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  1. Punk Fuckin Rock
  2. first concert you ever went to?
  3. Non-Electronic Music Discussion Guidelines
  4. Experimental/Chillout/Ambient/Downtempo/Trip hop MEGATHREAD
  5. Who likes Happy Hardcore?
  6. Can we get a freakin' TECHNO thread or what?
  7. Grateful Dead Appreciation Thread
  8. Favorite one-line in a song
  9. Beautiful, cute, sexy, or otherwise fetching artists
  10. Your top 5 concerts
  11. Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin
  12. Phish vs The Grateful dead
  13. Post your latest mix here v. dat fire, bruh!
  14. Best "Opiate" Songs
  15. Progressive house
  16. Minimal & The Like - The Official Minimal & Minimal-esque Thread!
  17. House music
  18. How about a FUCKING BADASS DJ BOOTHS thread?
  19. Lets Talk Trance - The New and Official Trance Discussions Thread
  20. Pics of musicians
  21. The traktor logo totally looks like... (aka the EMD social thread)
  22. Best Album Of All Time
  23. PsyTrance Discussion ver. Carn mates, get your doof on!
  24. If you could go back in time...
  25. female musicians
  26. Nicki Minaj...love or hate
  27. EMD Directory - Links to common EMD threads
  28. Live sets/Productions/Webcast links
  29. Wayne Anthony - class of 88....bit of history rave/dance music/ecstasy
  30. songs you feel in your bones
  31. The productions thread - Part III!
  32. Legit Gangsta Rappers
  33. The Tragically Hip (Tribute to day_for_night)
  34. Drum & Bass Megathread Part II v. What's an Amen Break?
  35. NEMD Directory thread
  36. The NEMD Social Gig v. I'll Trade You My Shirt For A Grilled Cheese
  37. Post your Recordings - Lets hear em, Kid.mp3
  38. if you liked that, you might like...
  39. Rate the song above you: Music that isn't entirely electronic
  40. What EMD are YOU listenin' to? v. Watch your bass bins! I'm tellin' yah.
  41. Rate the song above you(tube) v. infinity billion
  42. Metal Up Your Ass! The MetalHeads Thread v.VIVIVI
  43. You Can Be Alive Through ANY music era
  44. What are the top 3 electronic groups that have changed your life?
  45. What album/song are you addicted to atm?
  46. The Official Nurseebol NEMD Thread she does what she wants, deal w/ it or come see me
  47. Arcade Fire Discussion
  48. The new phish appreciation thread
  49. Brag About An Upcoming or Recent Gig Ver. You call that shit music??
  50. Favorite Single Line in a Song ver. I am he as you are he