading a bowl it is often times that a straw is used to deposit the crystals into the end of the pipe, The bag containing the crystals is opened and the straw is pushed into a sizable amount depending on your tolerance, ability, people present, and several other factors. The straw is then pushed carefully into the stem of the pipe and when reaching the bowl the end of the straw (side still outside of the pipe) is flicked lightly a few times. Make sure to cover the hole at the pipes end before flicking or even placing the straw in the pipe, crystals are small and expensive so loss of a few would be devastating.

2. Melting or "Cutting"

~ If you know basic chemistry or have just messed around with a lot of drugs then you should know that many substances that are crystal, powder, granulated and so on will melt if vaporized in a pipe. Therefor the idea that heating up the pipe and melting down the product will take out the cut is a false ideal held by some users who are miss informed. The "Cut" Taste that is given in the first hit of most product is actually just residual chemicals left behind from the cooking process that are vaporized along with the meth. It is in fact a good idea if you are worried about your health to puff out the first bit of the melt so that the residual is taken away.

~ Melting is done by using a heat source (usually a lighter) and holding it close enough to the product to turn it into its liquid state but far enough away so that it is not burned. A good first melt tip is to use the technique often found with people who use jet lighters in which the lighter is slowly rotated around the perimeter (though not so slowly mind you if you are actually using a jet lighter/torch lighter), the flame is then spiraled into the middle where the product is and quickly removed from the pipe as the glass will be heated enough for the product to melt. If you blow out your first bit of cut then now is the time to do so, otherwise begin taking your hit and use either side to side rotation or a small circular motions so that the product is spread out amongst the bottom area of the bowl into a thin, clear pool that will quickly change if done right into a spiderweb like whitish sheet of crystal.

3. Smoking

~ Now onto the important step of continued vaporization and crystallization of the product in order to achieve the level of euphoria that is desired. To begin we want to let the pipe cool even after the liquid has recrystallized from the melting/cutting hit. Even after the product has formed a crystal sheet the pipe will still be very hot which can cause overheating of the product giving it a burnt taste, causing it to burn to the bowl, turning it brown in color, and even just destroying it in one big useless hit. Once the pipe has cooled to the point that you can touch it onto your skin and feel no warmth at all (or slight warmth for you speed freaks >.>) then you can begin to take another hit. To begin hold the pipe in the position you desire and start your lighter; if you are using a normal lighter and you look carefully you can see that where the flame "ends" it still has a little tail that goes up a bit from it, a good tip is to never get any closer to the product than the tip of the tail almost touching the glass. You should never have to actually touch the tail to the glass however if you get any closer the chances of burning the product go up exponentially. The technique one uses to heat the product is up to them however rotation and distance of flame are key. A draw on the pipe should be slow but not at a snail pace, Drink in the smoke at the same speed you would a milkshake (Not sucking it down, but not hardly getting smoke). Continue to inhale until you begin to get micro-breaths which will be noticed by small puffs of smoke leaving the carb as your lungs reach there limits, this is a process of smoking I know as "Riding the train" because of the speed of inhale and the fact the little smoke plumes look like a train passing by.

~ Grab a washrag that is clean and dampen it with warm or room temperature water (Cold water will cause the pipe to crack or sometimes violently explode depending on how hot it was), when the product recrystallizes move the pipe down to the rag and slowly use soft rotating motions to cool down the glass. On occasion a person will get ahead of themselves and move the pipe quickly from there mouth to the rag after a hit in order to try and save more product, this almost always ends with meth flying out of the pipe or in the least sprayed all over the inside of the pipe and in several hard to reach places.

~ The product if it is of good quality should remain a whitish color all the way down until it has disappeared (This is of course considering everything was done correctly and the product was of high percentage in actual meth). If the product begins to turn brown in color after originally being white then the most likely cause of this is that the flame is to close to the pipe and heating it to the point that it is burning the product. If checked and the flame is at a reasonable distance and the product was not overheated then there is the possibility that you are in fact burning the cut within the meth which might have a lower heating temp. This happens from time to time depending on what the product is cut with though it is a oddity to have so much that the entire product turns brown, if however there are just a few little specks of brown in the white pool then burnt cut is a possible reason.

