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  1. (Published) [AUS] [Sydney] Ecstasy and Pharmaceuticals
  2. (Published) Yet Another Research Survey (YARS) Earn $80 to $120 cash (Sydney Only)
  3. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] GHB use research
  4. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] Cocaine Market Study
  5. (Published) Online Ecstasy Survey - results worth a look!
  6. (Published) [AUS] Ecstasy research - EDRS (formerly PDI) 2005
  7. (Published) [AUS] New Ecstasy Cultures Study
  8. (Published) [AUS] Drink spiking motives
  9. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] [Perth] Ecstasy, methamphetamine & cocaine use
  10. (Published) [AUS] Ecstasy research - EDRS (formerly PDI) 2006
  11. (Completed) [GBR] Long-term effects of ketamine use
  12. (Published) Ecstasy use & sleep patterns
  13. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] Sniffer Dogs
  14. (Published) [AUS] Ecstasy research - EDRS (formerly PDI) 2007
  15. (Completed) Online survey - Can you spare a few minutes for research?
  16. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] Drugs and Driving
  17. (Published) Memantine as a Supplement to Naltrexone in Treating Heroin Dependence (US, NYC)
  18. (Published) Effects of Sustained Release d-Amphetamine and Bup on Drug Seeking Behavior: Detroit
  19. (Published) Study of Bupe Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Dependence in Primary Care: NYC
  20. (Published) Effects of Post-Session Supplemental Hydromorphone on Opioid Addiction: Detroit
  21. (Published) Effect of Clonidine on Imagery Scripts (Drug Related Obsession/Cues): Baltimore
  22. (Published) Safety and Efficacy of Probuphine in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence: USA, Various
  23. (Published) Enhancement of the Opioid Attractiveness Scale (Inflexxion proposal PDF)
  24. (Published) [AUS] Online drug discussion
  25. (Completed) Ecstasy use and harm reduction
  26. (Terminated) Bluelight community experiences
  27. (Published) Neorganic Products Survey
  28. (Published) Current or former recreational drug users needed for MRI study (USA, TN)
  29. (Published) Features of specific opioids
  30. (Published) Psychological effects of ketamine use *looking for daily K users* (UK, London)
  31. (Published) [AUS] [Melbourne] Speed/ice/meth use and depression
  32. (Published) [AUS] [Adelaide] Ecstasy and mood
  33. (Published) [AUS] Ecstasy research - EDRS (formerly PDI) 2008
  34. (Published) [AUS] [GBR] Party Pills: to legalise or not to legalise?
  35. (Published) Substance use on memory and attention
  36. (Published) [USA] [Chicago] Healthy men and women aged 18-35 who have used ‘dance’ drugs
  37. (Published) Social drugs & circadian rhythms
  38. (Completed) Prescription pain medications
  39. (Terminated) [AUS] EGA 2008 - Field Collection of Psychoactive Mushrooms
  40. (Completed) Experienced users of psychoactive cacti and psilocybin mushrooms
  41. (Published) Psychedelic drug survey
  42. (Published) [Canada] North American Opiate Medication Initiative
  43. (Published) Naltrexone and Adrenergic Agents to Reduce Heroin Use in Heroin Addicts (TX, Russia)
  44. (Completed) Study of Safety and Potential Efficacy of SYN117 in Cocaine Dependents (Texas)
  45. (Published) Aripiprazole Treatment for Methamphetamine Dependence Among High-Risk MSM (SanF., CA)
  46. (Published) Behavioral Naltrexone Therapy (BNT) Vs. Naltrexone Implant (NYC)
  47. (Published) [AUS] Survey on OTC codeine use
  48. (Published) Bup, Naltrexone and Psychotherapy for Prescription Opioid Abuse (Burlington, VT)
  49. (Published) Efficacy of Inhaled Cannabis in Diabetic Painful Peripheral Neuropathy (San Diego)
  50. (Published) Optimization of IV Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression (NYC)