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12-01-2003, 18:40
I recently found out that a friend crushes up half of how ever much vicodin he has and then smokes it using a plain old spoon and lighter. Then when he is done with that, he crushes up the rest and snorts it. Im not sure why he doesnt just take the pill because i thought snorting it didnt work. Maybe smoking it increases the effects? Let me know what u think. Peace.
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Crimson Cloud
12-01-2003, 19:37
Your friend is wasting a perfectly good drug.

12-01-2003, 19:38
thats what i thought.. thanks

12-01-2003, 19:38
Along with the small amounts of Hydrocodone in those Vicodin, your friends snorting/smoking up to 100 times more Acetaminophen, not to mention other binders/fillers in those pills...
Tell your friend to swallow his pills or
(if he's consuming a larger amount) to do a CWE...
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12-01-2003, 19:38
or has too much spare time?

12-01-2003, 19:39

12-01-2003, 19:42
Sorry...Cold Water Extraction (do a search on it)...
alot of people say that a CWE wastes some of the drug, I like it though, if you take your time and do it well, it works quite well...
It's really only necessary if your consuming a larger amount of the lower dose pain killers
(like the 5mg Vicodin) and your worried about the high amount of Acetaminophen...
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13-01-2003, 00:21
Smoking it out of a spoon is a waste, i know because i've done it. I thought me and my friends were the only one's dumb enough to try it. It doesn't work either. Vicodin is like 90% acetominophen, so basically you're smoking Tylenol out of a spoon. Just take the damn pills because it takes like a million Vicodin to give you a buzz anyways.

13-01-2003, 01:22
for a while ALOT of my friends were smoking vicoden on top of weed.. they said it was strange, not a classic vicoden high, but certainly something. i dont smoke weed, so i never gave it a shot. point is, you can smoke it, its just definately not the best way.

13-01-2003, 04:53
CWE still leave APAP, your better off eating it unless you have a hookup for pure hydrocodone, which i guarantee you do not

12-02-2003, 16:23
i have some friends that smoked hydrocodone on top of their weed and said that it didnt really change the high but it lasted alot longer. One of my friends said whenever he does it he stays high for like 3 hours longer.

k puppy
12-02-2003, 21:09
im pretty confident you cannot smoke vicodin effeciently, and you would be mostly smoking APAP.

Technical User
13-02-2003, 01:10
[quote]Originally posted by phish420:
CWE still leave APAP, your better off eating it unless you have a hookup for pure hydrocodone, which i guarantee you do not
i believe this statement is wrong. the CWE only will remove the APAP

adzm sane
13-02-2003, 02:17
Yeah, for 5mg of active Hydrocodone in low power vicodins, there is 500mg of acetaminophen/tylenol. Definately not worth smoking or snorting.
As for people who lace bud with this crud, and say it gets them a buzz, thought it probably tastes like burning plastic. You ever smoked plastic? It tastes like burning plastic and it will definately get you a buzz ;)

13-02-2003, 06:52
I used to snort lots of vicodin. Its not really worth it at all. I would suggest just eating them. U do get a buzz of snortin them but no different than eatin them. And u gotta do at least a couple good size pills. Most ones around here are generic so they say M363 on the big ones. and snorting one of those is like a quarter ounce of coke. Totally not worth it just eat em. I have never smoked the shit i wouldnt advise it. If u get bored of vics just do oxys. They are my favorite(except x sorry)