4. What about all that frosty goodness in my pipe?

~ The crystal frost lining the inside of the pipe can be a bit of a hassle for some people to figure out how to use it. You could use your lighter on the stem and smoke it that way, however this leads to overheating of the connection of the bowl and stem and can lead to cracks if not simply just burning ones self. You could place the pipe in a cup of water and let the meth soak in before taking the pipe out once more and letting the water evaporate into little bits of crystal, this however takes a span of time that some people to not wish to wait and for others is simply hard to obtain. To this problem the process of "Scraping" comes into play, a process that would seem as if it would break your pipe (and it might if done improperly) and sends most tweekers on a jittery nail biting tangent as they watch.

~ Scraping: For scraping a pipe there are a few things needed, these items very depending on the size of the pipe, the thickness and strength of the glass, and how easy it is for the person to feel the strength of his strokes. The items needed to do a pipe scraping are the straw which was used to load the bowl, and a wire from a hanger, wisk or ect. The straw is push into the stem of the tube and with a light pressure is pressed against the frost. Slow long strokes are made at first to remove large amounts all at once, remember however to keep your finger over the carb in order to prevent escape of any meth. The straws motions if done correctly will clean an entire stem in under a minute, there will be spots that still have tiny bits of product on them in the stem that you missed with the long strokes and with these short strokes at a moderate or fast speed will work.

~ now that you have your scrape from the stem inside the bowl it is time to move on to scraping the bowl itself (Note: If done correctly no glass shards will be in your meth, as well if done correctly the bowl will not break or crack in any way.). If you are a bit squeemish about cleaning thin glass with a wire then perhaps just melting the spots down to the middle would be best for you, however if you think you have the skill you will need to take the wire and insert it into the carb, once in the carb you can reach almost all of the bowl with the exception of the area directly around the carb itself (this can be reached by bending the wire into a hook like shape). Begin to with gentle motions slide the wire over the frost coated bowls insides, if you see lines appearing in the frost as you slide the wire over it you are doing great. Once you think you have gotten the process down in slow-motion you can begin to make slightly quicker pace of the job, the main point to remember about this part of the scraping is that though being gentle you still do not want to scrape large portions of the bowl at once so do patches and soon (a few minutes max) you will have a bowl that is almost perfectly clean and a large pile of scrape in the middle to be melted down. Often times three-five large hits can be taken from a bit of scrape after smoking a .5 once the technique is mastered.


The Pipe Fiends Hotrail: For those of us that find it relaxing or just plain fun to do things with pipes there is the hotrail in a pipe. The product is melted and turned much like normal although I suggest a friend giving the hit as your hands would be busy. The only difference is that the pipe is placed so that you inhale the vapor through your nose while covering the other nostril and thus absorb more of the chemicals into your bloodstream. However, there are those of us that must take it a step further, ask questions, dare to dream and for those there is "The Pipe Fiends Hotrail"! This trick is done by using two pipes loaded with small bowls which are each held for the person and then lit and rolled while placed on his nostrils so that the large hit from both pipes travels through the individuals nose. I do not claim ownership of this technique though I have never seen another person do it without me proding them to do so.

The Hot Air Balloon: For those that feel a bit lonely while there pipe passes around a group there is always a way to keep a bit of it with you till you get it back in your hands. The Hot Air Balloon is a simple balloon that is taken and stretched a few times to make the breathing easier, the tweeker then takes a large hit from the pipe and breaths it all into the balloon before pinching it so no smoke escapes. After the balloon is full a "complete breath" is taken, the complete breath is an inhale for ten seconds with a three second hold and then an exhale for ten seconds with a three second hold. After the complete breath it is time to let the smoke back into your lungs by unpinching the balloon and taking another hit, Although after two or so times the smoke is almost gone it becomes a bit of a game with some to continue to rehit there balloon until the pipe gets back to them.

The Bubbler: If the Balloon is not really your style but you still want to get the most out of your meth then you might find "The Bubbler" more to your liking. The Bubbler consists of a two liter bottle and a hose, the cap of the two liter is burned to make a hole just large enough for the hose to fit through and slide all the way to the bottom (At this point if you really wish to you can melt some plastic around the seal to make sure its air tight). Then a small hole is made at the upper section of the bottle near the neck to act as a reverse carb, and the bottle is filled one third of the way with purified water. Take a hit from your pipe and blow it through the tube at a moderate pace if possible and watch the smoke filter through the water and begin to fill up the bottle. When the smoke begins to come out of the carb it is time to plug it and attempt to blow in the rest of your hit (though it takes a massive hit to fill it and still not have room if done right). The crystals will form inside the bottle and the water can be evaporated to make small little shards however before evaporation remember to pour a bit of water down the tube to get all of the crystals in there mixed in at the bottom.

