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  1. anyone got any good rolltricks?
  2. how do you prevent clenching your jaw?
  3. Why is E so expensive???
  4. Our all-time favorite... that first pill
  5. Okay dammit. End this debate: Is MDMA hallucinagenic or not?!
  6. DUSTER is destroying the scene!
  7. you might be a jaded raver if....(i thought this was funny)
  8. Bluelight FAQ - please read and contribute
  9. FAQ: Drug Combos
  10. E and Adderall
  11. Permanent effects from drugs you've taken..
  12. Chewing v. swallowing whole
  13. Effexor and E.....safe?
  14. Parachuting Your Pill - New Method of Ingestion
  15. How old were you when you first rolled?
  16. Girls rolling... are they horny?
  17. The Truth About E
  18. Sex and/or masturbation effect your roll?
  19. OK, here's a new one... let's talk about age for a sec
  20. Lets hear about your first ROLL.....
  21. What's with the Vick's?
  22. MDMA Neurotoxicity: Facts And Myths
  23. Why I disaprove of E
  24. I want you to look in the future and see if you see this.....
  25. The Real Deal !
  26. Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, etc.) and Ecstasy (mega-merged)
  27. Xanax and Ecstasy
  28. Pupil Dilation
  29. what is the first thing u notice when yer roll hits u?
  30. Plugging Survey
  31. What's your favorite type of music to listen to while rolling?
  32. Ecstasy Better than Sex?
  33. weird things people do on E
  34. Do you E-Z Test your Pills? (Simple YES/NO)
  35. Are people who roll at raves not " true ravers"
  36. how to smuggle 5-6 pills thru an international airport? thought of taping to body..
  37. How much costs an E in your Country ?
  38. Pill brands you'll never see...
  39. Post Your Ecstasy Urban Myths/Legends Here
  40. Have you "lost the magic"? read on...
  41. Life After E, It gets worse not better
  42. Piracetam + E experiences (new thread)
  43. Swallow,Chew,Up the Ass, Snort, Smoke, Shoot It
  44. whats the worst thing you've had to do while rolling?
  45. On Average - how many pills do you take when u roll?
  46. Why put SHIT in pills????
  47. cumming on e
  48. What's the BEST thing you did while Rolling?
  49. What is your E count???
  50. MDMA memory loss study + good commentary