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09-02-2004, 23:23

Youthful Recruit, 21, Attends For 5 Months; Dozens Face Charges

GRAHAM, NC - As dozens of Alamance County high school students -- some dressed in orange jail jumpsuits -- filtered into courtrooms for their first appearance on drug charges, one classmate kept a low profile.

The smooth-faced 21-year-old recounted how he regularly bought drugs during his five months at Graham High School -- as an undercover police officer posing as a 17-year-old student.

"In his first class, the guy leans over across the aisle and says 'Hey, you smoke dope? If you do, I can hook you up,' " Graham police Chief Milford Miller said.

Miller and the young officer -- identified at his request by only his first name, Bobby -- described the investigation Thursday as some of the 49 students charged in the countywide sting made their first court appearances in Burlington.

Students from six of Alamance County's seven high schools were arrested Wednesday on charges of selling drugs including marijuana, cocaine and the prescription painkiller OxyContin.

District Court Judge Brad Allen asked the defendants if they had lawyers or needed one appointed, and advised them of the charges and potential penalties they faced.

Another judge handled the hearing for [NAME DELETED], the state's all-time leading high school basketball scorer, because [NAME DELETED]'s defense lawyer is Allen's wife, Dawn D. Allen. [NAME DELETED] faces charges related to selling marijuana.

Miller said he recruited Bobby to pose as a high school student after Bobby applied for a job with the police department.

The hiring was kept a secret from many of Bobby's co-workers. Only Miller, the Graham High School resource officer and a couple of drug investigators at the department, who debriefed Bobby daily, knew his identity or even that the department had an undercover officer in the school.

"We swore him in in the back seat of the car, away from the police department," Miller said.

Bobby posed as a transfer from Green Hope High School in Morrisville. He tried to endear himself to fellow students, but had to follow strict rules - -- no dating, and he had to turn down invitations to join the football and wrestling teams.

"Some people really took a liking to me," Bobby said. "I was one of them. I just hung out and played practical jokes and had a good time."

Fortunately, Bobby's job didn't depend on his grades. He admitted that, while he liked his shop and physical education classes, he didn't do too well in others.

"When I got his report card at the end of the semester, I grounded him," Miller joked.

Bobby couldn't tell his family, not even his fiancee, what he was doing. He told them he was training and doing paperwork, then working a 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. patrol shift, then on the warrant squad.

After five months, "the lies and the stories were starting to run out."

The grandmother of one student charged with selling drugs to Bobby was angry that police arrested so many students but not the adult dealers who supplied them.

[NAME DELETED] said she suspected her 17-year-old grandson was using drugs. She said he took Bobby to someone's house to pick up drugs.

"Why didn't they go out with the people ( the students ) were getting the drugs from?" [NAME DELETED] said. "Why didn't they go after the adults?"

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09-02-2004, 23:27
Wow, that's....really harsh.

What a scummy guy (the 21 y.o.)

10-02-2004, 00:22
shit, now i'm gonna be paranoid of every new kid i meet

10-02-2004, 00:38
Good thing I make sure to NEVER associate with the new kids. They're always a fucking liability.

Morrison's Lament
10-02-2004, 00:57
Just another reason to avoid the new kids, they really needed that :(

--- G.

10-02-2004, 00:59
Jesus christ this guy is a loser. He had to lie to his family and even his partner for the greater good of the police force? Some people need a clue... and if his partner is still with him after this retarded stunt she must be a deformed inbreed man! :\

10-02-2004, 01:36
I hope he's happy, having ruined 49 kids' lives.

That job must have sucked.

10-02-2004, 03:32
What a fucking dick. Man i agree, not talking to any new kids anymore at all. Haha, That's right, 49 kids' lives were ruined, and now most of those highschool kids lost their best source for some yay. That kinda shit really pisses me off!

10-02-2004, 04:42
when i'll be master of the universe, i'll order all undercover cops to be hung up by their balls

10-02-2004, 06:36
"Why didn't they go out with the people ( the students ) were getting the drugs from?" [NAME DELETED] said. "Why didn't they go after the adults?"HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT UP! I can't believe people still think like this. Why should the adult (read: larger) dealers get thrown in jail? "Ohhh no, don't throw my boy in, but go ruin someone elses life, it doesn't matter, he's an adult drug dealer"

I don't believe anyone dealing/smuggling drugs should be put in jail.