Fuck man, i have only just joined this thing but i found what u had to say most informative and fascinating. u ought 2b congratulated for taking the time out to explain to everyone the finer details of meth smoking, i thought i new it all but i certainly learnt a thing or 2. onya bro

04-02-2011, 09:41
I am sorry if someone posted this already but to much to read right now. The black shit left behind from cooling with spit or anything but water. Use a magic eraser. By far the best thing to use. Oh good post man very well written.

23-04-2011, 08:58
Invest in some decent torch lighters. start inhaling once you see your bowl fill with thick smoke, slowly but steadily till you're out of breath. hold for 3 seconds, exhale.

Meth bongs do work, I don't know why these aren't more popular. Not only can you take a huuuuge hit, for some reason you don't really have to rotate the bowl around much, so the only way you can fuck up is by holding the lighter too close and burning it. Plus, the water will cool The hot smoke so it won't crack your lips up (this is an issue with torches). Great to learn how to smoke with, and if you've been doing it for a while, this will allow you to get a nice big hit.

As for the regular pipes... if you're new to this, instead of the straight pipes, get one that has a bowl that tilts off, either to the left or to the right, doesn't matter (should tilt far less than a 90 degree angle though). this way you can watch your meth get smoked, and learn how to rotate your pipe accordingly. its easier to get a feel for it when you can see exactly what youre doing, and where precisely where your meth has recrystalized on the bowl ...

when you get a straight pipe, try to get one with thicker glass, as its more durable. a big bowl is best, with a small carb. If you're smoking with a torch, the smoke gets super hot, and you wouldn't want to hold your finger over it as suggested here. so a small hole ensures that the least amount of smoke escapes, as you pass the pipe to your friend or prepare for your next hit.

meth is the only thing i like smoking - i'm neither a cigarette nor a weed smoker, could never get into that. nice fat clear shards don't smell (if they do, its only a very faint chemical smell), don't have much of a taste (unless you burn it), it's like breathing air. its only the really cut stuff in my experience that smells strongly or tastes bad.

24-04-2011, 23:40
If I could ask a quick question, is bulbing the pipe throughout the smoking of your bowl the way to go? Or is that technique only used for heating a new bowl evenly. I'd assume that bulb smoking would generate less heat since the tip of the flame is not being applied and that it would in fact heat your shit evenly. Please correct me if I'm wrong, just after a quick tip since I haven't seen a post in this thread regarding it yet but I'm still on page 16. O.o

Oh if you were to exhale smoke into a cup of water, would the meth in your smoke actually go into the water?

25-04-2011, 02:27
yes. meth HCL is extremely dissovlable in water. flavor up the bong water and drink that after a couple of people have been smoking through it. it will get you high for sure.

moving the flame around the bowl helps with two things:
1. provides a heated area for the meth oil to roll onto and flash vaporize
2. heating the thin glass of a pipe tends to cause the glass in the part that's heated to stretch and thin. eventually, especially if you're using a torch lighter, you will thin the glass so much that when you put it down on its dampening cloth, it'll shatter. or day to day handling will cause the bowl to break.

all of this really depends on the quality. with high quality shit, there's no good reason to use a bong. the smoke coming off the dope isn't all that hot, and shouldn't have an irritating effect on the throat or lungs. ideally it should feel and taste like a cool soothing chemical-ish smoke. kinda reminds me of mothballs.

cut products almost always tend to burn before really pure meth does, so if you have higher percentage of cut in your shit, then keeping the temp low in the bowl really matters. eventually all that cut will burn and turn the taste of the smoke really acrid.

meth will go into and come out of solution very easily with water. its not a half bad way to transport, if you've got patience and calmness. I never found those two qualities to be in effect in tweakers. you can either drink the water or recrystallize the dope.

27-04-2011, 04:59
of course. meth is water soluble. half the vapor he would have inhaled from using a pipe gets absorbed in the bongwater.

just suck down the bongwater after every ball and replace it with fresh.


Be careful if you do this especailly after a whole ball, you will be super duper extra electric high, like way too high, a little bongwater goes a long way

19-06-2011, 06:15
No, me and crystalcallas are not great mates... or mates at all. In fact we don't even know each other.

It's just that tweakers are notorious for telling complete strangers their life story and turning into their 'best friends' overnight. What can I say, we get high we get really friendly sometimes. =D

Then we come back while you're crashed and sneak off with your stuff. :p

This is the most HILARIOUS yet factual statement I've come across this thread so far - HIL-FRIGGIN-LARIOUS!

