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  1. Homeless Threads Forum Guidelines
  2. Homeless Social: Come On In the Water's Warm! (Because we ALL pee in the pool!)
  3. N20 Questions
  4. Simply..
  5. George Orwell's 1984 ~ War On Drugs
  6. refusel of help from doctors it the uk with rc
  7. How many grams does 1 tsp weigh? (baking powder)
  8. How long it will take the "synthetic/designer drugs" to become law?
  9. OD and Doctor bills
  10. Can someone help me find a rolled cigarette that tastes like marboro menthol?
  11. alcoholism, orrhosis
  12. What is this formula?
  13. using RCs weird side effects??
  14. To muvolution:
  15. head shop legality
  16. Transdermal (DMSO) route.
  17. My dissertation on GHB and GBL
  18. Protips: Snorting
  19. What is a good way to hide or diminish scars?
  20. Seizures, "Acid" and Mushroom Music Festival.
  21. diacetylmorphine replacement
  22. Looking to help others with oPiate probs
  23. looking for some HR written material
  24. found a few wild pink poppies
  25. DXM to whom i respect
  26. Any tips for shortening cocaine hangover
  27. QI+, a vitamin supplement for my adhd
  28. Journalism student looking for pharmaceutical grade meth/amphetamine users
  29. Goldfish...
  30. Is there a test or any kind of measure for dopamine & serotonin levels?
  31. this is not a sporting event this is our lives
  32. Health problems related to Amp/Coke???
  33. Heavy cocktail
  34. Is there any realtime drug chat rooms?
  35. Green Phiche
  36. Where do I post this?
  37. Mills to Pills?
  38. Rare pics of rainbow family gatherings
  39. Toxic liver reaction from Zyprexa - what other drugs should I stay away from?
  40. New tschnology to locate veins
  41. How many bluelighters frequent the blog section of our forum?
  42. Iv subutex
  43. JWH-018 and such
  44. shitiest few days of my life (rant)
  45. Drug Paraphernalia Ticket, QUESTIONS, PLEASEE Help
  46. Closed eye trip on hydrocodone?
  47. Methylone weakens the immune system?
  48. My story with some questions.
  49. Using a solvent to extract caffeine from Guarana Seed Extract pill capsules...
  50. Wisdom teeth extraction and anesthesia