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Aiken Drum
07-08-2002, 03:11
What´s MDA? I´ve never heard of it till some time before. Is it sold as MDMA by some unscrupulous dealers?

07-08-2002, 03:42
Assuming you don't want abuncha chemistry jargon of how the two are simialr and how the are different I will just give the simple easily understandable on any level info.
MDA is highly more hallucinogenic than MDMA and is in most cases the cause for the "E Trips" that many users have while rolling, and gives similar closed eye imagery similar to those experienced on DXM.
The duration of the trip will be most likely similar to the lenght of a MDMA trip and at times slightly longer, dosage of the two are for the most part similar as well, but if you have access make sure to start in lower dosages to become familar with how it affects you.
As for being sold by "unscrupulous dealers" its really nothing to worry about when it comes to eating pills, most likely if you eat pills often you have ingested this on numerous occasions. You might be referring to PMA which is bad news and that is the stuff being sold by "unscrupulous dealers" :( All I can really think of right now.
I hope this helps alittle bit =)

Aiken Drum
07-08-2002, 04:05
So they are basically the same, but MDA has higher tripping potential? What´s PMA? The "rape drug"? I´ve read a story about some girl taking some supposed E, but it got her unconcious & she woke up driving her car with her clothes semi tored, pretty ugly & weird.

frosted flakes
07-08-2002, 04:47
www.erowid.org (http://www.erowid.org)

07-08-2002, 04:55
PMA is sometimes used in pressed pills due to the fact its affects resembles that of MDMA in lower doses(i.e. increased pleasure and some minor hallucinations). The down fall of this drug is its severe symptoms when you reach higher doses which are reached very easily since PMA is dangerous at around 80 millagrams. It is responsible for club and rave deaths becuase it raises body temp, raises blood pressure, raises blood temp, and increases pulse rate. You can see how this can be dangerous in already hot conditions while dancing. Other side affects are vomiting, nausea, muscle spasms, and in extreme cases convulsions, coma, and death.
This substance is seeing alot more exposure stateside and is always good to purchase a testing kit to further protecting yourself from accidentaly ingesting this potentially deadly drug.

junglist 3000
07-08-2002, 06:34
Basically the differences are that yeah its more visual, and IMO, much more intense.... Upon buying MDA sold as MDA, ive realised that alot of the time buying e its actually been mda... i like it better personally.... it feels as good as a normal roll, but much more intense, eye wobbles are much more prominent.... I can always tell when a pill ive had is MDA, cuz among the other effects ive learned, I cant see my mobile phone for shit.... its nearly impossible to see the little screen!

Infinite Jest
07-08-2002, 06:42
Well said, egobirth and others.
Aiken Drum: The 'date rape' drug you are probably thinking of is GHB (or alcohol, if you want to talk about REAL date rape drugs, but that's a whole another story).
GHB generally comes as a powder, or dissolved in a liquid - never been pressed into pills, as far as I know.
As someone said, check www.erowid.org (http://www.erowid.org) for a lot of info on all these drugs.

Big Andy
08-08-2002, 00:37
MDMA: the typical loved up, empathetic, and mildly visual psychoactive that we all know and love as Ecstacy
MDA: very similar, but more speedy. A good dose will floor you just like MDMA, but you will have a speedy feeling too. Jaw clenching and eye wiggles are usually more intense in my experience, as are the visual effects. I usually have less of a loved up feeling with less empathy, but it is definately still there. The visuals can be quite intense, much more intense than the last batch of LSD I got my hands on. It is definately longer lasting based on my experiences. I dont expect more than a 3.5 hour peak on MDMA, but I often peak for 5+ hours on a high dose of MDA.
Lastly, it is typically sold as E interchangeably.
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13-08-2002, 12:15
Well I have said in the past that personally I have had pills where I've tripped far better than on acid, and good acid at that.
So now you make me think that sometimes I must be having MDA a lot of the time. Ok then, the time has come...buscuit.biter must start testing her pills. I guess I done OK to go 6 years without a bad one but now I REALLY want to know whats in my drugs.
(Hey of its the MDA that gives me visuals, eye wiggles, and that thing where you go 'you know what mate I can't even fucking see at the moment' then I want more of that!).

14-08-2002, 06:16
For those who are a bit more chem-savvy, this is a great way to look at the subtle chemical and structural differences of MDMA and MDA:

Big Andy
14-08-2002, 22:56
pihkal-desirez: My experienced has been that mediocre mdma rolls can be quite speedy. I've also heard that low to medium doses of mdma tend to be a lil speedy anyways. Large doses of mdma always floor me, very relaxed, can't dance for shit. I just wanna sit down and fall in love with the beautiful raver girl that made the mistake of sitting down next to me, lol.
My experience with MDA has been that over-all, regardless of dosage it always has a restlessness to it, which I equate with speedyness. However, for a couple hours during the peak, which always lasts forever for me (on mda that is), I get just as floored if not more so than on MDMA. In this situation I trade in falling in love with said raver girl for some relatively hardcore visuals. I usually have more jaw clenching and more eye wiggles too. I like to dance my ass off on the comeup and come down. More so than on MDMA, which is another reason I say MDA is more speedy then MDMA. I also get more mind fucked, with a hint of that wired LSD feeling too. I've gotten all of these symptoms on 4 different pills that were agreed upon by experienced users to be MDA. 2 of those pills showed up on Dancesafe as being pure MDA. The other 2 weren't lab tested but the experience was the same.
Saying it's more speedy is based on what I've been told about the 2 chemicals and on my personal experience as well as my friends experiences. So if you have found your own eperiences to be different, then... uuuhhhh... I guess you're just different from me... or something... lol.
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14-08-2002, 23:17
to an unexperienced roller, it would be hard to tell MDA from MDMA, they both make you "roll". if your more experienced you can definatly tell them apart tho. MDA is also notably more neurotoxic.