Actually typing my fingers away tweaked outta my mind atm - finally!*

Wanted to say hi, wave my piggies, introduce myself =) fellow private dancer =D

But had a few questions that I believe I figured on my own (although I value your expertise moreso).
1. This is a first, I've finally achieved nirvana but at the same time, my own personal hell. At first I thought I had distended my stomach (the pain was very similar, I've distended my stomach before) but I asked my smoking buddy if he experiences the same and he reminded me that T does stop the stomach from digesting, etc., and he also gets that total blockage although rarely - what I wanna know is: is it a norm when one's super high? and what's the easiest and efficient way to ease the stomach from that state? My solution was to relax, breathe deeply, and try and relieve myself in the bathroom, basically pushing the vitals back in place.
2. What does really good or really pure sTuff taste like if there is a specific sign to determine? I just usually go by the high or if it has this ridiculously gross taste, similar to the stuff the janitor uses to toss on top of vomit in elementary school, that piney horrible shieße.

*=And why I say finally - for whatever reason, everyone I'd smoke with (been smoking for about 7 months now) would look at me as if I'm a 30-y/o tina vet, and I'm a very fast learner, I'd do as told correctly if not better than others through observation & practice, but for the life of me I just wouldn't tweak like everyone else would. Today I finally tweaked as my friend mentioned it, "the tingles", and my pupils did dilate somewhat, but at the expense of my stomach literally in my throat. Had to vomit my guts to ease the tension initially.

Hope to get much love from my bluelight folks!


Everlasting Reign
19-06-2011, 07:21
50 ml kjeldahl flasks make great pipes. Burn a hole in the side with a propane torch, by poking a wire through and working it into a hole. A disadvantage to this is that it has a prototypical crack pipe look.

What also works well is an analytical vial with a paperclip holder and a glass tube to suck through. Just put the goods at the bottom of the vial and heat over a candle or lighter. The benefit of this is that it is easily concealable, and it isn't immediately apparent what its true purpose is.

19-06-2011, 13:59
I myself prefer the age old classic, "Sunglasses at night".

YESSSSS!!!!!111ONEONEONEUNOUNOEINEINEIN - Draw a single vertical line with a 225° line protruding from the top point and a smaller horizontal line intersecting perpendicular to the bottom the point, and repeat this process multiple times

My Ex-BF could NEVER understand how invaluable New Wave or other power rock/power pop 80's music with requisite synths and arpeggio (I'm a classically trained countertenor: for non-music geeks, it's aka "broken chord" or instead of notes played simultaneously, they're played sequentially.)

My other song to play when I'm on the up and about - When Doves Cry

Can't beat the man who parties now!

Beyond that, I'm a musical jukebox - feelin' a lil' mellow? Maybe some Natalie:Torn? Or maybe you need a little uplifting


Maybe some Whitney:It's Not Right, But It's Okay?

:! :o :! :o :! :o :!

19-06-2011, 14:14
50 ml kjeldahl flasks make great pipes. Burn a hole in the side with a propane torch, by poking a wire through and working it into a hole. A disadvantage to this is that it has a prototypical crack pipe look.

What also works well is an analytical vial with a paperclip holder and a glass tube to suck through. Just put the goods at the bottom of the vial and heat over a candle or lighter. The benefit of this is that it is easily concealable, and it isn't immediately apparent what its true purpose is.

I've actually tried the analytical vial method recently, fellow ex-pre med friends gave me some and realized, surgical grade glass means I should be able to temper with it a bit. Checked online before diving into a nasty scenario of course.

Had the unfortunate head butt with an ungrateful hookup who had this belief that glass is glass regardless and I wanted to break both a bottle of Cristal (notice the double entendre?!?! =D=D=D) and some cheap cooking wine bottle over his head and let him feel the difference in glasses. It took forever for me to finally drive through to him that some glasses/ceramics/earthenware is supported with the addition of lead which more oft then not makes the piece unusable for food, and it being a metal in a glass, need not say more when trying to heat it up with a flame to light a chemical that'll burn 100x higher within the glass device.

20-06-2011, 02:09
i dont quite see how this is intended for HARM REDUCTION, ie the point of this site....
this looks more like a "get more fucked, more quicly, more intensly, for less money" thread.

25-06-2011, 11:27
I've found the best technique for smoking a bubble just recently.

