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  1. A theory on why people with more intelligence are prone to depression............
  2. What is the 4th-Dimension?
  3. CONFORM - Throw Away Your Individuality Now!
  4. Do you credit your spiritual/open mindedness from drug use?
  5. picking up "vibes"
  6. The Raver Manifesto
  7. Definition of Intelligence
  8. Does America purposely promote stupidity?
  9. Why do we have government?
  10. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  11. When and where do you feel the most peaceful?
  12. Ayn....
  13. Celibate passion
  14. What have you done to change the world??
  15. Pride in one's Country - Serious or silly ?
  16. Anyone here a member of a mystery school?
  17. New Raves
  18. The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science
  19. What the Hell are the "other" intelligent forms of life out there going to think
  20. Does anyone else support animal research?
  21. Why do we want to get high?
  22. [MEGA] God
  23. Love: Our only defense
  24. How CONVENIENT That I Live At This Particular Time
  25. books that changed your life.
  26. "Dark energy" and "Dark matter"...What is it?
  27. Reincarnation and the Source
  28. Wouldn't lifelong happiness make us stagnate?
  29. Would the end of the universe really be all that bad?
  30. The Curtains are Rising a.k.a. I took the Red Pill (you want some of this shit..?)
  31. An exploration into the mental and physical
  32. The Concept of Infinity
  33. Buddhism: Turning your killer instinct upon itself.
  34. This will only hurt for a second...
  35. conscience
  36. Reiki
  37. thoughts on a paperless and coinless money society?
  38. Stopping the internal dialogue
  39. 'Natural' highs - sex, pain, fasting, trance....
  40. 11:11 eleven eleven & reccuring numbers...
  41. 8 circuits of Consciousness and which DRUGS them on
  42. "Allah" is the SAME as the Christian "God"
  43. "Ask the Muslim sympathiser" ;)
  44. Non-Fiction Reading List
  45. conciousness expanison
  46. The debate on Bethlehem
  47. How much further can we go (as a species)
  48. If you could see(hear) EVERYTHING that has ever been said about you....
  49. Was Jesus Bisexual?
  50. can you Think about Thinking ?