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  1. university: starting a new life(?) elsewhere or staying (close to) where you are
  2. How has University changed your life?
  3. Study Abroad. Have you, could you, would you?
  4. Describe your most glorious academic achievement
  5. the WHAT's YOUR MAJOR thread
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  7. Indicator's of a struggling student ...
  8. European Universities
  9. How many references should one include with a resume'?
  10. College... is it really worth it?
  11. T O W N I E S
  12. Cheating in exams
  13. Making 80-120k a year, what college major? or maybe no college?
  14. Senior In HS and Already accepted to college... What is there to do?????
  15. University vs. College -or- Degrees vs. Diplomas
  16. what are you studying
  17. Tips for phone interviews?
  18. medievalists: any others out there?
  19. Anyone else a member of the Golden Key Society?
  20. What are your campus Myths/Legends/Traditions?
  21. Putting shit off till the last minute
  22. Your wildest college party stories here!
  23. Really nerdy discovery from maths -- the fish curve
  24. teaching english abroad.
  25. New school year, new roommates, do they need to know I'm gay?
  26. Making my fraternity "cooler"
  27. MBA now... and later, too?
  28. Doing medicine
  29. harvard?
  30. When is it time to step into the "real world"?
  31. For the postgrads: Attending conferences?
  32. Something to think about for those of you who are in the process of choosing a career
  33. Application and Legal Record
  34. In trouble - studying for finals and thinking of long term ritalin or adderall
  35. study abroad
  36. Getting distracted in class - trying to focus
  37. Stay in State school or leave?
  38. University grades
  39. Biotechnology?
  40. In college with Felonies
  41. Biochemistry & ????
  42. PhDs in the US - What do they entail?
  43. Searching for College/Career advice (long post/all opinions welcome!)
  44. Careers When it Comes to Drugs?
  45. How heavily do colleges search your room over break...
  46. oral presentations
  47. standardized tests and sexual orientation?
  48. Adderall has my utmost respect
  49. Celebrating after finals...
  50. Excuse for Failing Grades