You start by using a bic and putting the tip top of the flame about 1/2inch under the crystal/clear coating that's inside the bubble. Keep it there for about 10secs, then rotate the pipe about 1/4 of the whole thing, or 90degrees. Keep it on this new spot for about 10secs as well, and if the oil/liquid doesn't slide onto this new spot just move the lighter back and forward from the old spot to the new one a few times slowly, but make sure you keep it at the new spot for about 10secs total. Now you just keep the flame in one spot, still at 1/2 inch below the glass, and just rotate the pipe with your fingers. Move it back & forward slowly, from the first spot you had it on, to the 2nd spot 1/4 around the pipe. Now about every 3-5secs lower the lighter another 1/2 inch, and keep lowering it at this speed until it's a few inches away and then just turn it off.

This should give you an insane hit, as it has for me in the past. Just make sure your pipe is relatively clean so the oil/liquid can slide back and forward easily enough.

I find tina uses up these basic necessities and causes most of the nerve pain from use.
& maybe the most important one Magnesium!

If you're going to be using get either poweraid (it has all four) Gatoraid doesn't have calcium & magnesium making it a HUGE rip off. But the best drink bar none I've found is the V8 Fusion splash drink, it's got everything you need & more because of all the real fruits and veggies in it!

Eat tons of fruits & a little protein!! Sleep well! Stay hydrated! Those three things will make the meth comedown ALMOST NON-EXISTENT!

26-07-2011, 14:03
Hey guys just wondering how effective a light bulb vaporizer is for smoking meth with?

Heroin Girl
27-07-2011, 00:36
I'm rather new to smoking meth, great tips - thanks, man!

30-07-2011, 11:52
I have been smoking on and off over the past 2 years. I first started with "tweaker lighters", the cheap clear ones where you can adjust the flame. those worked ok because i could adjust but the fluid ran out quickly and they got very hot. Next I used bic lighters. these have a more steady flame, and they dont get as hot. Unfortunately they are not see through so its harder to tell when it will die.

Once I ran out of lighters and tried a candle. DO NOT DO THIS. The candle wax and its oils will evaporate as the candle burns and the candle material with get all over and inside your pipe. when i hit it my throat felt raw and burned and tasted of scented oil. ruined my bowl and i had to clean my pipe.

CLEANING!!! my favorite! my dealer calls me "the betty crocker" of tweak because of the way i clean my glass. i always have the cleanest pipes, they look brand new and stay brand new saving me tons of money! How? EASY.

1. take a pipe you no longer want to hit and place it in a coffee mug bubble side down.put 3/4 of a cup of bleach in the mug. (Yes the kind you can get for $1.00 a gallon at the store)

2. make sure the kitchen is ventilated and place the mug in your microwave for 4 mins.
( this is not dangerous if you avoid breathing in hot bleach vapors. it smells a little funny but its only for like 5 seconds.)

3. take the mug out and immediately run hot water in the cup making the bleach eventually all wash out of the mug.leave the pipe inside still stem facing up.

4. now run cooler water over the pipe and in the mug. when the stem is cool pick up the pipe and thoroughly rinse it with cool water.

5. now dry the outside of the pipe with a paper towel or something clean.

6.at this point you can twist up the corner of the paper towel and stuff it in the stem, twisting it to go in further and dry the inner stem.

7. after the outside is dry and the stem isnt leaking grab a couple clean q-tips and use them to dry inside the bowl through the hole at the top of the bubble and also the stem.


No more torching, blowing, cracking, warping or frustration!

Best of all your pipe will last as long as you dont break it saving you lots of $$$ and lets be honest, uncomfortable trips to the store. you really dont want to be that person who comes in the store almost every day needing a new pipe and 6 lighters. SKETCHY.

AH, SAVING MONEY ON LIGHTERS! Get a refillable. you can get a small "tweaker" style lighter with an adjustable flame that can be refilled with butane. these are cheaper than torch lighters but require more patience because they are a single flame and dont heat your crystal as evenly resulting in smaller hits and a longer smoke session.

I only tried a torch because my dealer happened to have one and claimed it was the greatest thing since uncut tweak. :D

he was right. the torch can be intimidating, but its actually harder to burn with a torch than a regular flame. the flame holds a lot of heat in one spot making the smoker more responsible for seeing what they are lighting and spinning at the right rate to prevent burns.

the torch distributes a lower tempurature over a larger surface area perfect for heating the bowl more evenly without having to focus on a single area of the bowl.

this means an even melt and no crusting. also you get faster hits with less pressure "not to burn it!!!"