10-02-2004, 08:34
why the fuck would they waste the time when theres plenty worse crimes goin on then kids smokin some dope...

it was just like that in my school, everyone knew who did shit and who you could get it from if needed.

10-02-2004, 08:45
We don't even have *ONE* weed dealer in our school. I am the only person in the WHOLE school that has used anything harder then Marijuana.

Then again I go to a private Australian school, I would love to be able to get on in school, so convienant :D

10-02-2004, 11:25
^Jesus christ I feel sorry for you. I went to a private school in Sydney but it wasn't one of those 15k a year ones, I guess mum didn't want to give half her pay check away.

I know a few people from a school you describe, weed is fine but as soon as I mention my other drug use I'm suddently a ever so bad 'drug user' wasting his life.

10-02-2004, 11:30
My school, is the poorest private school I have seen so far. Nearly every state school I have seen has better facilities. Ours is like 2 - 3k for a Year 12 student, so go figure :)

The look on peers faces when they see my track marks (damn short sleeved uniform) is horrific... but meh, I'm not really ashamed, but it's hard to keep a low profile with short sleeves :(

11-02-2004, 02:16
They did a sting like this at my high school. One of my friends was arrested for selling weed to the cop. In the long-run though, the cops that do this are the ones that lose; they're the losers that are in their twenties and look like they're 17.

Doesn't anyone else think it's funny that the cop was only good at shop and physical education? What does that tell you about the police force in North Carolina?

11-02-2004, 02:38
they're basicly monkeys who can run fast and use basic tools...i'm pretty sure thats about true for cops across the country

13-02-2004, 11:47
Who are the people that belong in prison, the people that have no morals and would fuck people that they pretend to be friends with for 5 months, or the people that try to be nice guys and hook someone up with weed? Kind of makes you wonder what is wrong with the American society. Hopefully someday this person will realize that hes nothing but a piece of shit rat and will die an old depressed man.

25-02-2004, 23:07
I just saw an update on the news. It ended up being around 50 students arrested. Also, today, a 23 year old P.E. teacher was arrested for selling cocaine and possession of marijuana and drug paraphenilia. She apparently sold cocaine to a 15 year old and he turned her in. This was all at the same highschool, ill post a link when I find it.

26-02-2004, 03:02
Now every cokehead is going to start being twice as suspicious over even his best friends because of this fuck. It could seriously raise the "murder because of being suspected as a cop" rate, imo. There should be a limit to the word "undercover" for cops. It's bullshit they can't get in trouble for entrapment since they're "undercover".

who mE?
26-02-2004, 20:48
During my 2nd year in college, I was appalled to hear from many of my friends that they had narcs in their school, one school in particular (arroyo grande high school - in case any of you kids go there) had 5 undercover officers!!! This has been going on for 20 years, and even my high school apparently had one (catholic high school - but I didn't know about it as I was a good little kid), and rumours abounded that the principal requested it. Then again my high school also had random locker searches, drug dogs interrupting classes for random bag/person searches, and random urine tests for all the kids the dean didn't like.
Between these things and the banning of showing any leg (skirts got banned) for the females, it was probably the most depressing 4 years of my life, and it gave me alot of time alone with my computer. I'll say that when the columbine "tragedy" happened, I secretly cheered in my heart for the boys, as I completely identified with them. I realise that is a horrible thing to think, and my views are no longer the same, but it shows you what a fucked up place high school is now adays. It is most people's introduction into the crudeness of authoratative intrusions into privacy, and when people learn that consentual crime (both parties agree to it - for example prostitution or drug use/sale) can still have serious consequences in this country.

I just hope that these kinds of intrusions into the personal freedoms of teens will lead many of them into believing that they are NOT OK, instead of just accepting them as something "everybody goes through". I hope asshole high school principles increase the memberships of www.aclu.org and www.lp.org