Personally I use a triple torch (three spread out flames from one lighter), and i am never going back. I use vector butane gas because it has a cleaner gas that makes my torch last longer.

With these tricks i have held onto 1 lighter, 1 pipe, and 1 can of gas for nearly a month and a half and probably much longer than that. cost?

triple torch lighter $8

butane $10

pipe $5

long lasting paraphanelia: $23 + tax.

not having to run to the shop on a comedown to throw money down the toilet on the wrong products: PRICELESS

30-07-2011, 12:08
as far as nutrition goes it all has to do with your ability to break away from your PUNDING.

Punding is a term that was coined originally to describe complex prolonged, purposeless, and stereotyped behavior in chronic amphetamine users;
Punding activity is characterized by compulsive fascination with and performance of repetitive, mechanical tasks, such as assembling and disassembling, collecting, or sorting household objects.

"One spent hours in the market fascinated by cans. At home she endlessly examined and catalogued her jewelry. Another picked threads in rugs indoors and weeded her garden compulsively to the point of wetting herself rather than stopping. The third hoarded flashlights taking them apart and reassembling them."

If you find yourself wrapped up in a pointless activity take a second and pry yourself away. this takes discipline, and is harder the longer you are awake. grab a notepad and write down all the things you need to do to take care of your body.

1. drink a bottle of water
2. take vitamins
3. wash face
4. brush teeth and tongue
5. shower
6. apply lotion for dry skin.
8. hair/make up & get dressed.

this sounds stupid but believe me if you keep running your fingers fruitlessly over the carpet near where you packed a bowl hoping to find a sliver you will be there for HOURS.

escape the trap by saying aloud "there is nothing there. if i did drop anything it was so small it wouldnt even give me a hit."


30-07-2011, 12:17
If no cotton available, try rubbing the bottom on a piece of cloth like your denims to help cool it down. (please, not on your legs)
happy safe tweeking tweex

Actually rubbing glass thats too hot on denim (an ink soaked material) can cause the ink to burn to the bottom of your pipe. very hard to get off and ugly looking. the same with polyester or plastic based fabrics. the plastic will melt and stick to the outside of the pipe.

To be safe use a white cotton fabric square or old t-shirt .

13-08-2011, 21:49
Well im a meth user never have smoked it or anything else just snorted it, and well im pretty young im still in high school and i dont feel like im addicted to it i just do it when i have nothing better to do. Is there any tips that i need to know or anything that will make my high even better?

13-08-2011, 22:06
Not many people consider potentiating Meth necessary.

It's bioavailability is roughly 80% when snorted. This rises to 90% when smoked, and almost 100% if taken rectally.

Be careful with this shit though. Boredom is not a good basis on which to take a highly addictive drug that you are not yet addicted to. Addiction though is matter of when and not if with continued use of Meth 'when bored'.

13-08-2011, 22:29
make sure you mantain your hygiene and shower. When im tweeking i go days without showering............Just showered and man oh man when i tweek i forget to Eat.......and i dont bathe.......Not meth just Amphetamine. But sae high, Im sure meth is intense as hell compare to adderall or dexerdrine. Also stay up on the water! after 50 hours of amphetamine high i cant take the anxiety........Popped a Alprazolam under the tongue and GOD BLESS sedation! Feeling much better!

13-08-2011, 22:36
I think the ability to know when your losing it mentally is invaluable. You know having that moment of clarity when your worried about the DEA coming through your window. You gotta be able to take a deep breath realize you are just freaking out and either stop taking more or tranqualize yourself with downers.

13-08-2011, 22:39
The best thing you can do is to not do it very frequently.

13-08-2011, 23:03
Find a less harmful drug to cure boredom while you can. Soon you will simply be bored whenever your not using it.

13-08-2011, 23:43
Don't rage out.

Don't give into delusional thinking.

Most importantly, as sekio said, don't use it often, this will quickly lead to many problems.

14-08-2011, 04:08
The only stimulant I've used in the last year or so was MDMA, I can't ever get over the anxious feeling from them but have used almost all of the prescription stimulants and just got so edgy I'm like scared away almost. I know they are nothing compared to meth or coke but I can't imagine the anxiety being any worse than it was.

14-08-2011, 08:55
The best thing you can do is to not do it very frequently.

Basically the best advice you're going to get right there.

14-08-2011, 09:50
its so amazing and funny how paranoid i get on crack/coke/amphetamines. even in my own house ill peek out windows, hide away from sunlight, etc...dont get me wrong, a few times window peeking saved my ass cuz the bitch upstairs me and my gf apartment always calls cops on us, so bout a few times while the crack was in the air my window peeeking gave me time to flush the stem,,hide the work, and fan the place with a cigarette..too much paranoia on crack wwhile driving has gotten me into fender benders, and i got T boned, an SUV hit my side of door going 60mph over me being paranoid and jumpy on the wheel..its all 95% in our heads..i remember driving to ghetto to shoot heroin , no worries, no paranoia, but when idrive to get crack, im looking out every window, having bags in my mouth already..its crazy how paranoia effects u

14-08-2011, 13:34
I'd say an important rule of thumb I always follow is this: dont get high on amphetamine and go running around town after 2am!! it doens't look good.

Stay put from 2am - 5am, it's the smart thing to do,

I agree w/ the peeps who suggest trying another drug for boredom, esp since you're in HS. if you really insist of uppers try some adderall and potbrownies instead. it's a safer and more fun road to take.

14-08-2011, 20:21
He isnt showing any signs and its the fuckin internet not grammar school it isnt a rule to type correct in every way. OP moderation is key only you know. Stay away from caffeine and working out thats always caused some heavy breathing for me during and the day after some meth. I started smokin meth at 16 and because im not a retard I kept my use semi low and now I hardly have a craving to do it at all. If some weeds around ill def jus blaze up since I dont like smokin weed on meth. Just seems like a waste. But yea man dont start goin on 3 day benders every cpl days thats when shits gonna get bad. Youl literally be in bed for days unless you take some more which is where the deadly cycle for most of my buddies started. You think the no sleep doesnt catch up to you but it does. Be safe man!

15-08-2011, 02:48
thanks man. and well im not an idiot doing it when i do it i take precaution i eat during the high and after i take vitamins i know enough of what happens when it goes wrong and i can pretty much say that im doing it as responsible as i can

16-08-2011, 05:38
I'm a regular user of meth, and used it irregularly from around your age. I think first, it is best to determine whether you're a person that can handle stimulants, or like a lot of people in this thread, become a paranoid mess. Personally, I'm fine on meth. I can go days without sleep and the only real problem is I might fuck up a sentence or get a little bit irritable. I have a fair few friends who tried to keep up with me in terms of daily use and almost all of them had to cease as they felt like they were going insane, bouts of OCD, paranoid delusions. I only smoke meth as I find it a lot more relaxing than insuffilation and my addiction is a heavy one. I work 6 days a week in sales and smoke it all six days, Sunday being my day off where I lounge about quite happily. I sleep on it, I eat on it and I have no problem having sex on it. When I was your age I never smoked it, I would always eat it or insuffilate it, usually once a month or so on a weekend with some friends. When you use it, look around and note your reactions compared to your friends. Can you notice it affecting others much more than you, or are some of them a lot more coping on it than you are? In the interest of harm reduction you should definitely cease all use 'til you're a little older, but I get quite annoyed when people claim that meth is in no way manageable. I use meth quite heavily and in doing so no longer smoke any pot (which didn't sit well with me at all and yet smoked it everyday for 5 years), smoke roughly 3-4 cigarettes a day instead of 25 and drink 3 days a week instead of all 7. I am socially a lot adept, I am far better at keeping to a routine, and i'm the opposite of lazy. My hiegene is anything but bad, when I smoked pot everyday I'd always be missing showers, brushing teeth. Now I never miss them, I always brush my teeth, and because I'm so conscious of what meth does to my body, I eat more healthy than I have in my entire life. it is true that meth is a terrible drug and should never be taken in 90% of those situations. I'm one of the 10% that it has done nothing but improve my life, and in terms of health problems, when they actually start to show, I guess I'll cease, but in terms of mental paranoia and such, I suffer none. I suffered paranoia before I started meth use from anxiety and such. Now all that paranoia is gone because of the confidence meth gives me in almost all situations. Meth can be useful when managed correctly and when in the hands of a mature adult. Just wait a few years and come back to it.

16-08-2011, 08:15
but I get quite annoyed when people claim that meth is in no way manageable.

I don't believe that meth use is manageable forever for anyone. There's just no getting around it's neurotoxic effects, as well as other side effects of heavy use. The problem of continuing to use while it seems manageable is that for most people, the longer you use, the harder it becomes to get off. So that when the negative side effects kick in, you've got a terrible addiction that really is hell to quit.

Generally meth addiction is not long lasting - most people quit after 6 or 7 years as the detrimental side effects of addiction just aren't sustainable in the way that, say, opiates are.

16-08-2011, 08:36

Im 21, and I've made multiple threads back in the day about when I was using meth for a few months....It's as simple as this- Some people can do the drug, hell even every single frickin day like I did for months on end and abruptly stop and just be tired and then go on with life.... That's called being able to control yourself and not being a fuck head who doesn't know when to quit :) . So yes, SOME people can use meth once in a while and dont get addicted. But some people and a majority of people fall for it....Honestly, everyones brains are different, so not everyone is going to get addicted to it..to be honest, I did the shit for months everyday then decided it was messing up my social life etc, and randomly quit... No cravings, no problems socializing etc...Once I quit I felt healthy as ever and even feel I learned somthing from it...Yes, I dont reccomend ANYBODY ever try it, it def can be the devil and is actually pointless IMO, but dont sit here and feed bs saying EVERYBODY will get addicted.

If you have a head on your shoulders you'll know when to put the pipe down, and to move on with your life and to forget about the pipe..

if your dumb and can't handle how drugs act on your brain, then dont do it. Simple as that.

16-08-2011, 08:46
Actually, a few studies from PubMed seem to imply that there IS getting around the neurotoxic effects of Methamphetamine.

Selenium, an antioxidant, protects against methamphetamine-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity


16-08-2011, 08:51
^ (Journey) Do you really think addiction only happens to dumb people? I don't believe that addiction is entirely caused by uncontrollable genetic or structural differences in the brain, in the same way that I don't consider it entirely a moral failing. Using a drug is always a conscious choice, but there are factors that make it a much more appealing choice for certain people. Not necessarily being 'dumber', though that's probably a factor for some people, but a whole host of psychological and physiological differences.

As far as I can see anyway, noone has said everyone will get addicted, though I might have missed it. It is a very addictive drug, and very insidious. Being careful is never a bad thing. Sorry for my original horrible reply too fernie, I've been in a shit mood lately but my reply was uncalled for.

16-08-2011, 11:36
Talking down to the OP isn't going to help them decide to quit using meth.

Resources are here for when people want to quit, so there is no need to jump on someone's case.

How would you like it if someone blew your usage up into this big deal which it isn't? You would probably want to get high.

Please also remember that using derrogatory words is against the BLUA.

Sorry for my original horrible reply too fernie, I've been in a shit mood lately but my reply was uncalled for.

In the future, you can just delete your post if you feel you were too harsh. :)

I realize sometimes people are harsh because they are genuinely concerned for someone and they don't think kindly suggesting to lay off the pipe is going to get across to the other person.

While that is fine, I think the better thing to do is to go...

"Look, we are all different and unique, but here is what this drug did to me... just give it a second thought while you are still able to quit before serious withdrawal symptoms become an inevitability."

I hope you are feeling better soon by the way. Life is full of ups and downs, and the down parts always seem to happen at the most cruel points when we think we least deserve it. I have been there myself. Before you know it, things will get better. :)

28-08-2011, 14:18
I would like to add that you should pack a decent size bowl (not too little but not too much). A bowl should have 5-8 hits. Do not pack "One Hit' Bowls. It is a waste and you probably will fuck it up and not get any Hit off of it (if you are inexperienced), your better off parachuting that Hit instead of trying to smoke it.

A decent size starter bowl is 50mg-75mg (for low-tolerance users) or 100mg (Point) if your shit is the worst cut ever. You shouldn't need to smoke any more then that though unless you're a tweaker. (DO NOT put more then a Point into the bowl at once, waste of meth. Smoke that bowl then pack it again if you must).

29-08-2011, 13:17
Actually rubbing glass thats too hot on denim (an ink soaked material) can cause the ink to burn to the bottom of your pipe. very hard to get off and ugly looking. the same with polyester or plastic based fabrics. the plastic will melt and stick to the outside of the pipe.

To be safe use a white cotton fabric square or old t-shirt .

I would just get a washcloth and cool water. However I prefer to IV methamphetamine so I wouldn't smoke it really even if I came across it.

29-08-2011, 13:21
I would just get a washcloth and cool water. However I prefer to IV methamphetamine so I wouldn't smoke it really even if I came across it.

Is there anything you wouldn't rather IV c.h? :D